Cookie policy

Leaf Expert website does use cookies. When you are using this service, you are giving your nod for the utilization of cookies. Sociminati marketing private limited with reference as “us”, “we”, or “our” is responsible for the cookies on the site.

The cookie policy we use will detail what they are, how they are used by us, how our third-party partners may use them, your decisions concerning cookies, and more details about the cookies.

Introduction to Cookies

The cookies are tiny text information sent to your web browser by a website. Once it is sent, it will be in your internet the browser so that the third-party or the website recognize you on your next visit and be of great help to you.

There are “session” or “persistent” cookies. The former cookies will get deleted once the web browser is closed. The persistent ones will be available on your computer or mobile devices, even if you go offline.

How are Cookies Used by Us?

Once you access our services, we will fill your web browser with many cookie files.

The cookies are used for the following needs:

  • To record your preferences.
  • To facilitate some utilities of the service.
  • To offer analytics.
  • To activate ad delivery based on your behavior.

There are different cookies used to run the service along with the persistent and session cookies. They include:

  • Essential Cookies

They are enabled to verify users and prevent any duplicitous use of their accounts.

  • Preference Cookies

These cookies are used to remember the behavioral changes of the service or its appearance like “remember me” details of the user or his or her language preference.

  • Analytics Cookies

These cookies will keep track of the usage of the service to do the necessary improvements. The testing of how the users react to new advertisements, web pages, or a new feature added to the service is aloe executed using Analytics cookies.

  • Advertising Cookies

They help in delivering new advertisements through and on the service and also track how well it is received. The third-party ads can also be added through these cookies. These adverts are based upon the user’s interests and activities on the service.

Third-Party Cookies

The third-party cookies are used by us to supply commercials through and on the service, document the usage of the service’s statistics, etc.

What are the Cookies You Prefer?

The user should visit the help pages of the internet browser to know the details on how to give instructions to it to refuse or delete the cookies.

Be mindful that if you delete or refuse to accept some of the cookies, then you might not be able to use the full features that are on offer. If you have any preferences, then they will not get stored and certain pages might not be seen clearly on your browser.

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  • All Internet Explorer browser users, please visit this Microsoft page:

  • Using ​the ​Mozilla Firefox browser, check out this page:

  • All Safari browser users, visit this Apple page:

If you are using any other web browser, then check out the official web pages of the web browser.