Flying with Weed

With time, cannabis is being made legal in several states. The rapidly growing market, more politicians are vouching for cannabis reform.

States where Cannabis is Legal

Even if most of the nations have banned cannabis, a large number of states will not prosecute for using it. In places like Puerto Rico, Australia, Czech Republic, Macedonia, and Croatia, it is legal when it comes to medicinal uses. You can use it in Turkey for can cultivate but only for personal medicinal use.

In Spain, Uruguay, Netherlands, Slovenia, Columbia, Jamaica, and Chile, Marijuana is decriminalized or legal in some form. US states such as California, Alaska, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, Vermont, Oregon, Washington, and New York have relaxed drug laws.

Nevertheless, since US federal laws make weed selling illegal, its true legal status is still a grey area.

In Canada, people can buy cannabis or cannabis oil from a licensed producer at different local stores. There is a restriction on outlets when it comes to selling dried or fresh cannabis, plants, or seeds. However, baked products which are infused with weed are still considered to be illegal.

It is illegal to possess over 30 grams of cannabis or grow over 4 parts of the plants in a household. You can also be penalized for buying from a dealer who doesn’t have a license.

Japan, Indonesia, and Malaysia have strict laws when it comes to Marijuana. In the Philippines, if you are caught smoking in public, you will be thrown into jail immediately. In the United Kingdom, it is considered to be illegal as it’s classified as the class B-drug. If you plan on traveling to the city of casinos and pubs, Las Vegas, you need to find out is recreational weed legal in Las Vegas.

Traveling with Weed

Marijuana has been normalized and consistent legalization and decriminalization have opened the door for thriving pot market. Long gone are the days when travelers used to go to Amsterdam for the popular coffee shops. Now, you will find luxurious weed tours in California. As a matter of fact, travelers might be heading to Great White North to peruse the dispensaries of the nation.

Even if the pot tourism is to flourish, travelers who seek legalities across international borders or state lines have to be extremely careful.

Customs and Border Protection of the United States explained the citizen of the US who is returning from Canada is going to be allowed into the country after they consume cannabis. When you enter the security checkpoint, federal law enforcement is going to take over and cannabis is illegal when it comes to federal law. So, if you are crossing the border with souvenir blunt, you might end up in trouble. The guidelines which are applicable to the travelers who are coming back after visiting Canada are subjected to the same regulations which are covering the travelers who are moving across state lines. When you fly from a state where cannabis is legal to another one which has similar laws the same laws are applicable. In simple words, you might be penalized by the feds.

Things Travelers Should Know About Flying with Weed

When it comes to the rules, in most of the countries around the world, whatever the circumstances might be, it is illegal to travel with Marijuana with any airline. However, for flights that making rounds within Canada, it has been announced by the transport authority has announced that passengers will now be able to fly with about 30 grams of Marijuana, 150 grams of medical cannabis, or 100 ml or cannabis oil in checked baggage. Cannabis has been legalized in Canada only recently. The restrictions and rules pertaining to flying with Marijuana internationally are yet in development and might change. You need to keep in mind that it is illegal to fly with cannabis over the border of Canada under any condition.

States that have legalized cannabis is known to have adopted different cannabis tax policies which are built around the weight or price of Marijuana or both. States approach general sales taxation, as well as excise taxation of recreation adult-use cannabis. California and Alaska have employed weight-based taxes on Marijuana. Other states that allow taxable selling of cannabis have price-based tax. Colorado, Nevada, Massachusetts, Washington, and Oregon collect taxes on the basis of the price of the product.

There is a varied approach when it comes to medical cannabis taxing. Even though some of the taxes have medical Marijuana just as non-medical Marijuana, other levy excise tax for complementing or replacing general sales taxes.

Rules for Flying with Marijuana in Canada and USA

Legalization of Marijuana has caused some furor with the southern neighbors. Irrespective of the many of the United States and the whole of Canada having legalized it, the Customs and Border Protection at the USA has made it clear that the rules pertaining to it remain unchanged. When you fly, you should not bring it in or take it out.

The months that led up to the legalizations, there had been increasing concerns when it came to the Canadian people who are investing or working in the cannabis industry. The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) had taken a difficult stance and had stated that Canadians citizens who work in or are facilitating the proliferation of the Marijuana industry in the United States say in Canada or where it is legal might have an effect on the admissibility on the United States.

