Laced Weed vs Regular Weed

 What is laced weed?

Laced weed is a weed that has been combined with added substances such as cannabis laced with fentanyl. Sometimes dealers will lace weed with cheap substances to try to mimic a more popular or expensive strain. Most of the time, however, the user himself is the one likely to lace weed with drugs like PCP and coke. It may also be laced with a marijuana concentrate like shatter to produce a more powerful high.

Here are other substances weed may be laced with:

Substances Weed Can Be Laced With

  • Cannabis concentrates like dust, glass, or shatter
  • Cocaine
  • Ether
  • Carfentanil (powerful opioid)
  • Glass (contamination to mimic trichomes)
  • Heroin
  • Ketamine
  • Laundry detergent to create false smell like lavender
  • Butane
  • Gasoline
  • LSD
  • Methamphetamine
  • PCP
  • Spice (fake, synthetic cannabinoids)

Marijuana can also be contaminated with substances like mold, bacteria, glass, butane, and insect parts which can cause allergic reactions or poisoning reactions.

 Why Weed Is Mixed with Other Substances


The usual reason weed is mixed with other substances by dealers is to increase profits. Lacing cheap weed with glass gives the impression that the weed contains powerful, THC-rich trichomes when instead it contains dangerous and potentially lethal glass. However, it may be unlikely such reports represent a common practice, since people who cough up blood from weed, even if they don’t go to the cops, rarely come back for more of the same product.


Detergent has also been claimed to have been found in laced marijuana. Why would a dealer do such a thing?  Well, you can take a cheap blend of weak weed, add some detergent and make it smell like the expensive Fruity Pebbles or Durban Poison weed. You could then mark it up and make a profit; however, we should have a bit of skepticism to such reports as such contamination is likely to make users so immediately sick, it could not be profitable.


Butane treated weed products such as marijuana concentrate like dabs may frequently be contaminated with butane which is used in the process of concentrating the weed. A small amount of butane, you might get even from a lighter, so small amounts aren’t necessarily immediately harmful, but doubtless one would not want to consume too much butane.

Mold and Bacteria

Mold and bacteria are unintentional contamination rather than intentional ‘lacing’. Mold and bacteria will make your weed smell and taste bad and can cause potentially deadly infections or allergic reactions. If you find moldy or bacteria-filled weed, throw it out immediately, no matter how much money you will lose. You don’t want to make yourself or anyone else sick.

Cocaine Laced Weed Effects

Dealers generally will not lace your weed with cocaine for the simple reason that cocaine is more expensive than weed and he would be losing money if he did that. However, users or friends of users may lace your weed with cocaine to get a better stimulant effect. If you buy from legal providers, this is almost impossible that it might happen to be laced. Most often, however, the user himself laces his own weed with cocaine. This is inadvisable for a simple reason, cocaine is far more likely to give you a heart attack than the most stimulating weed. Also, you may become paranoid or experience altered behavior.

PCP Laced Weed Symptoms

One of the more common lace ingredients is PCP. These are often called ‘dipped’ blunts or joints. PCP is a hallucinogen and anesthetic declared unfit for medical use due to the side effects of hallucination and altered behavior. It has been reported that people who want to freak you out might lace your weed with PCP. This speculation was made famous in the movie Friday, when Chris Tucker’s character Smokey spent time hanging out with smokers he didn’t know well and smoking weed with them. They did not tell him the weed they were smoking with him was laced with PCP and he suffered delirium and hallucinations, ending up imprisoned in a chicken coup, convinced he was a chicken.

All jokes aside, PCP can indeed cause delirium and altered behavior. It is one of the drugs for which claims of murder and other strange crimes committed under the influence are often true.

Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis Concentrates like dust or keef are forms of cannabis that can add an extra punch to your weed. Users are most likely to add these concentrates to their own weed to get higher than the stratosphere. However, medical users might also lace their weed with concentrates. This may be necessary to get the needed relief of pain and other unwanted symptoms from serious illnesses.


Blunts may be dipped in ether, formaldehyde, and PCP often referred to as embalming fluid. The embalming fluid is used to dissolve the PCP but may have psychoactive effects of its own. Ether is a powerful anesthetic in its own right. This combination of drugs called ‘sherm’ can have very dangerous effects including hallucination, altered behavior, seizures, nausea, and vomiting.

