Privacy Policy

Leaf Expert owns and operates the site and will be represented as “us”, “we”, or “our” below. This website is seen at Some of the affiliated websites and the sub-domains are a group of intellectual properties.

This is a page that gives detailed information about our policy with regards to the use, collection, and release of private information that you share with us while using our service and the selections that have been assigned by you for that data.

Your data is used by us to improve our service. By using our service, you are giving your nod to use the information that you share with us. The terms used in this Privacy Policy have the same denotation as that of our Terms and Conditions. If there are any changes, it will be reflected in this Privacy Policy. This policy gets active immediately once the users start to use the website.

This is a Privacy Policy that gives details about the use, collection, and the details about you that you disclose when you use our websites, mobile apps, or other associated services. If you find “we”, “us”, or “” terms, then it refers to Leaf Expert. Once you start using the website, you have given your consent to us to see your use, collection, and the personal information that you have shared on the website that is in agreement with the Privacy Policy.

We ensure that we only deal with fair information practices and this is why we have this Privacy Policy online to give you the necessary confidence to visit and use the site. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) is only valid to this site and does not apply to any of the other sites that you visit through this site. The other websites that you visit from here will have their own practices and policies and data collection and would be totally different from our Privacy Policy.

This Policy is about the details that we get from you when you use our site and its other related services and how the information shared is used, processed, and shared by us. There might be other notices that might be added to this Policy. We have the liberty to add-on more privacy statements for some of the services we offer. By giving them personal details about you through our services, you are giving the green signal for us to transfer the information gathered to our United States servers for our use, collection, and revelation based on the details spelled out in this Policy.



The service discussed here is the website.

Personal Data

Data of the users that are currently in our procession or are likely to be submitted to us by the user is known as the personal data. With this data, it is easy to identify a living individual using our service.

Usage Data

This data is collected automatically when you use the service or is generated from the setup of the service (like the time spent on the web page).


These are small pieces of information that we store on your device (mobile phones or computers) when you use our website.

Data Controller

A data controller is a legal person who is given the full authority to decide the manner in which or for the purpose in which the personal information shared by the users are, or are going to be, processed. The data controller will do this alone or in the company of other people. Here, we are the Data Controller of the personal information you share.

Data Processors / Service Providers

The data processor or service provider is a legal person who processes the information shared by the users in the name of the Data Controller. We might call upon the services of many Data Processors to process the shared data efficiently.

Data Subject or User

Any living individual using our service or website and is the substance of personal data is the data subject.

Collection of the Information and its Use

We have the right to store the data that you share with us or through our site and that includes the information that is collected by us when you are using the site.

The details that we gather is used to increase the quality of the site and its functionality, customize your experience, offer quality customer support, keep an eye on your site usage, give pointers to the businesses that are covered on this site, show the relevant advertisements, improve the site’s security, message the user, system backup, give permission for disaster rescue, and act in accordance with the legal compulsions.

We gather a wide array of details for many purposes so that we can offer quality and improved service.

What Types of Data are Collected?

Personal Data

You might be asked to furnish personal details as any when required to identify or to contact you when you are using our service. The personally identifiable details sought may include the email address, but it is not limited to this alone.

Cookies And Usage Data

We would be sending you promotional materials, marketing stuff, newsletters, and other related information that might be of interest to you through the personal data. You have the liberty to unsubscribe to any or all of these materials that are sent to you from time to time by clicking the unsubscribe link provided in the email that is sent along with the promotional material or can be done by contacting us.

Account Details

If an account is created on our site from your end, then the username, full name, email address, and other details that you provide when opening an account will be stored by us. It will not be displayed publicly. The details that you provide via contact clinic forms will not be used or stored by us.

Site Activity

The activities on our site like the date and time of your visit, the pages you are checking out,  the searches you do, the businesses that you visit through our site, and the geographical location might be stored by us. The information that your computer or mobile device shares with us is also stored and they include the web browser or mobile browser type, IP address, the location, mobile carrier, unique device identifier, and referring or requesting URLs.

Usage Information

The details of how you use our service and access it will be collected. The Usage Data we collect includes computer browser type, the version of the browser, the pages that you are visiting, the IP address, the date and time of your visit, the time that you spend on the site pages, unique device identifiers, and other analytic information.

Location Details

The location data pertaining to your location will be collected and stored by us once you give us permission. This data is used by us to offer quality, customized, and improved service. You have the liberty to disable or enable the location services on your device when you are accessing our service.


