Best Synthetic Urine Of 2022 To Pass a Urine Drug Test

You have a drug test coming up and you have considered using a fake urine kit for your drug test. You have wondered are there stores that sell synthetic urine near me?  Will fake pee pass a drug test?  The answer is yes –  they will. But only if you know how to pass a supervised drug test with fake urine.

If you’re going to spend your money, you will surely want the best fake piss kit on the market. So sit and learn everything you need to know about your fake pee test kit and how to use it to pass any urine drug screen.

What is synthetic urine?

In the midst of a nationwide rise in cannabis usage, a study published in the journal “Addiction” found that residents of places where recreational cannabis use is allowed consume marijuana 20% more frequently than residents of states where it is outlawed. According to another research, marijuana is the most widely used illicit substance in the United States, with almost 20 million Americans 12 years or older using it.

Synthetic urine is a product which mimics the qualities of human urine. It’s used to fool and pass drug tests, as a gag gift, or rarely as a sex toy. The urine is kept warm, often at body temperature, in a container close to the body. It’s then surreptitiously slipped into specimen cups for drug tests which may be required for employment or as a legal necessity.

This is done as a quick fix for those who need to pass a drug test but don’t have the time for illegal or unwanted substances to leave the system. It is possible to make synthetic urine at home by securing the ingredients below and mixing them in precise quantities. But it’s much easier to just buy pre-made synthetic urine.


Synthetic urine is a substance made to look, smell, and have the chemical properties of human urine. Professionally, it is used by labs to calibrate their urine testing equipment. Recreationally, it can be used during sex play. Lastly, it is sometimes used to fool a drug test.

  • It can be made at home by combining pure water, albumin powder, creatinine, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, and urea.
  • Don’t use bleach or peroxide as adulterants, because companies test for them.

Best Synthetic Urines:

  • Quick Fix. Quick Fix has a lot of customers. Some people say they pass drug tests every time using Quick Fix.
  • Monkey Dong. Monkey Dong has the advantage that combines the fake urine with a fake penis to use. Sometimes you have to produce  urine sample under close watch, so it may be useful.

Sometimes people successfully substitute a friend’s clean urine for a drug test as well. It has to be kept warm with a hand warmer and/or strapped on the body such that it stays body temperature. Check your states’ laws. Synthetic urine is illegal in some states. Online is the best place to buy synthetic urine but it is also often available in head shops.


Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all states!
  • Real human urine!
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The Urinator

  • A reusable electronic device that holds and heats your urine sample to the body temperature!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)
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  • Albumin powder
    Albumin is a collection of proteins found in blood and urine. As a product, it is often extracted from eggs. Urine drug tests may look for this protein to verify the authenticity of a urine sample.
  • Creatinine
    Creatinine is a substance secreted by the kidneys in urine which is measured to verify that a urine sample is consistent with a new, human urine collection.
  • Distilled water
  • Potassium chloride
    Potassium chloride is an electrolyte used to give your synthetic urine the correct potassium levels.
  • Sodium chloride
    Sodium chloride is table salt. It provides synthetic urine with the right electrolyte levels.
  • Sodium phosphate
    Sodium phosphate provides your synthetic urine with the correct phosphate levels.
  • Urea

The main nitrogenous breakdown product in urine used to verify the authenticity of urine samples. Successful fraudsters warn to make sure you get a product which contains urea and not just uric acid, as some drug tests may flag uric acid.


Testing companies may test for adulterants. These adulterants are used to try to fool the test and should not be present in urine samples.

  • Bleach
  • Peroxide
  • Glutaraldehyde

This is a substance used to make the testing equipment produce a false positive.

  • Nitrite

Some sources say that nitrate levels are tested and that nitrite should not be present and is an adulterant.

 How to Choose the best Fake Piss to Beat a Urinalysis

You will need to find the best product available in order to pass a drug test for your job or for legal reasons. In order to do this, you need to know what specifically to look for. There are two primary varieties of fake urine: liquid and powder. For urine tests for any type of substance, including marijuana, opioids, even alcohol or nicotine, synthetic urine can be utilized. To submit urine for a drug test, you’ll need between 35 and 45 milliliters, or a little more than an ounce.

fake pee

Utilizing powdered urine has the main benefit of delaying spoilage until it is diluted with water. As soon as urine is produced or expelled, it starts to deteriorate. You have two options for preventing spoilage: dehydrate it and store the precipitate, or freeze it. If you freeze it, you must thaw it to body temperature before submitting it. Because urine will be tested to make sure it is the right temperature, it must stay at that temperature, not above it or below it.

