How to Make Weed Brownies: 2 Best Recipes

Why make special brownies?

While we are learning how to make the best pot brownies, let’s consider the advantages of consuming your ganja in the form of brownie edibles as opposed to smoking bud. Once you try it, you will always want to save your marijuana for brownies.

  1. Making edible cannabutter brownies is incredibly easy to do!
  2. Eating hash butter brownies and cookies has an effect that is stronger and longer-lasting than smoking.
  3. You can give your lungs a break from weed smoke, especially if you have a cold or asthma.
  4. The side effects of eating weed brownies you bake yourself are much less than those of smoking THC.
  5. Lastly, you or someone you love may have a health problem but are scandalized by the idea of smoking hemp for medical purposes. You can get even better medical effects, with a smoother onset and longer duration, for chronic pain, anxiety, or seizures if you cook pot brownies. It’s great for children and older persons with a medical marijuana prescription who will not want to smoke weed.

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Best Weed Brownie Recipe
Weed brownies

  • Brownie mix, any brand you like
  • 2 ½ oz. water
  • 2 ½ oz. cannabis-infused oil
  • Chocolate, melted down
  • Chocolate candy bar, crushed
  • 2 oz. crushed pecans
  • 4 oz chocolate chips, lightly sweetened
  • 2 large beaten eggs


Now that you are sold on making magic brownies, you first need to know the basic steps.

Step 1. Prepare your canna oil.

Canna oil is cannabis-infused coconut oil, olive oil, or other oil. If you need to know how to make cannabis oil for brownies, it is very simple. First, take an ounce of lightly ground weed, bake it for 30 mins at 215 F (102 C) to decarboxylate it (make it stronger). Remove from the oven. Then just combine an ounce of bud with 2 cups of your favorite oil and heat, covered, on low for 6 or more hours. Add up to 2 ½ cups of water to prevent burning the oil if using a saucepan. The important thing is to check to see that it is not burning, boiling, or smoking, but is hot enough to get the THC into the butter. Let it cool and strain out the plant material and you have your oil.

For specific, easy-to-do canna oil and cannabutter recipes and instructions, visit our cannabutter page here:

If you’re thinking how much weed do I need to make brownies, take your cue from the amount of canna-oil you will be using and the dosing info in the link above. If you have used an ounce of pot to make your canna oil and used half the oil in your brownie recipe, you have the equivalent of 14 grams of weed. A large bowl smoked is 1 gram, and a normal bowl is 0.3 grams. That means you have 15 to 45 bowls of pot, so cut your brownies into 45 pieces. You want each piece to be equal to one bowl, a 1:1 ratio. That way you can dose your edibles the same as you would smoke your bowls. It will take many people or many days for one person to use 15 to 45 bowls of the pot. In any case, remember how much weed you used is how much is in the oil and in the brownies, so dose carefully. You probably won’t be eating normal size brownies, but starting off with ¼ of a normal size brownie or less, waiting two hours, then redosing at 2-hour intervals till you get the desired effect.

Step 2

Preheat your oven to 165 C (330 F).   Mix together eggs, water, and your canna oil and grease your 9 x 13 brownie pan.

Stir in your brownie mix, chocolate chips, and pecans until uniformly blended and set into your brownie pan. Bake for about 30 mins, or the recommended cooking time on your brownie mix box.

Step 3.

Now for the fun part. Melt your chocolate in the microwave (about 25 secs) and dip the underside of your brownies in. Lastly, sprinkle the top of the warm brownies with your crushed chocolate bar pieces, just to be extra naughty. Remember to cut into 20 to 50 pieces and don’t eat normal size brownies starting off. Many people overdose from eating too much and redosing before the delayed effects come on. But you know how much pot to put in brownies because you’ve read our cannabutter page and got the heads up so your experience will be delightful!

What if you don’t know how to cook at all?

Easiest Pot Brownies with Butter


  • Brownie mix
  • 1 ounce of pot
  • 1 lb of butter

What if you don’t know how to cook at all?

A lot of pot smokers don’t cook or don’t have time to make a batch of brownies. This quick and easy recipe is for you. It’s scaled down to its most basic and preferred by younger men and women who are busy with college and work and need the relief but don’t want to smoke and don’t have time to cook.

Pre-heat oven to 215F. Decarboxylate your weed by grinding it up and baking it in the oven for 30 mins. On your stovetop, put a cup of water and a pound of butter in your pot on low heat until the butter is melted.  Now add in your ground, decarboxylated bud and simmer on low heat for 3 hours. Let it cool enough to safely handle, then strain out the plant material with a cheesecloth or other filter into a baking pan. Discard the plant material and put the strained cannabutter oil in a bowl to use in place of the canna oil in your recipes. You can either refrigerate the butter to use later with your happy brownies recipe, cake, or other edible or leave it warm and liquid if you are using it immediately. Probably, you will not use the whole thing for your brownies, so you will measure out the amount needed and refrigerate the rest.