Once you sign up for an account, you are giving your consent for the Leaf Expert Website to send emails to you. This permission is also valid for the emails that third parties send you on behalf of There is no way you can choose not to receive Leaf Expert administrative or lawful notices. Once you submit personal details through the contact clinical form, you are giving permission to receive emails from the service.

Social Networking Services

If an account is created using, or if your account is connected to, a social networking account (like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter), we might also collect the information that these networks provide us. As an example, your interests, gender, profile picture, email address, name, friends list, etc. which you have made public on these social networking websites might be collected from our end.

Tracing the Cookies Data

The activities of the user on our Website or service will be tracked using cookies and other tracking technologies to gather certain details. The cookies, local shared objects (flash cookies), local storage, HTML5, web beacons, and other likewise technology that you access of the third-party sites and this service might be used and traced by us and our third parties.

The cookies are files that contain very little data and they are stored on your computer, laptop, or mobile device whenever you access our service through the corresponding browser. The cookies also many have unknown unique identifiers that might be settled in the emails that we mail to you, or on our web pages that you browse, or even settle on your computer or other devices when accessing the service.

The tags, scripts, and beacons are other tracking technologies are used to keep an eye on and gather information to analyze and improve our service to the users. You have the option to instruct the web or mobile browser to decline or to let you know that a cookie is sent. If you refuse to accept cookies, then certain portions of the service might not be accessible.

The cookies may share information about your site usage or your details like date and time of website visit, browser used search inclinations, details of the advertisement that was displayed to you or that you have clicked on, etc. These cookies might be persistent or only get stored when you access the website.

The wide ranges of cookies used on this site are Process, Preferences, Authentication, Security and compliance, Notifications and Analytics.

Some examples of this site’s cookies are:

  • Preference Cookies: They help us to remember your website settings and favorites.
  • Session Cookies: They are used to carry out our service.
  • Security Cookies: As the name suggests, these cookies are used for security needs.

Cookie Management

There is a chance for you to disable some of the cookies via your device or browser settings. But, this might be a hindrance and affect the way you use the site. The ways to disable the cookies will vary based on the device or the browser. The disable cookies option is normally found in the security settings or preferences.


This site may have links to any third-party websites. Unless and otherwise specified, we do not share your personal data with them. We also do not take any responsibility for the privacy practices of these third parties. It is advised that you go through the privacy policies of the third-party sites.

Data Usage

The following are the purposes for which Leaf Expert uses the collected data:

  • To inform the users about the modifications to our service.
  • To give you the nod to take part in our service’s interactive features, providing you are willing.
  • To offer great customer support.
  • To collect valuable information or analysis to improve our service.
  • To keep a close watch of the treatment of our service.
  • To find out, avert and address any technical issues.
  • To give you details of the special offers, news, general details about other services, events, and goods that are offered by us. These details will be based on what you have enquired about or bought on our service. This info will not be provided if you have not accepted to receive such details.
  • Recognize you as a user of the site.
  • Help in creating and securing your account on the services.
  • Give your details about your use of our services.
  • Create new products and services.
  • Recommend the advertisement contents based on your viewing.
  • Meet all your requests.
  • Use your contact details to send or mail offers, promotional stuff, surveys, and newsletters of our services and also send other marketing information of Leaf Expert.
  • To get in touch with you whenever appropriate or necessary services are being offered to you.
  • To shield, scrutinize, and thwart any potential unapproved, fake or illegitimate activities.
  • To safeguard you as well as other user’s rights and as otherwise mentioned in this Privacy Policy or any other notices that we have provided to you.

The personal data is processed under general data protection regulation (GDPR) on a legal basis

The Leaf Expert legal basis described in this Privacy Policy for gathering and making use of the personal data of the European Economic Area (EEA) users depends on the personal information that we collect and the precise framework on which it is collected.

The reasons why Leaf Expert might process the personal data you shared are:

  • You have given us the go-ahead to do so.
  • It is done as part of our legal rights and your rights are superseded by ours.
  • To abide by the law.
  • For retaining data and to cancel the account.

According to the details mentioned in this Privacy Policy, Leaf Expert has every right to retain the personal data of its users for as long as we want. It will be retained and used by us to fulfill our lawful commitments, resolve differences, and to put into effect our legitimate contracts and policies.

Leaf Expert has the authorization to hold on to the Usage Data for internal evaluation. It will be held back for a shorter duration, besides when these details are used to boost the safety or to better our service’s functionality or when we are bound by the law to hold on to it for longer periods of time.