Since liquid urine doesn’t require mixing, you don’t have to be concerned about one of the constituents reaching the wrong parameters.

The most popular means of getting your synthetic urine is to simply buy it from a reputable company. Since each company is engaged in helping you defraud, it’s kinda strange to say you have to find a ‘reputable’ company. You want a company that is good at being disreputable, laugh out loud. You may want to check out some pro-marijuana site synthetic urine reviews and see how different sites rank the current crop of synthetic urine products.

Quick Fix Urine

Quick Fix Urine is one of the more reputable or successfully disreputable companies in the synthetic urine business. Your Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Kit contains:

  1. One bottle of Quick Fix synthetic urine
  2. One heat pack
  3. One temperature strip (field test kit)

You can get 2 oz of synthetic urine for 29.95 USD.

A detailed guide of using Quick Fix Urine:

  1. Pull open the top of your urine bottle and put it in the microwave on high for ten seconds.
  2. If unable to microwave, tape the heating pad to the bottle for an hour.
  3. Now close the top and shake the contents. Check the temperature strip. You should have a strong color in one of the boxes between 90 to 100 F.
  4. If it’s between 94 to 100 F, you’re good to go. If not, let it cool or heat for a few more seconds.
  5. Now connect your heating pad to your synthetic urine. It will keep your pee around 100 F for up to six hours. Strap it to your thigh or other body part to successfully and securely conceal it and keep it warm.
  6. Before you pour your synthetic urine into the specimen cup, check the temperature once again.
  7. Pour into your drug test cup and you’re done.  If you need a way to sneak the urine in for an observed collection, consider using the Monkey Dong, explained later.

Monkey Urine, Monkey Whizz, Monkey Dong products have gotten great reviews. Monkey Urine is plain synthetic urine which has received great evaluations by successful fraudsters. The Monkey Whizz is a strap-on belt, heating pad, and of course the synthetic urine product, fine for unobserved drug tests. If you are observed and may need to pull out a fake dick, use the product called Monkey Dong. It’s just a fake penis you can strap on and fill with fake urine for your drug test. Then just squeeze the fake urine into the specimen cup from your fake penis.

Powdered Human Urine Kit
The UrinatorPowdered Human Urine
Powdered Urine Kit
The Urinator
Powdered Urine Kit
More information
More information
More information

Legal in all states!

Real human urine!

  • one vial containing powdered urine (not fake piss, this is actual urine)
  • one temperature strip attached to the 50-ml vial
  • two air-activated heaters enclosed in a plastic package
  • one 50-ml plastic medical transport vial with blue lid

+ 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)

Reusable electronic device that holds and heats your urine sample to the body temperature!

Legal in all states!

Real human urine!

  • one vial containing powdered urine (not fake piss, this is actual urine)
  • one temperature strip attached to the 50-ml vial
  • two air-activated heaters enclosed in a plastic package
  • one 50-ml plastic medical transport vial with blue lid

More information
More information
More information

Urine Substitution

You may have wondered, why can’t I just humbly ask a friend who is clean from drugs for some of that valuable urine they are planning on wasting into the sewer system?  Well, you most certainly can. You will then need to keep it fresh and warm until you get it to the testing site. Urine substitution can sometimes cost you as much as fake urine, especially if your friend realizes how valuable is that urine he is intending to throw away. Contrary to popular belief, it does not matter if your friend is male or female or if she is pregnant. Drug tests do not test for pregnancy or sex hormones.

Some people suggest getting urine from a child. This may produce a moral dilemma for you. You could be getting the child involved in committing fraud, or even a felony if you are applying for a government job position. The child would not know of course, and you might give the child compensation which is a large amount of money for a child. Still, the child will someday learn and might too early develop a propensity to cheat and also to use drugs, knowing that you did it and you might be a role model to him even if you don’t consider yourself much of a role model.

Children will follow you none-the-less. So, though children are far more likely to be clean of drugs than adults, you will have to deal with your own conscience if you decide to get a urine sample from a child. It is a myth as of this moment that any drug tester will be able to tell that the urine came from a child. Again, they do not attempt to detect age, gender, or pregnancy. These are just myths.

