Macujo Method to Beat Hair test for Weed

Help! I have a hair follicle drug test, how do I get clean!

Before we consider what is the best detox shampoo to pass a hair follicle drug test, let’s find out what a hair follicle drug or weed test are. You’ve heard of employment agencies that are really a stickler about marijuana use request that prospective employees have a hair plucked from the head or the armpit and have it analyzed for drug residues. You’ve also heard that passing these tests is harder than any other form and that the hair can hold evidence of several months or more of cannabis use.

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A hair follicle drug test can detect pot use which has occurred during a period of 3 month’s time up to the test date. However, this type of test cannot uncover drug use in the hours just before the test, as THC metabolites have not yet made it into the hair follicle. Hair follicle tests have a longer detection period than saliva tests which detect drug use for a period of about 3 days leading up to the test. Drug metabolites are present in hair as early as one week after most recent use, and because metabolites remain trapped in the core of the hair as it grows, hair provides a rough timeline of use over an extended period

Hair grows at a rate of approximately one-half inch per month, and so the standard 1.5-inch hair sample obtained close to the root in most drug testing protocols gives information over past 3-month drug use.

Urine and blood tests can detect drug use for up to 30 days, with weed being the only popular drug that can be detectable up to and rarely beyond 30 days. Many hard drugs leave the system in less than a week. Employers may need evidence of drug use after your system is clear of drugs, so they will order a hair follicle test, which is more sensitive and expensive than other tests.

These employers are often in the business of security or are putting trust in employees to keep the information confidential. Such employers may include the FBI, CIA, security contractors for the government, and other jobs where it is imperative the employee keep self-control at all times, during work and play. Pot is not the only drug the test may test for.


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Hair grows at 0.5 inches per month so 1.5 inches covers 3 months, which is what they will test for. Don’t shave your head because they will go into the armpit, chest, or legs. If you have shaved all over, you might be disqualified. There’s no need, there are a handful of scientifically proven ways to lower drug metabolites in your hair. It will require some damage be done to the hair. You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs. But by the end of this paper, you will be confident that you can pass any hair drug test with only 24 hours notice.

How long does marijuana stay in your hair follicles?

Hair follicle drug test detection times

Hair follicle drug test detection times

Marijuana, as you know, leaves the system over a longer period of time than any other drug because it stows away in fat cells and leaks into the bloodstream as you burn fat for energy. Some smokers carry a high load in the bloodstream on a daily basis. Another person who smokes just as much may carry a lower load or undetectable load due to a different metabolism and kidneys that remove the residues faster. As the marijuana metabolite, THC-COOH floats around in the bloodstream, some of it is deposited in the hair shaft.

They will test exactly 1.5 inches of hair, providing a period of detection of 90 days. This is mandated by law and they are not supposed to test for a shorter or longer period. However, in some cases, where the hair is very short, they will test shorter hair to get enough hair to do a test at all, though this will shorten the detection window. You do not want to risk this outcome, as they may be just as likely to disqualify you for having hair which is too short to test.

hair drug test

Testing Instructions

On test day, a collection team that works for the employer or the court will show up with gloves, some scissors, and a specimen vial to be labeled. Then, he will need 120 strands of hair, which is about a half-inch across. He will cut the hair from the back of the head, and possibly a few other sites on the head. If there are not 1.5 inches of growth on the head, he may go into the armpit, chest, or legs.

They will avoid the groin so as not to encourage lawsuits. The hair will be placed in a foil that is folded and put into an envelope and sealed. The tester will then sign a form giving the company rights to test the hair and report results.

Macujo method steps with Aloe Rid Detox shampoo

The Macujo or Maccujo method is a way to beat hair follicle drug tests and can be done in just one day. It will damage your hair, but one study showed that the more damage was done to the hair, the fewer drug metabolites could be detected. So, you will have to get comfortable with the reality that you will be damaging your hair but it’s for a good cause. You have to get this new job or avoid being sentenced by a criminal court which is overstepping its authority by policing our bodies. You will be learning also how to pass a hair follicle drug test with vinegar, Aloe Rid, Tide, and Clean and Clear.

These chemicals can damage the scalp, but you have to get close.

The 18-MEA is responsible for the hydrophobicity of the hair and its removal by alkaline chemical cosmetics procedures may damage hair by increasing hydrophilia. The cell membrane complex (CMC) is an intercellular matter. CMC consists of cell membranes and adhesive material (cement) binding the cell membranes between two cuticle cells, two cortical cells, and cuticle-cortex cells. The most important layer of the CMC is called the beta-layer, and it is considered to be the intercellular cement and it is sandwiched by other layers from each cell.

We are not personally endorsing this method, we are just giving you the information. Without a doubt, this method can cause damage to the scalp or face, and will certainly damage the hair, but, it can very likely help remove drug residues from your hair. No one under 21 years of age should ever try this method or use any illicit or impermissible substances.

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  1. Disposable Gloves
  2. Goggles
  3. Pack of liquid Tide detergent
  4. Pink Clean and Clear acne wash
  5. Shower caps
  6. Sink
  7. Towel
  8. Toxin rid shampoo with Aloe
  9. Ultra Clean by Zydot shampoo
  10. White vinegar
  11. Warm water

Step by step guide

  • Rinse the hair thoroughly. You want the hair to be bare because you will be going into the hair cuticle to flush out the drug residues.
  • Take your white vinegar and work it into the hair, all the way down to the scalp. They are going to test the 1.5 inches of hair closest to the scalp so you gotta get it all the way down.
  • Now take your Pink Clean and Clear and leaving the vinegar in, work the acne wash down into your hair and scalp.
  • Now you want to put on your shower cap and leave the mixture in for 30 minutes to open up the hair shaft and flush out the drugs and THC trapped there.
  • Now rinse it all out.
  • At this point, you are supposed to use Toxin Rid with Aloe Detox shampoo. However, this formula may be unavailable or is being sold for incredible prices so find a good detox shampoo, preferably with aloe. You might also get an extra packet of Ultra Clean and use it at this juncture.
  • Shampoo and then rinse your hair thoroughly.
  • Now, take your Tide detergent and put a few drops in your hair. Wash it good, down to the roots.
  • Shampoo with Ultra Clean by Zydot.
  • Timing: On the day before the test, do these steps three times. On the day of the test, do it once just before the test. Your hair may be damaged, and that is good because you’re going to pass.