Carfentanil and Heroin

Dealers will not often lace weed with fentanyl and other opiates because really, what they have is fentanyl-laced marijuana instead. Users who also use opioids may lace their own weed with heroin. Their heroin may, in turn, be laced with carfentanil, a powerful opioid used to tranquilize elephants. The obvious problem with this kind of lacing is that opioid overdose is now the leading cause of death in young people in the United States. The last thing one needs is more opioid use. So, if you have weed to take care of your pain, don’t delete your gains by lacing it with heroin or carfentanil.

Ketamine and Weed

Ketamine is also an anesthetic like PCP, used in veterinary clinics to tranquilize large animals like horses. It is also used to treat Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in children. Ketamine and its analogs are also rapid-acting antidepressants which fall into the category of NMDA glutamate receptor antagonists, similar to PCP and ether.   However, ketamine is a known hallucinogen and you might have quite an unwelcomed trip if you are lacing your weed with ketamine. If you need ketamine for pain or as a rapid-acting antidepressant, there are doctors around the country for whom it is their specialty to use ketamine in these ways, so see a doctor. Using ketamine and its analogs without a doctor’s monitoring is very dangerous.


LSD or acid is the prototypical hallucinogenic drug. The danger of LSD is having a bad trip, especially if you’re not sure how much you put in your weed. You could have a bad trip that lasts 12 hours. You don’t want that. If you want to experience LSD, enroll in one of several research studies using legitimate methods to test the positive effects and side effects of LSD. Go to and search LSD and you will see which studies are recruiting. Don’t put LSD in your weed. These are two very different drugs with effects that should be appreciated separately.


Again, a dealer will not lace your weed with methamphetamine because meth is far more expensive than weed. However, if you are tempted to lace your weed with meth, don’t do it. You know what the faces of meth look like. Meth eats up your face, destroys your cardiovascular system, and the worse part for a casual user who thinks they are just gonna spice up their weed is that you are not going to sleep that day, and possibly not the next day either. Also, you can stress both the muscles and kidneys and end up with temporary kidney failure and rhabdomyolysis. Methamphetamine also causes paranoia in some people. You got your more or less safe drug, your weed, don’t mix it with something highly risky and illegal. What’s the point in getting weed legalized if we are going to mix it with illegal drugs?


One of the few drugs a dealer may place your weed with without telling you is Spice or K2. These designer cannabinoids can be powerful, have a smell like expensive marijuana strains, and also be cheap. However, the spice is NOT like a real weed. There have been numerous reports of outlandish behavior, seizures, and admittance to hospitals for poison control associated with Spice. Avoid Spice. It has unknown doses of synthetic cannabinoids with unknown effects.

What are the Side Effects of Laced Weed? Marijuana

The side effects of laced weed depend on what substances it is laced with. However, consider first that weed laced with illegal drugs, is no longer legal, even in legal marijuana states. You could be discovered and charged with a crime.

Next, mixing weed with hallucinogens can produce very unpredictable behaviors. Weed itself has negligible but present psychedelic effects. Mixing it with PCP, LSD, and/or ether can produce effects which last after the weed has worn off.

Lastly, mixing weed with dangerous drugs can be fatal. Cocaine can cause a heart attack, heroin and fentanyl analogs can cause opioid overdose, and methamphetamine can cause paranoia, sleep deprivation, hallucination, picking sores, extreme weight loss, and increased mortality from various causes.
confessions of a weed addict

Precautions to Take

There are things you can do to avoid receiving laced marijuana. Here is a list:

  1. Don’t lace your marijuana. You will delete the benefits of being able to use legal marijuana by replacing relaxation with paranoia and hallucination and replacing legal with illegal.
  2. Buy whole buds. Make sure your buds are intact. Ground marijuana may be laced with Spice or other substances.
  3. Buy from reputable dispensaries. Be adamant you get to inspect your weed before purchase.
  4. Don’t purchase weed that smells bad or chemically. Some weed strains like Durban Poison are supposed to have a gasoline-like smell, but when you smell butane or embalming fluid, your weed could be laced.
  5. Don’t smoke with strangers like our friend Smokey.
  6. Don’t purchase weed with hard glassy substances in it. Real trichomes have a resin-like consistency and is not scratchy like glass. Some users suggest you take the weed and see if it will scratch a CD. Real trichomes will not scratch a CD, but glass will.
  7. You can request the lab analyses of your weed from most reputable dealers. There are also labs that will test the weed for you for contaminants, mold, drugs, and bacteria.