If at all you cancel your account, we have the right to retain your personal information for the situations that are ratified under this Privacy Policy. For example, the information will be held back by us to stop, research, or find out any illegal behavior with regards to our site or to meet with the lawful onuses. Please be aware that corporations and businesses cannot get rid of their listings by cancelling the accounts with us.

Email at [email protected] to cancel the account.

Data Transfer

All your information including personal details may be moved to – and retained on- desktops that are located outside your state, country, province or other law-making jurisdiction. The data protection regulations here might be different from the laws in your state.

You agreeing to this privacy policy and submission of the required personal data mean that you have given the nod for such a transfer.

Leaf Expert will see that all the information that you have shared with us will be treated safely and securely in agreement with this Privacy Policy. There will be no sharing or moving of your personal data including other personal details and safekeeping of your data to any organization or country if there are no satisfactory controls practiced.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Rights of the User

There are firm data security rights that you enjoy as the European Economic Area (EEA) resident. We always look to take judicious steps to permit you to rectify, delete, alter, or limit personal data usage.

Please contact us to know the details of the personal data that we are holding about you and also to get it removed from our systems. The following data safety rights are provided to you for certain situations:

The permission to access, remove, or appraise the data that we have about you. If you have the permission, you can always log into your account settings option to directly see, appraise, or seek deletion of your personal data. If you find it difficult to do it on your own, please contact us at for assistance.

The Rectification Right

You have every right to correct your personal information with us if you find it to be half-finished or incorrect.

Objection Right

You have the liberty to object to our dispensation with regards to your personal data.

Restriction Rights

You have the freedom to restrict our processing of your personal information.

Data Probability Right

You can always ask for a copy of the personal data that is available with us in a regulated, readable only and normally used format. This is your right.

The Right To Remove Consent

You are at liberty to withdraw your permission to the Leaf Expert to process your personal details as and when you want.

It should be noted that we might ask you to prove your identity before we move forward with reacting to the above demands. You may also have permission to complain about our gathering and usage of your personal data to a Data Protection Authority. To know more about this, people contact the native data protection expert in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Data Disclosure

The following are the information that we may share with our third parties:

Aggregate Details

We may divulge information about our users in the aggregate with our third parties like third party companies and publicists. For example, we would provide them with details like the number of users that have been open to or have snapped on adverts.

Business Transfers

The details about or from you might be shared with joint undertakings, affiliates, or other businesses that are under a common ambit, provided they will also abide by this Privacy Policy.


We might inspect and reveal details about or from you if we believe that such investigation or revelation is (a) absolutely vital to meet the legitimate procedure and law execution orders and instructions like statue, summons, a search warrant, court proceedings, or other legal process worked on us; (b) ready to lend a hand to stop, examine, or find out any wrongdoing with regards to the site; or (c) safeguard our privileges, status, assets, or those of our users, the public, or our associates.

The following are the ways that we may share information:

  • We may disclose the details pertaining to your consent or permission.
  • We may divulge your personal details with others who are executing services on our behalf.
  • We may part with your details to third-party facility providers to meet your demands including product queries.
  • We may release details about you if the law demands, or to obey a legal order, jurisdictional or other government summons, or warrant.
  • We may also divulge your details if we find it to be helpful or necessary to put an end to any duplicitous, or liability, offensive, or unlawful uses or to safeguard Leaf Expert and our services; or any privileges, personal security or belongings of Leaf Expert or its partners.

In case Leaf Expert is or may be bought by or amalgamated with another business or indulge in any other company deal (or is working on a new business deal) that involves trade or handover of all or part of its possessions or business, we might handover or share your information as part of or in lieu with the contract. Finally, if we end up being bankrupt, or insolvent, then the user information may be reassigned as a business asset.

Law Enforcement Disclosure

If the law requires or if there are valid demands from public authorities, we may be asked to reveal your personal data and we would have to do it.

Lawful Requirements

We may divulge your personal data with good trust that such a feat is essential to:

  • To meet with any lawful situation.
  • To safeguard and protect our property or our privileges.
  • To stop or to inspect any wrongdoings with respect to our service.
  • To safeguard the service’s users or the public’s safety.
  • To defend against the legitimate obligation.

Service Providers

Third-Party Services

Leaf Expert uses the services of third party businesses and individuals to smoothen our service, to offer the service on our behalf, to carry out service-related duties, or to help us in finding out how our service is in use.

These third parties are given access to your personal data only to perform these services for us and are abided not to disclose or use any of your information for other purposes.

