What are magic mushrooms? How to grow shrooms

Magic Mushrooms, also known as Psilocybin Mushrooms/shrooms, are often used as a recreational drug due to the presence of Psilocybin. Upon consumption, Psilocybin is converted to Psilocin, the main psychoactive component.

These Shrooms are commonly devoured for strong euphoric and psychedelic effects on the body. The sensory distortion accompanied by the former effects makes magic mushrooms all the more eminent. These effects last for a maximum of 2 to 6 hours.

Studies suggest that more than 180 species of Psilocybin mushrooms can be found all over the globe. The two most likely occurring species are Psilocybe semilanceata spores and Psilocybe cubensis spores.

So, where can we find these magic mushrooms? Well, researchers believe these mushrooms grow naturally in almost every continent except for Antarctica, with the most abundance in Europe and North America due to their temperate climates.

Besides this, magic mushrooms come in a variety of different forms, such as fresh, dried, or powder. However, it’s worth noting that since 90% of the mushroom mass is composed of water, its dried form is 10x less heavy than fresh ones. One can consume these while brewing in tea, put them in food, or eat them as it is!

Magic mushroom

Surprisingly, these Shrooms are also known for their potent medicinal benefits, making them medical marijuana. One can consume these mushrooms to alleviate symptoms of depression, PTSD, anxiety, and alcoholism. Nonetheless, as a hallucinogenic drug, magic mushrooms are accompanied by nasty side effects. This encompasses bad experiences, restlessness, edgy, or being wholly dissociated from reality. The latter becomes all the more dangerous if you’re in a crowded place or street.

Additionally, you would be elated to know that magic mushrooms have low to no potential for causing addiction.

Well, wanna know how to grow mushrooms? Keep reading! You will know all you need to know from its origin to the mushroom substrate you should select.

What are the positive effects of micro-dosing?

Microdosing is a common practice of administering low doses of a given drug. This is usually done to analyze the benefits of the drug while keeping the probability of side effects to a minimum. Over the years, micro-dosing psychedelics has become quite a practice. Both anecdotal evidence and clinical trials have shown positive cognitive benefits associated with shroom micro-dosing.

Evidence suggests that micro-dosing Psilocybin can improve migraines and cluster headaches. One can also have beneficial mental outcomes via this technique. However, micro-dosing is interesting because, upon consumption of these sub-hallucinogenic compounds, one can still act normally and carry out their daily tasks. Research also indicates improved psychomotor effects in certain neurodegenerative conditions like Parkinson’s. Psilocybin spores are the source of this wonder impact.

Are magic mushrooms legal in the USA?

Due to the growing body of beneficial evidence regarding the use of magic mushrooms, aka Psilocybin, an increasing number of states in the USA are moving towards decriminalization. During the recent midterm election, Colorado approved the use of Psilocybin. This means one can use magic mushrooms at state-regulated centers under supervision. Alongside this, personal and private use of magic mushrooms and growing them on your own have also been legalized.

Thus, it’s natural to think, are shrooms illegal? Essentially, Psilocybin is still illegal at a federal level, although it’s been approved in Washington, D.C., and a few other states. To view more regarding the legalization of Psilocybin, visit here!

How long do magic mushrooms last?

On average, magic mushrooms will last for around 3-6 hours with some reports of up to 8 hours or more. Effects may begin anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours after consumption and peak at around 2-3 hours post-ingestion. The onset time is dependent upon how quickly and effectively the body absorbs the psilocybin present in magic mushrooms. Lower dosages tend to produce shorter trips while higher dosages can lead to longer experiences lasting up to 8 hours or even more.

The duration of a mushroom trip can also be affected by a variety of factors including individual metabolism, tolerance levels, age, and weight. Additionally, different species of magic mushrooms may have different lengths of effects, as well as varying amounts of psilocybin present within them. For instance, Psilocybe cubensis produces longer trips than other varieties such as Psilocybe semilanceata or Panaeolus cyanescens.