Where to Buy Synthetic Urine

It isn’t necessarily easy to get synthetic urine locally, depending on where you live. Urine drug testing can be conducted in many different environments, even onsite at job fairs, so you could need that clean urine on a seconds notice. Where do you get it if you can’t get it from a friend?

Some states have already banned synthetic urine, including Indiana and New Hampshire. Mississippi and Missouri recently created legislation looking to prevent and stop the sale and use of synthetic urine, especially to beat a drug test. Such laws may also ban fake urine used as a gag gift or as a sex toy. For example, in 2022 Michigan legislators want to make it a crime to use fake urine or other means to cheat employer drug screens.

Places to get fake urine to pass a drug test:

  1. Online
  2. Headshops
  3. Stores like Walmart

Surprisingly, you can actually get synthetic urine at a store like Walmart. It’s used by hunters and gardeners to control the behavior of animals. This type of synthetic urine is unlikely to help you pass a drug test, however. You can, of course, get synthetic urine at head shops in jurisdictions where synthetic urine is legal. Online is the easiest way to get synthetic urine, but you may not have that kind of time if you get hit suddenly with a drug test. So, check out your local headshop. Even some gas stations that have the penis pills behind the counter may serve up a cup of fake urine for emergencies.

Should Synthetic Urine Be Made Illegal?

It’s commonly discussed in the United States of America that the War on Drugs has been a disaster and has ruined lives as well as been ineffective. Yet, now many states, at the same time they are legalizing marijuana at higher and higher rates, are looking to make synthetic urine illegal. This is overstepping. Governments are tasked with regulating commerce, but can they ban a product which can be used for various reasons, is not a drug, and can be made at home? This appears to be over-regulation.

The government needs to stay in its lane. There are already too many laws and too many millions of dollars going to put people in prison for marijuana, with the US having one of the largest prison populations in the world, mostly of drug offenders. Do we now want to start putting people in jail for having fake urine?  The government’s job is to make sure that our rights are not violated. It’s not the job of the government to regulate our lives or to ban urine. In fact, some of these products are actually human urine. That means some states have already banned human urine.

What if one dries his own urine during a period of abstinence? Is it now illegal to have ones’ own urine? Imagine it, if you were to urinate in a bottle, as many people do in hospitals or during the periods of immobility. You could be pulled over by cops and charged with having urine in a container.

About Drug Testing

Many organizations require drug testing, including about 62 percent of employers (American Management Association). Here are some situations in which one might face drug testing:

  1. Employment
  2. Probation
  3. Doctor or psychiatrist visit
  4. Other legal reasons
  5. For public assistance
  6. For insurance
  7. Military recruitment

Drug testing can help organizations save money, especially by reducing their insurance and liabilities, such as accidents where the user or someone else is harmed. Most often, one is tested for illegal drugs, but one can also be tested for alcohol, nicotine, and herbs like kratom. Drug use can also cost companies money from absenteeism and lost productivity. Urine drug testing is cheaper than hair testing and more accurate than saliva testing.

Here are some of the parameters that will be measured in your test to verify the authenticity of the urine sample:

  • Color, yellowish
  • Creatinine levels, greater than 15 mg/kg
  • pH between 4.6 and 8
  • Smell
  • Specific gravity between 1.005 and 1.030
  • Temperature, between 90 F and 100 F
  • Urea and uric acid

Why Not Use Detox Drinks?

Most detox drinks work by dilution. Detox drinks can be a valid way to pass a drug test, but they are not fool-proof. Detox drinks will give you about a five-hour window when you may test negative for drugs, especially marijuana, even though the drug is still in your system. Detox drinks are kind of hit and miss. You can never be certain that the timing will come out perfectly such that the drugs will be diluted and undetected. When you use synthetic urine, you can at least be certain that there are no drugs in it.

The issue you will face with synthetic urine is mere that there is an arms race between the test-makers and the synthetic urine makers. Once the test makers find a way to detect synthetic urine, a generation of synthetic urine products will become obsolete and anyone using the outdated forms will fail their drug test. Then synthetic urine makers will figure out once again how to beat the test and so on. So, it’s very difficult to know if test-makers have made progress that will cause you to fail your test. The best approach is to do your research online and stay up-to-date on what the test-makers are able to detect.