We have given the nod to the third-party online advertising agencies to deliver advertisements to you. They may use web beacons, cookies, software agents, platform device identifiers, and otter technologies to gather identifiable details (non-personal) about the stopovers that you make on our site and across the other sites to provide you with advertisements based on your preferences, check out their efficiency and monogram the advertisement content,  and to get a clear picture about the use and visits of our services and other sites and apps that are under the watchful eyes of these ad companies. We do not have any control over the platform device identifiers, cookies, web beacons, software agents, or other techniques that the third party uses and are not responsible for their secrecy practices. You need to check out the privacy policy of third-party advertisers to know what they will do with your information that it gathers from you. Apart from this, the Network Advertising Initiative provides details about a few of the online advertising companies that we have tie-ups with.


We may use the services of third-party companies to keep an eye on and analyze the way you use our service.

Google Analytics

This is Google’s online analytics service that tracks and shares details about web traffic. The data collected will be used by Google Analytics to keep an eye on and monitor our service’s use. This information will be shared with other Google applications and it might use the collected information to customize and contextualize the advertisements of its very own ad network.

You have the option to opt-out of being tracked by Google Analytics by using a Google Analytics opt-out add-on for the respective browser you are using. This will prevent the JavaScript of Google Analytics (ga.js, analytics.js, and dc.js) from giving out details of your visits to Google Analytics.

To get to know more about Google Analytics privacy rules, click on this link

Behavioral Remarketing

The remarketing services are used by Leaf Expert to carry out advertisements on third-party sites after you have checked out of our service. We as well as your third-party businesses make use of cookies to share, customize, and send advertisements based on your previous visits to our site.

Google AdWords

This is a remarketing service offered by Google Inc.

To get rid of the Google Analytics for Display Advertising, visit the settings page of Google Ads It can also be used to tailor the Google Display Network advertisements.

Another option is to install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on for the internet browser by clicking This gives you the power to prevent your personal information from being gathered and used by Google Analytics.

To know more about the Privacy Policy of Google and its practices, then please visit this link


Facebook Inc. provides the Facebook remarketing service.

To know more about online advertising by Facebook, feel free to check out this web page:

To get to know more about how to stop Facebook browsing ads, please visit this page:

Facebook is bound by the Digital Advertising Alliance’s Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising. There is an option to opt-out of Facebook and other companies involved via the Digital Advertising Alliance in:

There is also the option to opt-out through your mobile Smartphone and tablet settings.

Facebook’s Data Policy page is to be visited to know about its privacy policies

Children’s Information Policy

The service we provide is not targeted at anyone who is under the age of consensus. We do not collect any personal information from anyone under the age of consent knowledgeably. If any parent or custodian comes to know that his or her child has shared personal data without their approval, they need to get in touch with us. If we come to know that anyone has given us Personal Information under the age bar, then we will make sure that the information is deleted from our files.

Leaf Expert’s dealing with your personal data is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation. So, we rely on your consensus that you have shared with us when visiting the site and to carry out the processing of the information data. The personal information that you have shared can be processed by Leaf Expert for direct marketing needs and you have full liberty to object to the use of your personal details for this purpose any time.

COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act)

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act comes into effect whenever we need to collect personal information from children under the age of 13 years. The COPPA that is enforced by the United States’ consumer protection organization, The Federal Trade Commission, gives the parent control to share the required information. The COPPA rule gives out details of what the internet websites and services must do to safeguard the online privacy and safety of children.


This is a law that provides the guidelines for commercial emails and also spells out the requirements of business messages. It gives the authority for the recipients to stop the emails from being sent to them. There are tough penalties in place for violations.

Our service collects your email address to:

  • Share information, answer your queries, and / or respond to other demands or inquiries.
  • Carry out orders or to share details and updates regarding orders.
  • Provide you with more information in relation to your product or service.
  • Promote to our mailing list or carry out sending emails to the clients after the transaction has taken place.

We come to an agreement on the following to be in accord with CAN-SPAM:

  • Never use incorrect or deceptive subjects or email addresses.
  • Recognize the message to be a reasonable advertisement.
  • The physical address of the business or the headquarters of the site has to be included.
  • Keep track of third-party email marketing services for agreement, as and when used.
  • Unsubscribe or opt-out requests should be processed quickly.
  • Provide an unsubscribe link to the user at the bottom of every email message.
  • Follow the directives provided at the email bottom.

If you want to unsubscribe or opt-out of receiving emails, you can send an email to us and your email address will be promptly removed from all our communication list.