In addition to dosage and species considerations, environmental factors such as setting can affect how long a person’s experience lasts. Generally speaking, being in an unfamiliar environment with lots of new sights and sounds can increase the trip duration as well as intensify its effects due to increased stimulation from external environmental sources. Conversely, spending too much time alone in low-energy environments without any distractions could shorten a trip’s effects over time.

Overall, it is important to remember that the length of an individual’s magic mushroom experience depends largely upon many personal factors that involve both physical characteristics such as body size and metabolism rate but also psychological ones such as level of comfort in one’s environment or even one’s expectations prior to ingesting them. It is therefore advised that those who wish to experiment with psilocybin should start with lower doses until they become more familiar with their own individual tolerances and abilities before attempting higher doses or extended trips.

What are the ready-made magic mushroom grow kits? What are the most popular?

Most people rely on the PF Tek method for growing magic mushrooms. It is reliable, however, and can give you a hard time during the growing process. The process doesn’t require specialized equipment, and one can easily find standard supplies in a garden or a hardware store. Nonetheless, the process is ten times made easier through ready-made growing kits. These magic mushroom grow kits contain everything you need to have your magic mushrooms next to you. It’s essential to note mushroom spores and syringes are often sold separately to avoid legal entanglement.

So, how to grow shrooms? What do you need?  Following is the equipment one can find in a psilocybin mushroom kit:

  • Micropore tape – Rubbing alcohol – Spore syringes with spore solution – Bleach
  • Brown rice flour – Air disinfectant – Perlite – Vermiculite – Mason jars – Tin foil
  • Surgical Mask – 1 sizeable black box – 1 large clear box – surgical gloves
  • Water in a mist bottle

One of the best ways to buy magic mushroom growing kits is from online vendors. Through this, you won’t be subjected to legal implications. Some of the best online vendors include Zamnesia bank, Kosmic Kitchen, and Alchimia. As far as strains of magic mushrooms are concerned, if you’re a beginner and relatively unknown to the world of magic mushrooms, starting with the Mexican strain might be the right choice. Mexican strain is quite resistant and full of adaptability. Therefore, while growing, you can take a seat back!

How to grow magic mushrooms at home? ( without special equipment) What should you buy? What soil is needed? What plant pot?

What temperature is needed? How to keep an appropriate temperature? How much time is needed to grow?

It’s pretty rare for someone to love gardening and grow plants independently. Growing mushrooms at home is a whole other game. It is best to use a magic mushroom grow kit since it contains all the essentials you’ll ever need for psilocybin mushroom spores to grow.

Nonetheless, some people love to do this on their own. Therefore, to grow these trippy mushrooms at your home, you can use the PF Tek method in the following subsections.

With an excellent manual guide, you can ace growing mushrooms at home. Mushrooms are usually produced in fruiting chambers rather than soil pots commonly used for growing plants. Since magic mushrooms are prone to get contaminated, pot soil can make the entire process more susceptible to damage. So, fruiting, or aka shotgun container, is the key!

However, the tricky part is maintaining the right environment for the magic mushroom spores to grow in. it is cardinal for you to keep the right amount of humidity, temperature, light, and hygiene.


It is recommended to keep the growing magic shroom spores around 21-26°C. You should consider getting a heated propagator to grow the magic mushrooms if you live in cold environments. Higher or lower damage may make damage psilocybin spores.


The essential answer to “how to grow psilocybin mushrooms” is rich hydration. Consider getting a greenhouse propagator to achieve the right amount of moisture. After evenly soaking the substrate and placing it in the propagator, keep the humidity at 90% to activate the mycelium. Make sure to use distilled water for soaking instead of tap water.


The initial phase of growing mushrooms should be kept in the dark; however, when the fruiting stage arises, growing mushrooms at home should be able to access sunlight. Nonetheless, make sure to keep the substrate from direct sunlight. This can be detrimental to the growing psilocybin mushroom spores.


is the most critical parameter that should be taken care of. Sterilize! Sterilize! Sterilize! Always remember contamination is your worst enemy while growing magic mushrooms.