How to Recognize Laced Weed?

how to tell if weed is laced


Laced weed may have a powdery texture. Many contaminants will look like a powder, including cocaine, heroin, and glass. Mold will look like white or black specs.

Taste and Smell

Laced weed will either not smell like regular weed or will have an exaggerated smell in an attempt to mimic more expensive weed smells. You may smell or taste butane, washing detergent, mold, or decay. Discard any such weed immediately. Not only do you not want it in your body, but you also don’t want it around the rest of your weed so that the rest of your weed doesn’t get contaminated.

It may have a harsh, chemically taste rather than the chlorophyll dense plant taste you are expecting.

Unusual Effects and Symptoms

Laced weed will have effects you do not expect from marijuana. These may include:

  • Excessive, delusional confidence
  • Angina
  • Unresponsiveness or coma
  • Fatal outcomes
  • Fungal infection of the lungs
  • Pneumonia
  • Paranoid
  • Impaired proprioception (out of the body)
  • Cottonmouth
  • Delirium and hallucination
  • Tachycardia
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Paresthesia (numbness in extremities)
  • Seizure
  • Headaches
  • Slurring words
  • Strange dysautonomia symptoms
  • Aggression
  • Excessive talkativeness, energy, and euphoria
  • Agitation and Insomnia

 How To Test For Laced Weed

Take a Close-Up Look at your Bud

The first thing you want to do to test your weed for contamination is just to have a close look with the naked eye. Make sure there is no powder, no mold, and no rot. Make sure the buds are properly dried by rolling the buds between your fingers. You are familiar with how it should feel. Finally, take out your pocket microscope and have a look at your weed. Weed with fungus on it looks like the picture below:

marijuana contaminants come under microscope

Test for Crushed Glass

Why would a dealer put crushed glass in weed?  Have you ever seen weed with a glassy look?  When it is genuine, all that glassy goodness are called trichomes. They are part of the plant’s immune system. They are full of THC and CBD. Therefore, we see why they evolved. A stoned insect is either going to die of an overdose or at the least consume less of the plant and take more of the plant’s pollen to another plant to fertilize it. Therefore, these cannabinoids evolved for the purpose of controlling the behavior of animals, to cause the animals to propagate the plant. And boy has it worked. Cannabis must be one of the most successful species on the planet, due largely to cultivation by humans.

Crushed glass can look like trichomes and some unscrupulous individuals may try to mimic trichomes with glass. One way to test for glass is to take your weed and try to scratch a CD with it. Trichomes will not scratch a CD, but glass will. You can also remove the keef (trichomes) from the plant and roll them between your fingers and see if they have the texture of the glass.

Test for Laundry Detergent and Fuel Additives

Why would a dealer add laundry detergent to weed?  If in fact, these reports are true, it is in order to take a cheap strain and try to make it smell like an expensive strain like Fruity Pebbles or Girl Scout Cookies. The detergent, of course, contains harsh and poisonous chemicals you don’t want to smoke.

Why would a dealer add fuel additives to pot?  Again, it is to make a cheap strain of weed smell like expensive strains like Durban Poison which has been described as smelling like chemical, gasoline, and diesel. Users look for this smell to assess potency, and scammers may add gasoline or other chemicals to mimic this smell. Also, butane could remain from processing the weed to make concentrates. All of this butane is supposed to be removed but some of it makes it into the final product, especially if manufacturing processes are not up to par.

Here’s what you do. Put your weed in a locked bag, then stick your nose in and take a deep inhale. The nose knows. If it smells like detergent or gasoline and is not from a reputable dispensary, it may, in fact, be gasoline or detergent. Next, you can burn a piece of bud and look at the ashes. Contaminated ashes will clump up because it has been sprayed with detergent. Of course, you know what happens if it has gasoline on it. It’s mad flammable. Discard any weed with a hint of contamination immediately.

How to Tell if Weed is Laced with PCP

PCP and embalming fluid will smell like embalming fluid. It’s a strong chemically odor you can’t really miss, so use the zip lock bag method and follow your nose. Ether is used to dissolve PCP. Here’s what our social media friends have to say about how to test weed for PCP.

how can i tell if my weed is laced with pcp

What to Do if You Smoked Laced Weed

You are unlikely to get laced weed without requesting it because weed is basically the cheaper drug and dealers aren’t going to lose money by putting cocaine in your weed as a bonus. However, friends may lace your weed to freak you out. You are unlikely to get symptoms similar to that of laced weed from what chemicals are in marijuana. And, more likely, you may lace your own weed and realize later you have made a mistake. So, don’t panic. Sometimes all of your symptoms are created by you freaking out. The body, in fact, has many tools to handle contamination, often without making you ill. So, if your symptoms started after you noticed the weed was laced, you are probably just freaking out. Still, your health could be at stake so you need to take some steps to makes sure you’re going to be okay.