From here, while your butter is still warm and liquid in your pan, all you have to do is throw your brownie mix right on top of the liquid canna-butter, let it sink in, then bake it in the oven for about 30 to 50 minutes, checking for the desired texture occasionally.

This will create a cookie-like, hard brownie which is easy to dose and to take along with you to share with friends. It will also not spoil as quickly as the fancier brownies because it does not contain milk or eggs. Preparation and cleaning time is cut in half. It is the practical way to go for all the busy, important people who rely on the benefits of cannabis to be their best selves.

The Effects of Eating Weed Brownies

The effects of cannabis brownies come on slow, over 1 to 2 hours, then lasts as long as six hours. You will experience euphoria, pain relief, and a happy mood. The effects are also described as slightly more psychedelic than smoked marijuana, more useful for finding meaning and spirituality. As we’ve stressed repeatedly, do not overdose as that experience has not been described as anything you would want.  We want you to be safe and happy, so divide your brownies according to how much weed you used, so that every little square only has 0.3 to 1 gram of potency (if you used an ounce, 1 oz = 28 grams, so double that for 56 squares or more), equal to one bowl smoked or less. Then, test it by dosing 2 hours apart to wait for the effects.

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JK said:

Hello! If you already have cannabis oil in a syringe (1 gram), could you use that straight up in a recipe? I don’t know if I have to mix it with something or what the ratio would be, so any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Janet Geiger said:

I use 2 syringes of distillate in a batch of 20 cookies making each cookie 50mg… I just add the distillate to my regular cookie recipe and they were great… much easier than having to make cannabutter 1st.

jon said:

So if I use the butter and do the simple recipe all I need is the brownie mix I don’t need the eggs or the milk that the brownie mix calls for

jon said:

Or do I pour the brownie mix over the butter then follow directions on the box

Barnes said:

I’ve never made them but as a baker, I would follow the directions on the box, substitute the cannabutter for regular butter and make the brownies as directed on the box.

Peter said:

So my understanding is that we follow the instructions from the box when making the brownie, but you also mentioned “Does not contain milk or eggs”

The brownie box I’ve seen nearly all say the add eggs, milk and water

So do we add eggs/milk or not?

Diane Jackson said:

Can u reuse the weed u strained in the cheese cloth

Colin Hunter said:

There is almost no THC left in the sludge so it’s not worth it.


So im confused about the easy way to make brownies so strain the plant into the baming pan or bowl

Cassie said:

I didn’t strain anything I just added the very fine ground weed into the amount of oil it call for on the box then heated oil until hot the mixed the oil with the brownie mix and cook normally an boom it was amazing.

Heather said:

I’m using oil…do I cook it lower like some have said or use standard temp from the directions on the box of brownies?

Marilena said:

If I’m only trying to make brownies with just an eight how much water and oil do I put in the pan?

JH said:

I should have read this BEFORE I made mine, cut it into ‘regular’ kind of brownie sizes and ate one. Then forgot and took my dogs for a walk by driving them first to the park. An hour or so later I get back in my car and I’m doing 15mph wondering why it feels like I’m doing 60! And it lasted about five hours 🙂

Kg said:

Making brownies. A friend gave me 13 capsules full of cannabutter. Told me to melt capsules in 2 oz of boiling water. Add to brownie mix. Said make like regular brownies but add the 2 oz liquid. Is that really enough for a batch of brownies?

Maria said:

Do you think these would freeze well? I’m just one person so it would take me a while to eat that much!

Munchkin said:

THE 2 BEST recipes for weed brownies?

1st Ingredient: Brownie mix.
; Follow the instructions on the Brownie mix package and add decarbed weed. DONE, the best potbrownies in the world according to these guys…

This is so weak.

Andrew said:

Please, share your Brownie recipe.

Christy said:

How do you make your quick pot brownies ? Or whatever pot brownies you make ? Share your recipe PLEASE.

Shay said:

Can I use a chocolate punch bar in a brownie mix instead of cannabutter. I figured I could melt it down and add it to my batter? Any thoughts

Nat G said:

Did you find an answer? or did you try it? I’m looking for the same info for a cookie recipe

Jamesgiantpumpkin said:

Honestly. . .you can use as nuch bud as you want but like they say dose accordingly.. . i personally leave the bud in the butter i dont strain it because in my opinion it doesnt hit hard enough if you strain it. . .and it lasts wayvlonger than 6 hrs reggie is preferred bec its less expensive than using kush. . .cheers

splib said:

aloha all, ok so can i make brownies per package, egg, veg oil, water, brownie mix…. AND canna butter ? no substituting the oil with canna butter, adding canna butter and veg oil both? has anyone tried that?

Nat G said:

Okay so this isn’t related to brownies, but still cannabis-related baking…

Is it okay to use chopped cannabis chocolate in a cookie recipe instead of making and using cannabutter/cannaoil?

EGREY said:

Anyone? Can teach me where to buy these? Please? Thanks.