California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA)

The CalOPPA is the very first state law in the United States that asks for online services and business websites to declare a privacy policy online. This law’s hands goes beyond California and requires any person or a business running an online site in the United States (and the world) that gathers Personally Identifiable Information from California State users to declare a noticeable Privacy Policy on the website showcasing the exact details that are collected and to which companies or individuals the gathered information is shared with.

To know more, check out

We agree to the following in accordance with CalOPPA:

  • Users have the liberty to visit the site anonymously.
  • As soon as the Privacy Policy is created, we will add a link to this policy on the homepage, or bare minimum on the first significant web page of our site.
  • Our Privacy Policy link can be easily seen on the page mentioned above and it includes the word ‘Privacy’.

Data Security and Transfer

All the normal industry standards that include SSL are followed by us to safeguard the personal data that you give us, both while sending it and also when receiving it. Your personal details are stored on the servers of the companies that are working for us. We make sure that strong technical, administrative, and physical protection is provided to safeguard the details against loss, exploitation or unlawful access, amendments, exposé, or demolition of the personal information. One thing we like to highlight here is that no online transmission method or transferring of data through mobile devices or any other electronic storage method is 100% safe and secure. We do everything we can to protect and safeguard your personal data, but cannot promise out-and-out security.

“Do Not Track” signals

Do Not Track (DNT) is not supported by us. This is a preference you can activate on your web or mobile browser to notify the websites that you are not game for any tracking from their side. Visit the preferences settings on the web browser to enable or disable the Do Not Track option.

Choices of Information

You have the option to back off for receiving promotional or marketing emails, or SMS messages from Leaf Expert by emailing your concern to us at [email protected]. If you opt-out of the marketing emails and messages, you might still receive the non-promotional emails like details of our ongoing business relations from us. You can use the [email protected] email address to send requests about your personal data, including changing of communication preferences, modifications to or erasures of your data or matter that you post, and appeal to back-off from sharing your private data with third parties. Please be aware that the removal of your personal data or content will not be a full-proof or all-inclusive removal of the information or the content that you post on the services.

When you check out the site, we and our associates will offer the following options of tracking, which includes online activity tracing over time and on the different websites and the online services offered by third parties. By default, most of the internet browsers are set to accept cookies. If you want, you can make changes to the browser settings to remove cookies or to reject cookies from our service or from third parties. If this happens, then certain features or services of our site could get affected.

If you do not want the Google Analytics web tracking for certain browsers, just download the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. Use the directions given on Google’s opt-out page or Quantcast’s opt-out page to back-off from other cookies that are present in our site.

You also have the option to opt-out of some of the third party ad partners’ cookies tracking to prevent advertisements tailored to your preferences and profiles. Even though we and our associates give up many choices as described in this Privacy Policy, there are plenty of different ways and means by which internet browser signals and other mechanisms can reveal your option to deactivate tracking and we may not be in honor or mindful of every mechanism.

You can disapprove to share certain information with Leaf Expert and if this happens, we will not be able to offer you some of the functionality and features of the service or site. You have every right to know the details of your personal information with Leaf Expert and also correct any discrepancies by sending an email to [email protected] or by using any of the methods mentioned below.

Dispute Resolution 

If you have feelings that Leaf Expert has not abided with this Privacy Policy, you can let us know that through an email to [email protected]. We will make all efforts to address your apprehensions. If you feel that the issues you raised have not been dealt with properly by us, and then feel free to inform us about the same so that we can carry out further investigations into the matter.

Jurisdiction and International Privacy Laws

If you use our services from outside the US, please note that you are sending the information to our servers located in the US. The shared information may be transferred to other servers in the United States or out of the US to other countries that are away from your resident country and this is based on the kind of data and the way it is stored by us. These countries including the United States may not have data protection laws as full-fledged or as protected as it is in your country of residence. But, be aware that our data collection, stowing, and use of this data will always abide by this Privacy Policy.

The personal data that we get from you or about you may be administered and warehoused in the United States and the data protection rules practiced in the US might be way different from what is practiced in the nation you reside in.

Changes or Alterations to this Privacy Policy

We may revise this Policy from time to time. To keep you aware of the changes made to the Policy, we keep a note of the last updated date above the policy. You agree to review the policy once in a while so that you can go through the alterations. The regular use of the Leaf Expert site or the services after the notification of the Privacy Policy modifications shall indicate your recognition of these changes and also your promise to be abiding by the new changes in the terms and conditions of the Policy.

Contact Details

If you have any queries regarding this Privacy Policy, please feel free to get in touch with us by email: [email protected].