The Macujo Method appears online to be the most popular method. It can certainly cause enough damage to the hair to get out of the drug metabolites. The concern is that it may damage the scalp. Some people’s skin on their head and face could react badly to the combination of chemicals used to get out the drug residues. One step actually has one scientific study behind it. Ultra Clean shampoo was demonstrated to remove up to 36% of THC residues after just one wash (Röhrich, Zörntlein, and Pötsch). With several washes and the other steps, it could very well remove enough of the drugs for you to test clean.

Pros and cons

Pros of Macujo Method
  • Many people claim it has worked for them
  • It uses the scientifically demonstrated effect of Ultra Clean shampoo to remove drug residues
  • It uses vinegar which has many health benefits
  • There are many sources of information on it
Cons of Macujo Method
  • It uses Tide detergent which may not be safe for hair
  • It uses acne wash which some people may not like
  • It damages the hair follicle
  • It can cause damage to the scalp
  • Toxin Rid with aloe, the old formula, may be unavailable or ridiculously expensive


  Is this method scientifically proven?  Are any methods backed by science?
As we have alluded to earlier, a test published in the International Journal of Legal Medicine tested Ultra Clean by Zydot.
Hair analyses were performed by methanol extraction under sonication, purification by solid-phase extraction and GC/MS in SIM mode according to routine procedures for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cocaine, amphetamine, methylenedioxy-amphetamine (MDA), methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), methylenedioxy-ethylamphetamine (MDE), heroin, 6-monoacetylmorphine (6-MAM), morphine, codeine, dihydrocodeine and methadone. All drugs originally present in the hair fibers were still detected after a single application of Ultra Clean.Given several washes, you may expect that there would be greater reductions, and adding in the rest of the steps of the Macujo method, you can expect significant reductions in drug residues to undetectable levels.

The other scientifically proven method is bleaching and dying. This is part of the Jerry G Method.

The Jerry G Method

Step by step guide

  1. It goes without saying, you need to stop doing whatever is your substance of choice as soon as you know you will have a test. It’s recommended to quit for at least 10 days.
  2. Bleach and dye your hair with an ammonia-based hair dye 10 days out.
  3. On day 10, you’re gonna do the same thing, bleach and dye your hair again. Shampoo with Toxin Rid or a propylene glycol shampoo such as a Nexxus brand. Many of these once-popular shampoos are no longer available, so you may have to improvise with an extra packet of Ultra Clean instead.
  4. Finally, on the day of the test, put a baking soda paste on your hair. Rinse out with your propylene glycol or Toxin rid shampoo. Then wash again with Ultra Clean shampoo. Now, you’re done. This method has thorough scientific backing as it combines Ultra Clean with bleaching and dying, both proven to reduce drug residues.
Which method is better?
  Our choice is the Jerry G method. This is because it has scientific backing, and it does not contain many dangerous procedures. The Macujo Method requires mixing vinegar with acne wash in your hair and leaving it there. That could cause some scalp irritation. Acne wash contains an ingredient similar to aspirin and vinegar, of course, stings a bit so you could be putting a harsh mixture on your scalp. While the scalp is sensitive from that assault, you apply Tide detergent, this could really irritate the scalp.
While bleaching and dying hair can also cause scalp irritation, most people have done it before. And of course, baking soda is known to be pretty safe. Therefore, the Jerry G method with Ultra Clean shampoo should be safe and effective, while the Macujo method may be effective but the safety of the method is in question.
Will the Macujo method work for all kinds of drugs?
  The Macujo Method is made to work for marijuana, which stays in the system the longest. It is therefore likely to be even more effective for other drugs.
  Does the Macujo Method damage hair?
Yes. You cannot get the drug residues out of the hair without damaging the hair.
  Can you use Macujo on body hair?
  It will theoretically work on body hair but it is not safe to spread it all over the body as you can absorb an unhealthy level of toxic chemicals from products like Tide and Acne wash. If you do it on the legs, for example, you are reaching far more skin than hair.


The Macujo Method is a fast way to pass a hair drug test. From reports online, it really seems like someone has cracked the code. The Jerry G. Method seems to be even better and is backed by science. There is a possibility both of these methods are pioneered by detox companies in order to sell shampoo for $200, so you might be sensible and choose a shampoo that doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount. Ultra Clean has a study behind it and it is not terribly expensive, so that’s a good go.

But you can also just look up the ingredients and find a cheaper shampoo with the same ingredient. Propylene glycol has been theorized as the active ingredient in one of these expensive shampoos, and it’s a pretty cheap and widely available chemical. So, be happy we have this method because it does seem to work but in your enthusiasm, don’t get ripped off and buy expensive shampoos. Keep it reasonable and either of these methods will work for you.


Röhrich, J., et al. “Effect of the shampoo Ultra Clean on drug concentrations in human hair.” International Journal of Legal Medicine 113.2 (2000): 102-106. 3 3 2019.

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