Anywhere between 7-14 days, you should see the magic mushrooms growing up. For the next few days, they’ll grow a few centimeters daily. Post-harvest action, keep them dry for a few days.

Step-by-step tutorial

Growing magic mushrooms is quite exciting. The thrill of increasing your psilocybin mushrooms on your own is quite appealing. But be aware! The process requires your diligence; therefore, one wrong move can cost you a lot.

This subsection curtails six essential steps for growing magic mushrooms. Make sure you follow through with each one carefully to attain the best possible yield of magic mushrooms right with you! I want to ensure you, after reading this guide, you will be able to teach others how to grow psilocybin mushrooms!


This step requires preparing all your equipment and sterilizing them thoroughly.

  •   In the first step, prepare your Mason jars by punching four evenly circumscribed holes in the lid. Make sure you disinfect the hammer and nail you’re doing it with.
  •   Next, prepare your substrate. This can be done by scrupulously combining ⅔ cup of vermiculite with ¼ cup of water in a bowl. Later, add ¼ brown rice flour per-half pint jar to the bowl. Combine this with vermiculite.
  •   In this step, fill the jars within a half-inch of the rims. You can also use dry vermiculite to top off the jar and insulate the substrates from contaminants.
  •   Tightly cover the jars with tin foil and secure the edges to prevent water and condensation from seeping through the holes.
  •   Later, steam sterilizes the mason jars by placing them in a large cooking pot upright. Place paper towels in the pot to prevent the base of the jars from touching the pot. Put the pot in steam for a good 75-90 minutes.
  •   Make sure to cool the jars after steaming. One can achieve this by keeping the foil-covered jars overnight and letting them reach room temperature.
  •   It is fundamental to sterilize the room where you intend to grow your magic mushrooms. This is where air disinfectant, bleach, and rubbing alcohol can come in handy. Ensure you avoid carpeted rooms, as they’re home to several microbes.


In this process, you’ll first need to sterilize and prepare the syringe.

  •   To do this, you can use the lighter to heat the entire needle of the syringe until it turns red hot. Later, shake the syringe to evenly distribute the psilocybin mushroom spores.
  •   Now it’s time to inject your spore solution. To do this, remove the foil from one of the holes and insert your needle as far as it reaches. Inert ¼ cc of spore solution with the needle still touching the side of the jar. Repeat this process for all the holes.
  •   Next, cover the holes of the jar with micropore tape. Remove the foil.
  •   Repeat this process for all the mason jars. Remember to sterilize the needle with alcohol in between each inoculation process.
  •   Place the mason jars in a large black box with a sealed lid. Mushrooms should be kept in the dark during this stage.


In this step, all you’ve to do is wait! Ensure all the jars are kept safe and away from the sunlight, although the temperature should be warm enough (21-26°C).

After one or two weeks, you should be able to witness the growing white fluffy substance on the sites of spore inoculation. Well, these are your ‘mycelium.’ With success, you should have your entire jars colonized with mycelium after one month. Mycelium should be left for a week to secure its strengthened hold on the substrate.

All this while, look for all the possible signs of contamination. Any oddly smelling mason jar should rapidly be disposed of. Some contaminations can make magic mushrooms dangerous for human consumption.

Prepare the Fruiting Chamber

Also known as the fruiting shotgun chamber, this is where the magic mushrooms will complete their next stage of the life cycle.

To achieve this, take a large clear plastic box and drill holes on each side and lid (equally spaced- inch and ½ ). Place the corners of this box on four raised objects so that there’s a continuous inflow of air from the bottom side.

Next, cover the bottom of the box with a layer of perlite. This will allow the air to pass through, all the while making sure to retain all liquid.


Now, on to the most challenging step of fruiting!