The Synthetic Urine FAQ

Could they catch me using synthetic urine?
Not if you choose the right product. Here we review Monkey Urine and Quick Fix which are both fairly well-trusted brands. If you choose the wrong brand or just pick up some fake animal urine from Walmart, you may fail. You won’t fail for having drugs in your system, but your sample will come up invalid, dilute, or adulterated. Some employers will not consider you for employment if that happens, though most will allow you to retest. That could at least buy you a few more days to get clean. In many states, it is not illegal to try to fool a drug test, although you could theoretically be charged with some other crime against the employer. This is a danger, especially if you are testing for a government position. You may be charged with attempting to defraud the government. However, most of the time, you will not be charged with a crime, and they cannot say for certain that you have committed fraud even if the urine comes back as adulterated. Just don’t leave synthetic urine paraphernalia in the rest-room or even exposed in your car where someone may see it and report you.

How should you keep fake urine at the right temperature?
  Some synthetic urine products include a temperature strip so that you can check the temperature at any time. When you have a defrosted room temperature synthetic urine sample, put it in the microwave for 10 seconds. Make sure it reads between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If it does not, let it cool or heat it up a few more seconds.
Once the synthetic urine is at the right condition, you will need to strap it to your body and/or strap it to the accompanying heating pad to keep it at body temperature. If you don’t have access to a microwave to heat up the synthetic urine, you will need to strap the container to your body and the heating pad for up to 45 minutes.

How long does synthetic urine last?
Once mixed with water, your urine can spoil in hours, depending on bacterial load and temperature. While the urine is still dry, it can last for years. Quick Fix synthetic urine, though already mixed, can last up to two years unopened and it also does not spoil quickly when opened or reheated.

  Do I have to refrigerate my synthetic urine?
The answer to this may depend on the brand. Quick Fix synthetic urine can be stored at room temperature. It needs to be stored in a dark place as sunlight can damage the product.
If you are using real urine that you borrowed from a trusted friend, that’s when it must be refrigerated as testers can tell if a urine sample is spoiled due to having been stored for an extended period of time. So, you will have to refrigerate it, then warm it to the correct temperature when the time comes for your urine test.

I didn’t get a green box on the Quick Fix temperature strip. What do I do?
Most likely you overheated the sample in the microwave. Just wait a few minutes until the green box appears. Now your urine is at the right temperature, so strap it on.

Can I pee a little in the specimen cup to make it look more real if someone is peeking in to observe me?
Usually, when a urine test is observed, the observer is someone of the same sex to avoid lawsuits. Also, they don’t look directly at your penis and stand pretty far behind you, just to make sure you’re not cheating. Of course, lucky for you, you can easily cheat in this situation, you just have to have some nerve and a steady hand. However, you do not want to pee in the specimen cup at all. Put only your synthetic urine in the cup, then pee in the toilet. And don’t flush, but you already knew that, right? They may invalidate your test if you flush the toilet.

What might I forget to do?
This is an easy question. You need to shake your urine because it’s supposed to have air bubbles in it. If you submit a sample without air bubbles in it, this might be noticed and can lead to a failed or invalid test or a retest.

  Does my fake piss need Uric Acid or Urea?
It’s difficult to get a straight answer on this.  Many people claim to have passed a test with products which only claim to have uric acid. Others say you also need urea, which is a totally different component found in urine. Many say that testers may look for both. Products like UPass synthetic urine contain both.

How long do I have to wait to get drugs out of my system?
Drug detection times vary according to the type of drug and the dose. See the chart below for the detection times of common drugs. Heavy marijuana use has the longest detection time due to marijuana metabolites hiding out in the fat cells.