Several Canadian travels to the US every year used to be worried and panic about being banned for a lifetime for being associated with the cannabis industry. However, in 2018, the Customs and Border Protection have updated the Marijuana policy which says that a Canadian citizen who works in or proliferates in the Marijuana industry of Canada is coming to the United States for some reasons that are not related to the cannabis industry is going to be admissible in the US. Nevertheless, in case a traveler is coming to the US for a reason that is associated with the cannabis industry, they might be deemed inadmissible.

In some tourist destinations like Hawaii, Florida, and New York, Marijuana has been legalized for medicinal use. In case you are heading to this destination then the options might be quite limited.

Can You bring Edibles on the Plane? And can the TSA Arrest You for Possessing Marijuana?

TSA is not looking for Marijuana and they are not going to pull out the chocolates that are infused with THC to inspect it. They are actually looking for weapons and bombs or something which is suspicious which can cause potential damage.

As per the TSA guidelines, the security officer of RSA don’t search for cannabis or any other illegal drugs but in case a substance which appears to be cannabis and Marijuana-infused products is checked during the security screening and is going to be reported to the law enforcement officer.

Even though this does not mean that you are in the clear, it specifically states that TSA officers are not actually looking for your stash and you might get away with flying with edibles in checked luggage. However, be careful, in case they find something, they are going to call the police and not the federal agents. When you are in a state that is weed-friendly, you might just be asked to throw the stash away. This might be hopeful for you if you are traveling by plane but is not completely risk-free.

How Much Weed Can You Fly With?

In Canada where Marijuana has been legalized, you are allowed to travel with about 150 grams of medical cannabis. However, people need to have a medical certificate. Hence, you will have to be ready to show your medical documents in case the quantity of Marijuana is more than the usual limit which is 100 ml of cannabis oil or 30 gram of medical Marijuana. When the quantity is more than the previously mentioned legal limit, the authorities at the airport might get in touch with the police for flying with medical Marijuana. Passengers are not allowed to fly with Marijuana of any type which includes edibles out of the country even when the country has legal rules for cannabis. It is better to put in the medication in the carry-on baggage where you will be able to access it easily at the security.

Which is the Most cannabis Friendly Airports?​​

In all legal recreational states, consumption of cannabis is just like consuming alcohol. For instance, you cannot use weed in public and this is applicable to airports, too. However, it is a different story in regards to possession. If you are worried about whether airport security scanners detect drugs in your luggage? You should know that they can’t.

LAX and Van Nuys airport that is policed by law enforcement of LAX, Los Angeles is considered to be the most open airport in regards to Marijuana and security.

From the 1st of January 2018, California law enables an individual of 21 years or more can possess up to 28.5 grams of cannabis and 8 grams concentrated for the purpose of personal consumption. With a change in the state law, the procedures and policy of Los Angeles airport division in regards to cannabis had been updated for reflecting the change. The officers of the department who are the officers of California Peace don’t have the jurisdiction to arrest anyone if they comply with the state laws.

However, you need to keep in mind that simply because of the California police don’t care about the joint in your bag, it doesn’t sound that the destination police won’t if that is outside the state. In such a case, you will have to know the best way to hide weed.

In Orange County’s John Wayne airport, you might not be able to consume it but the authorities will allow you to pass. San Francisco International Airport or prosecute or confiscate anyone who possesses the legal limit that is one ounce. Boston’s Logan International Airport authorities allow people to board and walk freely with Marijuana. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has confirmed that they allow you to carry the legal limit. People possessing pit will be allowed to go about their day with cannabis.


Can I Fly with Cannabis in a Checked Bag?
As per TSA in the USA, flying with a hash oil vape pen or any cannabis product in checked bags is still illegal under USA’s federal law. However, in Canada, the Minister of Federal transport has announced recently that passengers who are flying domestically within Canada can carry about 30 grams for personal use. It should be noted that carrying Marijuana is still illegal in Canada.
What are the Consequences of Flying with cannabis?
When you fly with cannabis inside the country, the penalty will vary to a great extent as per the drug laws of the country. In fact, even if you transport a small amount of it across the country border, it will be considered as drug trafficking. In the United Kingdom, if you are found in possession of cannabis, you can be jailed for up to 15 years. Drug sentences are severe when it comes to Japan. In Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran, drug smuggling is punishable by death. Hence, it is better to be careful about the laws when you get your ticket and plan to travel with weed.​
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