How to Make Weed Edibles: Best Edible Marijuana Recipes

If you want to know how to make marijuana edibles, the secret is cooking with marijuana butter. First, let’s talk about why make weed edibles?

Positive Effects of Edible Marijuana

  • You don’t have to know how to cook to follow simple medical marijuana edibles recipes
  • Once you learn how to make cannabis edibles, you will have a healthier alternative to smoking pot
  • Edibles THC  is more relaxing and lasts longer than smoked THC
  • Cooking with marijuana butter gives you the option of making delicious food from baking pot cookies to bud brownies and hash candy that delivers the medical effects of marijuana, from pain relief to fighting cancer
  • Weed cooking to baking cooked medical marijuana products, cooking with cannabis butter, is sometimes legal where weed smoking is still illegal
  • The effects of edible marijuana come on slower and are stronger and last longer than smoked marijuana

It’s clear that if you cook your weed, you get a longer, stronger, and more legal experience than smoking marijuana but there are a few cons. The most obvious is that you don’t get as acutely high from pot edibles as you do from smoking marijuana. The second con is that dosing is much easier smoking weed than it is with edibles. Overdosing on edibles can produce a frightening experience but is usually not physically dangerous. The third con is simply that it takes about an hour to feel the effects of edibles.
Weed Edibles

To make a good weed bake and have a positive experience is easy to do, just follow these simple basic steps.

Step #1 Don’t hate, decarboxylate

The first step in any weed bake is to choose a high-quality strain of weed, then make it super-strong by decarboxylating it, which is a fancy word that means to bake it on a baking sheet at 240 degrees for 25 mins to an hour, depending on how much weed you’re using for making edibles. This will concentrate the bud and convert more of the cannabinoids to the potent THC that you want.

Strains: Indicas to Meditate, Sativas to Stimulate

When choosing a strain to use in your bake, consider the effects each strain offers. Indicas usually offer profound relaxation while sativas are more stimulating. If you want to treat anxiety and pain, you might want an indica. If instead, you want to address fatigue, a sativa might be more appropriate. There are as many different strains of these basic categories as there are vendors and the different strains offer different experiences. One way to tell a potent strain is by smell. You want a potent and deep aroma from the strain you choose. You may have to test different strains for THC edibles and ask other users and vendors what effects each give to find the strains that are right for you.

Step #2 Cooking with Cannabis Butter

Cannabutter is the essential ingredient for any weed bake. Don’t be intimidated, it is extremely easy to make.

Here’s what you need to make basic cannabutter.


  • A cup or less of water
  • 1 lb. of butter, unsalted
  • 1 oz. of high quality lightly ground weed bud or trim

The basic process is to put your decarboxylated weed and butter in a pot with a little water just to make sure the butter doesn’t burn, and heat on a low simmer for 3 to 6 hours. Long as the butter doesn’t burn, the longer you heat, the more cannabinoids you get in the butter. Some prefer to heat in a crockpot to 6 hours. Let it cool enough to handle, strain out the plant material and discard (the THC is now inside the butter!), then put it in the fridge overnight for it to harden. Next, remove the hardened butter from the residual water and you have your main ingredient, your precious cannabutter infused with powerful cannabinoids. For more specific instructions on making cannabutter, view our detailed explanation on Making the Marijuana Oil here:

Step #3 Bake or Make with your Cannabutter or Canna Oil

You can bake cookies, cakes, and brownies or make syrups and candies with your canna-oil or cannabutter.  All you need to do is follow the instructions for making these foods and replace the oil required in the recipe with your cannabutter. It has a great taste and amazing medicinal effects.

We will give you right here, the basic steps for making simple, but tasty and powerful marijuana edibles.

Basic Bud Brownies

Bud Brownies
Brownies are by far the most popular weed edible. In some places, you can’t buy weed brownies but they are incredibly easy to make. On our site here: we have given you one easy gourmet recipe and a super-easy recipe for people who don’t cook. The basic method for cooking pot brownies is to mix your decarboxylated cannabutter with your eggs, water, pecans, chocolate chips, and brownie mix recipe, put it in your greased baking pan, and bake for 30 mins. For those who need a simpler approach, simply mix your store-bought brownie mix with your cannabutter and cook for 30 mins. This produces a harder brownie that more resistant to spoiling because it doesn’t have eggs, nuts, or milk in it.