Drug Name ABB Cutoff Level Approx Detection time in Urine Approximate Detection time in Saliva
Amphetamine AMP 500 ng/ml 2-4 Days 1-3 Days
1000 ng/ml 2-4 Days N/A
Barbiturates BAR 300 ng/ml 3-6 Days 1 Day
Benzodiazepines BZO 300 ng/ml 3-7 Days 1-2 Days
Buprenorphine BUP 10 ng/ml 2-3 Days 1 Day
Cocaine COC 150 ng/ml 2-4 Days N/A
300 ng/ml 2-4 Days 1-3 Days
Ecstasy MDMA 500 ng/ml 1-3 Days 1-2 Days
Fentanyl FEN 300 ng/ml 3 Days N/A
K2 / Spice K2/Spice 50 ng/ml 1-3 Days N/A
Marijuana THC 50 ng/ml 5-30 Days 1 Day
20 ng/ML Up To 30 days N/A
Methadone MTD 50 ng/ml 3-5 Days 1 Day
Methamphetamine MAMP 1000 ng/ml 3-5 Days 1-3 Days
500 ng/ml 3-5 Days N/A
Morphine MOP 300 ng/ml 2-4 Days 1-3 Days
Opiates OPI 2000 ng/ml 2-4 Days 1-3 Days
Oxycodone OXY 100 ng/ml 2-4 Days 1 Day
Phencyclidine PCP 25 ng/ml 5-10 Days 1-3 Days
Tricyclic Antidepressants TCA 1000 ng/ml 3-6 Days N/A
Propoxyphene PPX 300 ng/ml 1-2 Days N/A
*Detection times should be considered estimates.

Social Media Reviews

Quick Fix: User rating A.

Quick Fix review A

Comment:  In this interesting exchange, drug anonymous claims to be a drug tester. He claims that when a client orders the most expensive validity drug testing, it can identify synthetic urine. Then PartialChub, like very many users of synthetic urine, claims to have beaten the test using Quick Fix urine. It is fairly safe to say that this synthetic urine frequently beats the typical urine test. This has been verified by many, many users.

Druganonymous seems somewhat offended that his tests are frequently beaten by synthetic urine and is also clueless about the truth of the matter. Americans are supposed to be free from unreasonable search and seizure, so we give this guy the creep label. He is helping to reduce the freedoms Americans are supposed to have and he has become indoctrinated with an anti-marijuana stance. However, this exchange demonstrates not only that Quick Fix synthetic urine frequently beats drug tests, but that test-makers are generally clueless.

Quick Fix negative review

Comment:  This Reddit user claims to have failed his test using Quick Fix urine. This might be genuine, even though the lack of typos looks suspicious. Needless to say, competitor companies sometimes hire writers to write negative comments about the competition.

Quick Fix Review Rating: A

Quick Fix positive review

Comment:  This Reddit user wrote a rather lengthy comment telling of having had success using Quick Fix. Also, the lab here was LabCorp. Your test will probably be evaluated by the same company. This user dealt with tremendous anxiety over his future and lamented that in the future, he will just make sure he’s clean if he’s looking for employment and this is good advice.

UPass Synthetic Urine: B

Quick Fix review B

This Reddit user claims the product UPass worked for a buddy of his. We were unable to find extensive comments about UPass. This is likely due to the product not being quite as popular as a product like Quick Fix.

UPass has the advantage of being cheaper than other brands. Some reviewers have claimed UPass is ineffective. The difference may be that companies that order cheaper tests for their employees may use a test that can be fooled by UPass, while companies who order more expensive tests will be able to tell that an attempt has been made to beat the drug test.

Clear Choice Sub Solution: A+

Quick Fix review A+

Figure 2.

Clear Choice Sub Solution appears to get consistently good reviews. This user at the marijuana forums gave an extensive account of his experience and feels that the product absolutely works and one might even keep a bottle on you at all times if you get randomly drug tested.

Test Clear Powdered Human Urine rating: A

Clear Human Urine review A

The obvious advantage of Testclear Powdered urine is that it is indeed real human urine. It has been dehydrated to prevent spoilage. All you have to do is mix it with room temperature water and attach it to the heating pack.

Powdered Human Urine
Powdered Urine Kit
More information

It has a temperature strip you can read to make sure it is the perfect temperature to pass the test.

Once rehydrated, it will look and smell like real human urine because it is real human urine. It should contain no drugs and the correct levels of the various substances tested for. You will need to mix it with about 45 mL of water to get the proper amount. Mixing errors can result in a dilute sample.

The product contains:

  1. Powdered urine
  2. A heating pack which can heat for up to six hours
  3. A vial which holds 50 mL
  4. An instruction pamphlet

You can add up to 75 mL of water if needed and stay within the testing parameters. If you use the heating pack contained in the kit, you will need to let it heat for about 45 minutes to get the urine to body temperature. Check the temperature strip to confirm. The heating strip can be reused. It is claimed that this human urine is used to calibrate machines that do drug testing, suggesting that it indeed always passes drug tests, if correctly mixed and heated. It is claimed that this human urine is routinely used by educational institutions and other legitimate scientific enterprises who have the need to use human urine. It is also used as a prank gift and of course, to pass drug tests.


