How To Dry Wet Weed Fast

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You have been through our site and use the tips to produce a vibrant array of bud plants to make into delicacies like hash and shatter. You are proud of your pot and should be. Now you are wondering, should you use a cannabis drying wrack versus hanging. We will go over how to dry bud fast and how to cure your dried buds to get the perfect herb plants.

How to Dry Bud Fast

Sun Dried Cannabis

One of the best ways to dry weed fast is to put it out in the sun. This is the infamous and desperate but quick approach known as the Sun Dry Method. If you want to remove the humidity from your weed quick, just find a place to do hang your bags of bud in the sun. You must use a paper bag so the weed dries completely. Sun drying your weed is the quickest fix for when it’s hot outside and you need your weed quick. Hang and dry it and your cannabis will be ready in one or two days if the air is dry enough. This approach is obviously a quick fix. The downside is that sunlight can rob the weed of terpenes that give it its potent scent and the cannabinoids that send you into orbit. If you want the most potent, skanky of the dank, you want to cure your weed slow, in low humidity.

Drying Rack for Weed

All you need is a drying rack for marijuana with some wire or string for the fastest dry. You want your humidity between 45 and 55 percent. The temp should be between sixty to seventy degrees to get your plants dryer than the competition. A slow dry with more time will preserve your cannabinoids and terpenes, and though it may take time, it will speed up your profit margin when the customers get a toke.

Here’s how to make sure your plants are dry and not moist:

  1. Cut branches of wanted flower and leaf of about one foot in length.
  2. Hang from your wrack of wire or string. Your drying rack for marijuana needs to be in a place of 45% to 55% humidity, and between 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  This could be the room where your water heater is, an insulated basement, or other area.
  3. Set up a fan and exhaust system to circulate air.
  4. Set up a dehumidifier and a temperature control system appropriate for your environment.
  5. When the small branches snap off, you are ready to cure your plants. This could take one or two weeks. Now you want to store your weed and avoid conditions that might rehydrate dry weed.

Now you’re ready to cure your plants

One of the best ways to dry cannabis fast, is to continue to treat your plants after your initial dry with a curing process. Here’s how:

  • Cut your dried buds and separate them.
  • Put your buds in an air tight container like mason jars, or even the well-designed Cannadors described in the link below.
  • Visit our site here to find out the best ways to store your weed:
  • Handle your buds gently, don’t pack them tight in order to allow air to flow freely between the flowers.
  • Make sure your storage jars are tight. Moisture inside the flower will redistribute to the outer areas and even out your dried cannabis. You need to store your buds in a dark place so that sunlight doesn’t zap your cannabinoids and terpenes. It needs to be cool, and dry.
  • Week 1. Open your jars once per day to exchange the old air for new air. If you smell your weed degrading, the smell of ammonia, there is too much moisture for curing and it will need to dry more to avoid developing mold, or will need to be rescued by turning it into a different form of weed, or to discard if it has mold or spoilage.
  • Cure for at least 3 weeks, great at 8 weeks, and superior at 6 months. The longer you cure, the more potent your product.

The Future:  Freeze Drying

The traditional way of drying and curing is time-tested and true, but as we have seen, can take as long as six months. With new technology, it is now possible to get similar results in just 24 hours, with a freeze drying method.

How Freeze Drying Works

crop cure 24 hours

Figure 2.

Unless you’re a chemist, you won’t be able to freeze dry yourself but, you can buy a special weed, freeze drying unit from a new company called CannaFreeze. Your freeze-drying unit will freeze your weed and cause the moisture to turn into small crystals. Then a low pressure vacuum sucks up the tiny water crystals, leaving your pristine weed full of cannabinoids and terpenes without the water. This makes it far more potent and resistant to degradation in just 24 hours. So, for serious producers and experimenters, this is an option. Regular users should stick to the older methods. This method is faster, but it’s much more expensive and requires expert chemistry skills. Most users are better off just finding a dark, cool, dry place, and hanging their weed on a drying rack for a week or two, till the branches are slightly crispy.

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