Space Cake Recipe

How to cook yummy weed cake

A spacecake also called a Happy Birthday Weed Cake, is a delicious cake made using cannabutter to fill your tummy and get you high for a special occasion.  Many space cake recipes can be found online but we have chosen the best and easiest recipes to set you off to make the best edibles in no time.  You can make spacecakes from scratch or use a weed cake recipe with cake mix.  The first thing you want to do is choose your space cake weed.
space cake

How to Choose a Strain

Strains Indica / Sativa Desired Effect THC / CBD Flavor
1. Maui Wowie 20 / 80 Stimulation 20% / 0.2% Tropical
2. Critical Mass 80 / 20 Relaxation 22% / 5% Syrup
3. MK Ultra 50 /50 Relaxation 22% / 0.2% Nature
4. Wedding Cake 60 / 30 Relaxation 25% / 0.1% Cake
5. Bubblegum 50 /50 Stimulation 19% / 0.2% Candy
6. ACDC 50 /50 Relaxation 6% / 24% Citrus Pine
7. Chemdawg 55 / 45 Balance 26% / 0.1% Diesel
8. Animal cookies 75 / 25 Relaxation 23% / 4% Cookies
9. Harlequin 25 / 75 Medical 15% / 15% Floral
10. Super Lemon Haze 20 / 80 Psychoactive 22% / 0.1% Lemon

In order to choose a strain, consider whether you want an Indica, Sativa, or hybrid.  Decide whether you desire relaxation, stimulation, psychoactive effect, or no psychoactive effect.  Consider the amount of THC and CBD and the flavor. You can use the chart above to get an idea of how different strains compare.  You can also view our site at to get an in-depth perspective on different strains to use to make marijuana cake.

birthday weed cake

How To Choose the Appropriate Dosage

Dosing can always be tricky with edibles, especially when you make your own cannabis cake.  The easiest way to dose with cake is to simply remember what was the total amount of bowls you used in your cannabutter or oil.  One gram of pot with 10% THC, which is one large bowl, contains about 100 mg of THC. A normal dose of THC in edibles is about 10 mg.  Increase by 10 mg at each level of increased tolerance. So, take the amount of butter you plan to use in your cake, say two sticks of butter, and count the number of bowls you want in your cake to put in your cannabutter or oil.  You have used 10 bowls, so cut your cake into 10 pieces, and each piece will contain a dose of about 10 mg of THC. Just adapt this formula for the type of marijuana you use. You can also instead make 10 cupcakes or muffins, using a bowl for each.  A space cupcake can be a discreet, portable way of taking medical marijuana on the run.

space cake


How to Bake Space Cakes

Baking spacecakes is a great idea for celebrating the birthday of a marijuana enthusiast.  Brownies, cookies, and other weed-infused desserts are also popular ways of delighting those with a sweet tooth.


  1. A cup of butter
  2. ½ tsp. salt
  3. 1.5tsp of baking powder
  4. 3 to 8 grams (10 to 20 bowls), of ground, decarbed, weed bud
  5. 1.75 cups of flour
  6. 1 cup of sugar
  7. A cup of butter
  8. The ¾ cup of milk
  9. Chocolate chips
  • Bowl
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Butter spray
  • Butter spray
  • 2 Cake tins or pans
  • Stirring spoon
  • Stirring bowl
  • Grinder

Step 1. Grind your weed. To decarb your weed, place in the oven at 240 degrees for up to an hour.
Step 2. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
Step 3. Melt cannabutter in the microwave. See how to make cannabutter here: Basically, take your 3 to 8 grams of ground, decarboxylated weed and put it in a pot with 1 cup of water and one pound of butter and simmer for 3 hours. Cool. Strain out the plant material, place in the fridge for up to 3 hours, then remove the solid butter from the water. Melt your butter.
Step 4. Mix flour, eggs, milk, cannabutter, salt, chocolate chips (optional), sugar, and baking powder into a consistent batter.
Step 5. Spray cake tin with butter spray to prevent sticking.
Step 6. Put your mixture into the cake tin.
Step 7. Pop it in the oven and bake for 25 to 40 minutes.
Step 8. Allow cake to cook for 20 mins. Flip out of cake tin onto a pan. Cook for another 20 mins. Decorate with icing and sprinkles or heart-shaped designs. Cut into 10 or more pieces, according to how much weed you used and the amount of THC in it. If you used 20 bowls, cut 20 pieces. Be careful not to overdose. Try one dose and wait two hours for effects.

Recipe #2 Purple Kush Cake


  1. 3 eggs
  2. The ¾ cup of cannabutter or oil
  3. 18.25 ounces cake mix, Betty Crocker Chocolate Super Moist
  4. 16-ounce frosting, vanilla or other flavors
  5. 2 cups of cold milk

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  Follow the directions on the box and use your cannabutter or canna-oil instead of shortening or butter.  Mix all your ingredients into a consistent batter. Bake for 30 to 40 minutes. Remove, let cool for 30 minutes then add frosting and sprinkles.  You have your Purple Kush Cake to delight your guests. Cut into the number of bowls used to make your cannabutter. You can slice it horizontally to make a flat brownie as well.  Enjoy carefully!

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