Arno Hazekamp

Independent Cannabis Consultant, Hazekamp Herbal Consulting Independent and experienced consultant for marijuana research, development, and education. 

Dr. Arno Hazekamp (1976) is a globally acclaimed cannabis researcher and the former Head of Research and Education at Bedrocan BV, the agent of medical cannabis grower of Netherlands. The first article at Leaf Expert had been authored by him in Dutch. He had secured his bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology. This was followed by a Master’s Degree in Science in Biopharmaceutical Sciences from Leiden University in the Netherlands. His thesis paper is of 2007 emphasized on the medical use of marijuana and the practical problems that are keeping it from being a part of modern science. From the start, Arno has been a part of the Dutch national medicinal cannabis program. He had been a specialist who had been a specialist in product development, quality control, and clinical trial design.

Arno is a cannabis advocate and an international lecturer at present. He is the one who created Masterclass Medicinal Cannabis in 2011. It is a training event that continues for a week and covers every aspect of the use of medical cannabis. Since 2016, he has been working as an independent consultant for cultivators, regulators, and also product developers in the marijuana industry.

Dr. Arno Hazekamp has been studying the use of marijuana since the start of 2001 when he started doing his Ph.D. He has a robust background in biochemistry and he takes primary interest in cannabis. He takes it to be a naturally occurring chemical factory. Arno takes interest in the compounds produced by the plants and the way it is reflected in the various cannabis variations that are known.

Dr. Arno project and works on cannabis control, clinical studies, product development, involving patients in a development project, build a collaborative network, and international development.

Education and Experience

Hazekamp Herbal Consulting

Company Name – Hazekamp Herbal Consulting

Offering consulting services for the marijuana industry, medical professionals, and regulators. He is a biochemist who has significant global experience in medical cannabis by working in this field since 2003. His primary expertise lies in the field of product development, quality control, and clinical studies.

BedrocanHead of Research

Tafée – Science Advisor

International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines: Board Member of the Scientific Committee

Prisna B.V – Medicinal Plant Researcher

Being a one-man business, he had been hired as a part-timer for performing research and development projects for Prisna BV. This is actually a consortium of many companies that work with natural products. The primary task was to purify all valuable natural compounds from plant extracts or materials. The projects had been pretty varied and ranged from biofuels to medicinal compounds found in edible plants.

PRISNA has the objective to provide bioprocessing solutions for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and agrochemical markets.

Products are manufactured as per global pharmaceutical regulatory requirements. (GMP, GAP, GLP)

Bio-active compound’s bioprocessing covers the entire field from the concept in the lab to production. A wide array of new extraction and separation techs are made available such as fluid extraction (sCO2), countercurrent chromatography (CCC), over-pressurized water extraction, etc.


Leiden University

  • Degree Name: PhD

Field of Study: Pharmaceutical Sciences (2002 – 2007)

  • Degree Name: Masters of Science

Field of Study: Phytochemistry and natural products (1998 – 2002)

  • Degree Name: Bachelor

Field of Study: Molecular Biology

To consultation, cooperation, or any other queries, get in touch with his through Twitter or LinkedIn. You can also visit his website.

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