Medical Team

Medical editors take on the significant responsibility when it comes to the reliability of the research published and for the health of the public, care of the patients, the standard of professional behavior and ethics, and allocating resources, editors have to be trustworthy. Readers need to trust that editors will even-handed and sound decisions that are going to be open to several perspectives. They are going to reject and select any material based clearly on merit and not simply for political reasons or business.

For the editors to maintain freedom of expression and action, they shouldn’t have any conflict of interest which will make them biased in selecting reviewers, make decisions related to editing, or giving a public statement. Editors can’t be influenced by whether the decision of the individual is going to affect the profitability of the journal. For instance, they watch the social, medical, and economic events which are shaping up medicine. Just as the editors of magazines, newspapers, and other media, they need to have a bully pulpit which they will be able to exploit for the benefit of medicine. By giving a comment on the controversial conflicts and issues, the skilled editor will be able to take part in the crucial debate of the period.

The medical team of editors we have at Leaf Expert have extensive medical degrees and have also been given certification by BELs or Board of Editors in the Life Sciences. They work in the team of specialized subject-areas and use their expertise in medical editing for correcting grammar, phrasing, language, flow, usage, coherence, and clarity. Our experts make sure that they have the user data and facts routinely and have formatted the paper according to the guideline given out by the audience. In short, they help in preparing a medical paper that is different than the rest in regards to language quality and presentation.

Medical Editing has doctors who have an MBBS degree and science Ph.D. professionals and graduates who are adept at the English language and has the passion to communicate science with the chance to work in a high-growing and exciting industry outside the clinical arena. The medical editors make use of the understanding of every subject matter, publication norms, and medical industry for converting complicated scientific content to publication-ready and error-free documents which are linguistically and scientifically accurate.

The Medical Editors of Leaf Expert are a part of its editorial team which is skilled at offering scientifically rigorous scientific and medical writing services for clinical research, pharmaceutical corporations, and researchers across the world. We make sure to select only the best specialist for our team for ensuring we have the best collective work.