  •   Open one of your colonized jars and remove the vermiculite at the top. Later, place the mason jar upside down and extract the ‘mycelium cake’ by tapping on the bottom of the floor. This process is called ‘birthing.’
  •   For 24 hours, submerge the mycelium cake in a water bowl.
  •   Time to roll! (kidding). In this step, cover each mycelium cake thoroughly with vermiculite.
  •   Now place squarely cut tin foil in the fruiting, aka shotgun chamber, and place each vermiculite-coated mycelium cake on the foil.
  •   Later, place the entire box in an environment with decent sunlight. (avoid light during the night to ensure your magic mushrooms are adapted to day and night cycles).
  •   Now’s the time to spray the sides of your box with water. Fan it with a lid. Keep on spraying and fanning three-four times every day.

Now’s the much-awaited moment-harvesting, Yaya!


You will now recognize the white bumps, aka the fruits on the side of the mycelium cake. They’ll later sprout to pins. You can harvest your magic shrooms between five days and two weeks after you’ve put the mycelium cakes in the fruiting chamber.

You might be wondering about the right time to harvest your mushrooms. The best way to do it is right before the veil (conical-shaped caps covered by gills) breaks off.

While harvesting, use a sterilized knife to slice the fruits as close to the mycelium cake as possible. A flush is what you call a whole crop of mushrooms.

Dos and don’ts while growing it?

One should be thoroughly aware of the growing techniques of growing a plant. With proper consideration, you can save the entire process. However, unlike other plants, magic mushrooms grow from spores rather than seeds, and therefore, they don’t contain any nutrients that are essential to growing. Thus, with magic mushrooms, you will need to be extra vigilant throughout the growing process.

Mentioned below are some of the essential points you should take care of while growing your favorite Psilocybin fungi:

  •   Thorough Sterilization: Always remember improper sterilization is one of the most common causes of contamination that can lead to failure while growing magic mushrooms. Therefore, without any exception, make sure all the equipment and work supplies are thoroughly sterilized along with the substrate.
  •   Please don’t rush the process: It’s natural to speed up the process to attain the final product. However, with Magic Mushrooms, that’s a bad idea. The process is highly meticulous, and you would want to complete all mushroom cultivation steps. By doing this, you won’t only be jeopardizing the growth of magic mushrooms but also disposing of them to the risk of contamination. For this, make sure you allow the substrate to cool before inoculation. It’s advised to let Mycelium fully colonize the substrate before the initiation of the fruiting stage.
  •   Warm and moist environment: While growing magic mushrooms, remember to provide the exact conditions as one’s presence in the wild. Replicating the background is the key to success!
  •   Magic Mushroom grow kit: It’s always advised to buy mushroom growing equipment for growing magic mushrooms. With suitable kits, you should have the instructions manual to make the process a piece of cake.
  •   Keep an eye on thermogenesis: This is a beast to tackle. Growing Mycelium tends to decompose organic matter, making the substrate generate heat. With increasing temperatures (more significant than the fruiting room temperature), Mycelium can die.
  •   Avoid too wet or too dry substrate: This is a common mistake beginners make. Make sure the substrate is damp enough but not wet. With a gentle squeeze, you can get rid of excess water!
  •   Different methods to grow magic mushrooms: Although the PF Tek method is the most commonly used way of growing and harvesting magic mushrooms (due to being straightforward), it’s not the only one! Various forms now use coco coir instead of using perlite.
  •   Yes, Light or No Light?: This one’s a tricky part. In the last stage of their growing process, mushrooms usually require light, the Fruiting part (however, avoid direct sunlight). In the beginning phases of growth, mainly during colonization, magic mushrooms need complete darkness to form mycelium cakes.

Reddit  users review. Their growers’ experience

Magic Mushroom’s growing popularity is quite remarkable. Around the globe, people are in awe of the effects psilocybin curtails. Nevertheless, before trying out any product, one should always look for more evidence. The same goes for magic mushrooms. Following are some of the Reddit reviews regarding these Shrooms.


This grower shares experience of magic mushroom harvesting.


Some Law Aspects


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