Pot Cookies

Cannabis Cookies

Dosing for Weed Cookies

Making weed cookies is a good way to share with friends and easily monitor your dosage. Say you have used an ounce of weed in your cannabutter, which is 28 grams of weed-infused into the canna oil. A bowl smoked is 0.3 to 1 gram. So, if you make 28 cookies, each cookie is a large bowl smoked. If you have used a very potent strain, make 56 small cookies or advise your guests to break the cookies in half and have just a small piece every two hours. You can easily monitor your dose by having just one cookie or half of a cookie every two hours.

Making the cookies is simple. Just use the recipe on a store-bought cookie mix and use your weed butter where the recipe calls for butter or oil.

If you are making cookies from scratch, you will need these ingredients:


  • Chocolate chips, two cups
  • All-purpose flower, two cups
  • Sugar, half a cup
  • Brown sugar, half a cup
  • Baking soda, a teaspoon
  • Salt, teaspoon
  • Vanilla extract, a teaspoon
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup of cannabutter
  • Water

Preheat your oven to 370 degrees. Put your cannabutter in a large mixing bowl and mix in your vanilla extract and sugar. Use another bowl and mix your flour, salt, and baking soda. Stir in your eggs, brown sugar, chips, and all other ingredients, mixing in just enough water to make a hard semi-solid. Now stir in your cannabutter and size your cookies by how much weed you used. If you used a half ounce, make at least 14 cookies. Each cookie will be equal to one large bowl of smoked marijuana. Remember effects take at least an hour, so don’t eat too many cookies but enjoy just one cookie or a half and you will get amazing results.

Cannabis Candies

Cannabis Candies


  • Light corn syrup, ¾ cup
  • Cup of water
  • Powdered sugar, 1/8 cup
  • 2 cups of sugar
  • Hash oil, (canna oil)
  • A teaspoon of peppermint flavoring
  • Green food coloring, 2 drops


  • Saucepan
  • Scissors
  • thermometer
  • pan, greased with cannabutter
  • Weeds or star candy molds
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Baking dish

Have all equipment ready because you have to move fast to make candy. Drop your water, corn syrup, and sugar into your saucepan and cook on high until the sugar dissolves. Now drop to medium heat for 15 mins then check with the thermometer until you reach 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Now remove from heat and add your drops of green food coloring, canna oil, and peppermint flavoring. Pour your liquid into the pan and let it cool. Once it is semi-hard, use your molds or scissors to cut it into your desired shape. If you have used a half ounce of weed in your oil, cut into 14 or 28 pieces the size of a jolly rancher. Now toss the pieces into the pan buttered with cannabutter or oil and get them nice and greasy. Next, take your baking dish and cover it in powdered sugar. Take the greasy candy pieces and roll them in the powdered sugar. Next, insert the lollipop sticks and let your candy harden. Now you have weed lollipops with the appropriate doses. Each lollipop is a bowl of smoked weed. Use this simple recipe and you will impress your friends and have a great way to enjoy the effects of marijuana without smoking, and without having to eat cookies or brownies. Even though it’s sugar, you will tend to take in fewer calories with candies than with baked cookies.

The effects of the weed lollipop are just as good as those of baked weed, but it comes on even slower, over an hour or two, and lasts even longer. Since it takes a while to dissolve the lollipop, you may be able to suck a lollipop for an hour, then immediately have another. You won’t have to worry about dosing because the time it takes to consume the lollipop will force you to be unable to overdose unless of course you chew the lollipop rather than sucking. So, suck the weed lollipop, let it take at least an hour, and you can have another while waiting for the effects to begin over the next hour.

Weed lollipops are also good for children with a marijuana prescription for seizures, and older persons with weed prescriptions who may not prefer baked goods which may damage teeth, gums, or dentures.

Candies and other cannabis edibles are a great way to get the absolute best out of your medical marijuana without taking in the byproducts of combustion from smoked weed.

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