Cake Mix Review


Positive Effects Uplifting, Euphoria, Creative
Flavors Fruity, Sweet Cake
May Relieve Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Loss of Appetite
Aromas, Fragrance Sweet, Citrus, Lemon
THC Content % 22%-27%
CBD % 2%
Yield For indoor: 16 ounces/m2

For outdoor: 14 ounces/per plant

Genetic Indica-85% Sativa-15%
Flowering time 65 to 75 days
Harvest Mid-October
Plant Height 6 ft tall
Type Autoflowering/Regular

Cake Mix Kush is one of the most popular strains grown by the Cookie. It is more commonly used by people looking for ways to concentrate, be creative, and be in the moment. Not only this, but Cake Mix also has potent medicinal qualities that could assist patients and doctors in the health care system. If you are satisfied with Cake Mix Kush and want to try and grow them on its own, you’re in the right place.

Here in this marijuana Cake Mix strain review, we will discuss everything in correlation with it, from its origin and history to Cake Mix Weed price and where to find the Cake Mix Cannabis seeds.


Origins, genetics, history

The Cookie family initially bred Cake Mix Kush, as most of the other strains are. However, it is sold under their sister brand Lemonade. It is a unique Indica dominant hybrid of the renowned Wedding Cake and London Pound cake #75. It is one of the most liked marijuana due to the various benefits it curtails.

As far as its genetics is concerned, the strain has staggering levels of approximately 24% to 27% of THC and less than 2% of CBD. These attributes are responsible for the substantial psychoactive effects of Cake Mix Kush. Cake Mix Kush is an Indica dominant hybrid strain with 15% of Sativa. It is indeed an outstanding choice for consumers.

Head over to the following info guide and learn everything one needs to know regarding how the strain looks like and how to grow the Cake Mix Kush Kush from Cannabis seeds.

Appearance and Smell

The first thing anyone ever notices about a cannabis plant is how appealing it looks, smells, and tastes like. However, one look at Cake Mix Kush, and you will have the time of your life.

The strain looks heavenly with its dark golden trichomes and olive-colored fern leaves. On looking closely, one might witness the beautifully ingrained purple tones and hues. The plant is also loaded with abundant tangerine pistils, making it look all the more aesthetic and unique. It is reported that approximately 3/4th of the bud’s color is due to these trichomes and pistils. Cake Mix Kush is indeed a sight for sore eyes and you wouldn’t want to miss that.

As far as the smell and flavor of Cake Mix Kush are concerned, one can’t be disappointed. Consumers comment that Cake Mix Kush’s aroma feels like vanilla with a hint of sweetness. It also has some fruity cherry touch and a citrus hint. However, some might find it a bit sour and bitter.

How to grow: Conditions, Describe the process, Fertilizers, Nutrients, Pruning, and yield.

Getting your hands over Cake Mix Kush seeds can be more complicated than one can imagine. But, once you have your hands on it, it becomes quite an easy ride.

Make sure you follow the following guide carefully. With Cake Mix Kush, you’re in luck. The plant is so much easier to grow and work on, even if you’re a beginner in growing cannabis plants; Cake Mix Kush can be child’s play. You will need the right equipment and developing techniques, and you’ll have your very own Cake Mix Kush with you in no time.

Process of Cultivation and Yield:

For cultivation, both indoor and outdoor methods of growing can be used. With indoor plans, one can have a yield of 16 ounces per square meter of the plant. On the other hand, you can have 14 ounces per plant through outdoor cultivation. Nonetheless, with both methods, the plants can grow as tall as 6 feet, even indoors. Although, outdoor cultivation is easier and more suitable.

As far as flowering is concerned, it usually takes 65 to 75 days for the period to arrive. Additionally, the best time to harvest Cake Mix Kush is in the middle of October.  However, since the plant loves to grow in a humid and warm environment, one can grow it in April or May as well.


Pruning can vary from plant to plant. Since Cake Mix Kush can grow to long heights both indoors and outdoors, topping and trellis nets can be used.


It is imperative for one to abide by the proper growing techniques. For Cake Mix Kush, it is crucial to provide them with water, fertilizer, and nitrogen from time to time. These plants also love warm and humid climates, although if taken care of, one can grow them at any time of the year.

Medicinal Use

Cake Mix Kush is one of the most famous cannabis strains used all over the world. One can easily cheer the room up with its happy and uplifting properties. It is believed to have soothing and relaxing effects on the body and mind.


People report feeling energized cerebral activity while smoking a pot of Cake Mix Kush so that they can finish most of their pending tasks. The strain can even help an introvert loosen up and become talkative in the presence of anyone.

However, what makes Cake Mix Kush enticing is its wide array of medicinal uses. This Indica dominant plant is reported to treat symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, and loss of appetite. It is also believed that Cake Mix Kush can help you ease chronic pain due to long-term diseases such as arthritis.

Biochemically, it is due to terpenes like caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene present in the Cake Mix Kush that are responsible for its properties. You can feel a roller coaster of emotions with just a single puff of Cake Mix Kush.

When and how is it better to use this strain? 

Since the strain makes you feel more energized and assists you in focusing and being creative, it’s best to use Cake Mix Kush during the day when you’re trying to chase deadlines. The strain is best when you intend to move around and freshen up. For new smokers, it might be uncomfortable to try cannabis plants; however, when it comes to Cake Mix Kush, it’s indeed perfect for the newbies. With its smooth texture in your mouth, you won’t be coughing as severely as you would with other cannabis plants. So the next time you aren’t able to focus on a troublesome task, maybe Cake Mix Kush is the solution you need.

Nonetheless, you can also smoke one of its pots at night to enjoy a night full of fun and excitement.

Cake Mix Strain Price

Cake Mix strain’s price differs a lot based on quantity and the store one is buying from. The plant itself might cost a lot. However, it is always recommended to be able to grow the strain on your own through Cake Mix Cannabis seeds rather than searching for low-priced pots.

Cake Mix Kush can cost around $320 to $4000. However, these prices are flexible and, therefore, can differ in stores. Before buying, go through most of the stores/vendors and thoroughly review their ingredients.

How to get Cake Mix Strain Seeds

Growing the Cake Mix strain on your own can be uplifting and fun, especially if you can’t find anything else to do. With all the right equipment, you can indeed have a great time.

Cake Mix Strain Cannabis seeds can be bought from online stores or seed banks. The most authentic seed banks are Zamnesia seed and Seeds Bay, to name a few.

However, before doing so, ensure you’re aware of the state bylines regarding Cannabis purchases. To be safer, purchasing the plant through local stores is recommended to avoid federal intrusion.

Customer Reviews

To be sure of the product you’re purchasing, and whether it is authentic, the best way to do so is through customer reviews. Almost all of the customer reviews are honest and completely unbiased. These reviews provide you with a thorough insight.


Nevertheless, the following Reddit reviews are authentic and good regarding Cake Mix Kush.


” No regrets” – a brief review


As you can see, even loyal Indica fan adore this Sative Mix




The above-mentioned marijuana Cake Mix strain review is a detailed and thorough presentation of the strain’s worthy attributes to help you determine whether it’s the right choice for you. Finding an authentic and pure version of Cake Mix Kush might be a bit of a hassle due to so many different versions. Therefore, the best way to get your hands on the strain is to grow it yourself.

Furthermore, Its medicinal usage in treating chronic pain, anxiety, and depression is just a cherry on top, along with its other alluring benefits. With this review, you’re fully equipped to grow the Cake Mix strain on your own. Cake Mix Kush is one of those rare cannabis strains that can make your dull life all the more exciting and thrilling.

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