What Do I Do?  I Smoked Laced Weed:

  1. Don’t panic. Many of your symptoms are the result of panic, not from mixed weed.
  2. Tell someone asap. You might not be in trouble, but just in case, you need a friend or family member to come to monitor you for at least 2 hours. If you don’t actually feel sick, it’s less likely that you need a doctor. However, if you know the weed is laced with a harsh chemical likely to cause health problems, skip this step and get to the hospital while you are still able. By all means, make sure the person you call to monitor you is not the same person who slipped you a mickey because they might have had designs on taking advantage of you while you are in an altered state.
  3. Go to a safe place. Now that you have your buddy monitoring you, you don’t know what will happen so you don’t want to be out in public. Go home and let the time pass by. If symptoms increase, you are definitely looking at going to the ER.
  4. Avoid the desire to take another drug for your symptoms. You might be tempted to drink a beer or take some Dramamine to calm down and fight nausea. This is a bad idea because you don’t know what drug you are on and what might be the drug’s interaction with the medicine you are taking. If you feel like you need to take something, go to the hospital and have a doctor administer medication.
  5. Let it out. If you feel like vomiting, let it out, and definitely get to urgent care, ER, and call poison control and ask them what to do. If you can’t do this, that’s why the first thing you did is call a friend or family member. They will do it for you.
  6. Go to the ER. If you’re not sure what was in it, go to the ER, and if weed is legal, take it with you for testing. See our site here to see if weed is legal in your state:

Now that you’re at the ER for poisoning, you have a bit of a pickle to consider. If weed is illegal where you are, what do you tell them?

What Are Some Legal Issues with Laced Weed?

One of the reasons people want to avoid the ER when they think they may have smoked laced weed is because they think they may be prosecuted. Let’s look at a few scenarios.

In the first scenario, you are in a state where marijuana is illegal and you are having laced-weed symptoms. You called your friend, now the two of you are on the way to the ER. You get seen, the doctor asks you what is wrong. Should you tell?  The answer is yes. The doctor is not supposed to tell the police or authorities. If he does, he can lose his job and be sued for breaking patient confidentiality. Can cops prosecute you?  Not if they haven’t seen you do anything illegal. Now, do cops sometimes break these rules?  Unfortunately, yes.

To extend this scenario, what if you went into seizures before you could reach the hospital and had to call 911. The cops and the ambulance may arrive. Cops can charge you or your friend with any crimes they witness, such as drug paraphernalia, or possession. Typically, they will not convict you for drugs that have already been consumed. However, if you gave the ill individual the laced weed, you could be charged with assault or other crimes. Good Samaritan laws in some states protect you from prosecution when you report an overdose. Unfortunately, many times you don’t know the law and the cops don’t know the law, so you go to prison, get a lawyer, and often the lawyer invokes the law, and you go home with no conviction. But still, you’ve been in prison for months awaiting trial. Your life is in the garbage. Therefore, you must certainly get help for your friend, but make sure drug paraphernalia is out of plain sight. It may be useful to invoke your right to silence when the cops ask questions but tell the paramedics absolutely everything. They should keep it confidential, if they don’t, sue them if it causes problems. It may be useful to let them know in a subtle way, that you expect pure confidentiality and medical information is not to be shared with police. If you don’t know your rights, they will likely be transgressed. If you don’t know your state’s laws, go to google and see what they are. But, do all this AFTER you have called 911 to help your friend, not before. Time is of the essence. You will get out of this situation intact.

In scenario two, you are in a state where marijuana is legal. There are a few caveats. In many states, it’s still not legal for a pregnant woman to use marijuana. Also, some non-medical drug paraphernalia may not be legal, or maybe in a gray area, so put them out of sight. In any case, if you or your friend must go to the hospital for laced weed symptoms, anyone who tries to get you prosecuted is breaking the law. So, get a lawyer if you have to, but letting them know that you know your rights is a good way to avoid needing a lawyer in the first place because very often cops will back down when you declare that you know the law and your rights. So, stay calm, you will be fine, just give it some time and next time, buy from a reputable dispensary.

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