Editorial Policy

Editorial Integrity

At FVKASA.org, our main aim is to provide you with reliable and correct information regarding health. Every day, we strive to be your first choice for a relevant source of health content.

Providing our readers with information on a wide range of cannabis-related health and lifestyle topics is what we are dedicated to doing. Instead of not publishing some types of contents that carry information that does not fit anybody’s health, we depend on our readers, and also our editors.

Although, every content we publish is not meant to be an option for a medical service, treatment, or advice. Hence, we advise you to consult a physician or medical service provider for any question you have as regards health situations. Also, it is vital that you do not underrate the service of a physician or medical service provider because of any information you saw on FVKASA.org. For FVKASA.org, for the first, is significant genuineness, mainly when it concerns prescription and therapeutic field. Such a noticeable substance needs assessment, and we appeal to medical practitioners for assistance.

In our team, there are medical experts and advisors.

Below is a highlight of our content policies and procedures.

Editorial Selection of Original Content Created by FVKASA.org

At FVKASA.org, we create original contents, and here are the criterium for creating the articles:

Valuable Information – Which information regarding cannabis do people search for? Providing answers to specific questions and information that would help manage your health and marijuana is what we strive at. Our regular topic incorporates the inclusion of breaking cannabis health news, factual cannabis health news; item launch and reviews; and an expert editorial on everything cannabis-related.

Research – Cannabis data regarding historically, clinical, and therapeutic discoveries were tough to access. This is rapidly evolving. We attempt to depend on scientific data that has been distributed, for instance, in peer-reviewed medical journals, to give you data from a wide range of sources.

Relevance – Subjects that could influence how you deal with your wellbeing and that of your family. Subjects incorporate the inclusion of breaking health news, drug and item launch, reviews, and cautions; health advice; and expert analysis on overseeing ailments and conditions and staying active.

Clinical Significance – The most recent therapeutic discoveries distributed in peer-reviewed medical journals, for example, The Journal of the American Medical Association, The New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet, Pediatrics, Diabetes Care, Circulation, and others.

Patterns – Due to the fast-changing level of the cannabis industry, it is hard to remain over the most present data; however, we put forth a valiant effort to do that, concentrating on new products and organizations, healthy living, elective approaches, and more.

Editorial Independence – In its detailing, FVKASA.org keeps up commendable standards of decency, exactness, objectivity, and capable, autonomous revealing. FVKASA.org keeps up sole control of its article content.

Journalistic Excellence – FVKASA.org maintains conventional editorial standards of greatness in revealing unique news for the Internet and in inspecting and proving data from different sources. Our contents keep on winning honors and acknowledgments in journalistic greatness, and you can see our most current rundown of honors by checking our Awards page.

Our Content Is Different

It’s progressively functional. In an industry regularly blamed for giving off invalid data, FVKASA.org attempts to isolate itself from the pack by giving valuable and important data that you can utilize, and that answers your inquiries.

Our articles and stories depend on our editors’ determinations of the most significant and applicable cannabis data accessible. Our articles are more than a short tale about how cannabis may have been of help to somebody. They regularly contain checked outsider sources, interviews, (for example, with medicinal experts), and the most recent data on new items and assets.

Editorial Policy for FVKASA.org Editorial Staff

FVKASA.org is the main supplier of medical cannabis data services. Published contents made by FVKASA.org is free from impact by sponsors and different sources.

Any individual who serves on the FVKASA.org Editorial staff must completely reveal any potential irreconcilable situation with any support or merchant.

FVKASA.org keeps its Editorial staff isolated and particular from a staff committed to making promoting content for our sponsors. No individual will serve on the two staffs, and no Editorial worker will be solicited to perform obligations for a benefit from a publicist.

It is the duty of the FVKASA.org editorial staff to give practical, exact, and adjusted records of occasions and matters. FVKASA.org correspondents must perseveringly search out subjects of stories or qualified specialists to give a discourse. They additionally look for a target critique or remark from a certified representative to give balance.

FVKASA.org journalists endeavor to give intensive and fair inclusion and offer a devotion to the most elevated proficient models.

How we Create Original Content

Our staff of journalists and editors controls the content that we produce and the news that we highlight. It contains viable data from reliable sources, including our staff’s very own encounters, declarations from administrative organizations, and examinations on the most recent cannabis and health patterns. Our proficient cannabis journalists are always performing analysis and conversing with those in the business day by day to give inside and out investigations, updates, and profiles that give our cannabis news and substance another point of view discovered no place else.

Outsiders may give financing to FVKASA.org to the creation by FVKASA.org of unique article content for the FVKASA.org Site. In such cases, the outsider may work with FVKASA.org to distinguish a commonly settled upon the general point. However, the content will be created as per our unique content process, and the outsider will not influence the final content. At their solicitation, these outsiders may get the attribution “Supported by [third party’s name]”, or comparable reference, on our publication content during the period that they reserve content.

Licensed and Third-Party Content

When FVKASA.org licenses cannabis health and health content from outsiders for distribution on our site, the FVKASA.org senior Editorial editors survey the outsider’s article arrangements and methods for consistency with the FVKASA.org Editorial Policies.


FVKASA.org works with different cannabis non-profit associations, organizations, and relationships to instruct the general population on cannabis health topics, items, or matters. We survey and select these associations and work with them to make or choose content inside explicit subject regions. The content is created by FVKASA.org, in some cases investigated and altered by the outsider, and after that at long last changed and endorsed by FVKASA.org’s publication staff. Much the same as the majority of FVKASA.org’s article content, this classification of content is liable to FVKASA.org’s publication strategies. Readers ought to expect that a few articles contain contents created with the help and joint effort not for benefits, organizations, or relationships with whom we worked.


As more wholly portrayed in our Advertising Policy, FVKASA.org acknowledges publicizing on the FVKASA.org Network from Advertisers, which may incorporate outsider pennants, identifications, relevant promoting and substance made or gave by an Advertiser (aggregately alluded to as “Commercials”, “Promoting,” or “From Our Advertiser”). A few ads, which may show up as content sections, thumbnail pictures, identifications, or different kinds of content or pictures, are what are known as “local promotions” and seem nearby article content. These promotions are named “Support Content”, “From Our Sponsor”, “By (our Sponsor)”, or “From (our Sponsor).” Regardless of the type of ad, the Advertiser is liable for the precision and objectivity of their Advertising, and it is dependent upon our Advertising Policy. Promoting isn’t assessed by the FVKASA.org Editorial Staff and isn’t reliant on this Editorial Policy.