  1. Put the urine powder from the little vial into the big tube.
  2. Fill to the top with water, then shake it to mix it thoroughly.
  3. Open the heating pack and take the sticker off the heating pad to activate it and stick it to the side of the tube opposite the temp reading. Check to see that the temperature is right.
  4. Secure it firmly to your inner thigh or another part of the body where it’s not going to fall out and it will absorb your body heat in order to stay at the right temperature.
  5. Once you have your specimen cup, take out your vial and shake it to make sure you’ve got air bubbles in it. Inject your urine into the specimen cup. If you urinate into the toilet, don’t forget not to flush.

P-Sure Synthetic Urine rating: F

P-Sure Synthetic Urine review

This user on the forums claims that the product P-Sure synthetic urine caused him to lose a job. This product is simple to use. It comes with just one vial of synthetic urine and a hand warmer. This is said to be an older product which used to be very popular, but now labs have wised up and P-sure has not. This product is to be heated to the correct temperature than used in the same way as similar products. It is frequently claimed that the temperature reading on the product is inaccurate. The user killthecaps said that his sample was rejected because it does not smell like urine. Hats off to the testing worker whose job it is to smell other people’s urine, but apparently that is part of the deal.

As of today, this product gets a fairly low grade. It has been superseded by lab testing procedures, that are very complicated now, and by synthetic urine products that have advanced their technologies, including urea, uric acid, creatinine, and all the other ingredients in an easy-to-use way. Synthetic urine products can cost quite a bit, to be sure. But when employment and your very livelihood is at stake over a little weed, which may even be used medically and not be illegal, one may have to go to lengths which are extraordinary to secure that job position.

It has even become possible for you to legally use marijuana to treat conditions which would interfere with your work, and then find out that the synthetic urine you use to pass the test is illegal. The absurdity of it provides a rationale that these laws are not going to make sense, so you have to take short cuts to circumvent them when your livelihood is at stake.


Should you use fake urine?  Does it make you nervous to feel like you are committing some kind of fraud?  You will have to decide if you are the kind of person who can go through with this. You should also consider it since you are needing to use fake urine if you are the kind of person who should be applying for the job you are looking to get. Probably, if you smoke weed or use drugs, you certainly should not apply for jobs that are overseen by the Department of Transportation. In my experience, they take their drug testing very seriously, and indeed observers are close by when you have to urinate into the specimen cup. What if they are right behind you, as that sometimes happens, even though in some places it is illegal?  Could you go through with it?  You will have to take your bottle of synthetic urine out, or take our fake penis and empty it into the cup with an observer standing right behind you trying to make sure you are not doing what you are doing. If this is too uncomfortable for you, you might have to reconsider. At the same time, the job for which you are needing to produce clean urine might be your very livelihood and the food on the table for you, your wife, and children. So, much can be at stake at times.

Our review has shown clearly that synthetic urine will indeed sometimes beat a drug test. There is also the option of powdered human urine, which is much easier to use than it at first appears. You merely need to mix it with water and be sure to heat it to the correct temperature.

Some people justify using synthetic urine to pass a drug test by saying that the War on Drugs is illegal and agencies have no business testing in the first place. That argument may work if you are being tested for legal reasons, but it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny in the area of employment. It’s the employer’s prerogative if they want workers who use no illegal drugs at all. They sometimes even test for nicotine because people who smoke can be a burden on their healthcare costs as well as cause lost productivity while they are being affected by breathing issues and heart disease.

So, if you are a marijuana smoker and you decide to use synthetic urine to pass a drug test, make sure the purpose for which you use it is worth the risk and that you are qualified for the position for which you are applying as a user of medical marijuana or recreational marijuana. It may not be illegal, but it can make you unfit for certain job positions like truck driving, and that’s fine. Just find employment that fits you better.

Disclaimer: We are not here suggesting that you use synthetic urine to pass a drug test. We are only looking at the facts about these products. Using synthetic urine to pass a drug test could be a felony if you are applying for a highly government-regulated or accredited position, including truck driving, which is overseen by the Department of Transportation.

This article about Medical Marijuana was published on and updated on October 27, 2022 . Medical facts in this article was checked and article was medically reviewed by our . Author of this checked article is
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