According to the old saying, ‘quality is not an act, it is a habit.’ Our aim is to make every possible effort to concretize the hidden sentiment in this saying. From our review articles to the published articles, our whole foundation from the very beginning is built upon just one important aspect and that is quality.

In essence, we have dedicated huge resources and time to recruit a team of skilled writers, contributors, and editors. We believe our team of experts has the talent to produce top-notch cannabis-oriented content in the industry.

At Leaf Expert, we have curated a group consisting of talented and distinguished figures from the cannabis industry to deliver top-quality information, news, and product reviews for your readers.

Each of our content developers and editors takes pride in having experience in the medical and health industry. Apart from this, they have a common trait that is a passion for the whole enchilada of cannabis.

We make sure that everything related to the medical field and medicine is authentic. At Leaf Expert, we have medical advisors and experts to help with the content.

To know more about our editors, writers, contributors, click on the personal bios given below.

Editorial Team

Here are the primary skills we look at while recruiting our editorial team.

  • The skill to multi-task.
  • Quality of instantly-reacting to events and thinking on feet.
  • An eye for detail and the ability to look at the bigger picture.
  • The competence to understand complicated topics and explain them in simple language to the readers.
  • Outstanding writing skills and the ability to eliminate jargon.
  • The capacity to take positive and constructive criticism.