Does Jazz Total Detox Really Work?

Jazz Total Detox for Weed Detox

Our reviews of Jazz Total Detox are the best and most precise you may find online. Jazz Total Detox by House of Jazz review our team has performed will let you not to waste money on unnecessary or simply bad detox products. We will let you know if you can use Jazz Total Detox to pass a drug test, pass a saliva test, to pass a urine drug test, and whether there are any shops near me where you can purchase the product. We will provide you with directions to reach real results. The article will also investigate, how long does it last?  We will also answer the following question: “Will Jazz Total Detox cleanse toxins, cannabis sativa, and other drugs from your system?”

Jazz Total Detox Instructions

Figure 1.

Jazz Total Detox is sold in a plastic bottle with this attractive yellow label and has orange and tropical punch flavors. The focus of the label is on the fact that the product can purge cannabis sativa from your body for numerous purposes: passing a lab test for probation, pre-employment drug screening, or an ordinary cleanse of your system.

The drink contains L-lysine (amino acid), potassium chloride (electrolyte), ascorbic acid, zinc oxide, vitamins, minerals, creatine, and more electrolytes. It implies that the task is to try to dilute the pee while replacing the markers of dilution such as creatinine and b-vitamins which are responsible for the urine color.

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Jazz Total Detox Bottle
Figure 2.

As for Zinc qualities, it is able to lower the sensitivity of urinalysis tests for marijuana, thereby demonstrating a detoxifying effect for pot and possibly other substances and drugs.

How to Use Jazz Total Detox

Step by step guide:

  1. Drink the bottle 90 minutes before being tested for drugs.
  2. Refill twice and drink.
  3. Urinate up to four times.
  4. Proceed to do your test for alcohol, for opiates, or marijuana after using Jazz Total Detox for THC detox.

Manufacturer, Support, Certificates

House of Jazz
9853 N Alpine Rd #104, Rockford, IL 61115

It is important to mention that the products presented are detox supplements, not medications. They cannot be used to treat disease or applied for illegal activity.

Add Ons

Other products for toxin removal include Jazz One Hour Caps, Jazz Mouthwash, Folli-Kleen Shampoo, Jazz Detox Shampoo, and Jazz Jump Start Daily Edge (for daily use).

Pros and cons

Pros of Jazz Total Detox
  • Contains no herbs which may affect the liver
  • All-natural ingredients
  • In a liquid form
  • Contains Creatine Monohydrate
  • Contains b-vitamins for color
  • Quickly takes effect
  • Many flavors
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Has electrolytes
Cons of Jazz Total Detox
  • You have to drink too much fluid
  • You have to pee up to four times
  • No studies have been performed
  • Can cause gastrointestinal upset in some persons
  • May get a ‘diluted’ sample back from drinking too much water

Jazz Total Detox can be purchased at and on Amazon.

Q&A about Jazz Total Detox

 For what period of time do Jazz total detox’s detoxifying effects work?
It works for a five-hour window.
Will it work if you smoked in the last two days?
  Use one-hour caps first, then follow with One Hour Liquid Concentrate if you’ve smoked in the last two days.
Why doesn’t the formula use herbs?
Jazz Total Detox does not have herbs because herbs are of questionable purity and not standardized in most detox drinks. They are a sham and can harm the liver.
Does Jazz Total Detox work the same day?
Yes. It should reduce toxins to levels not detectable within one hour.
Does Jazz Total Detox have a money-back guarantee?
  What is the cost?
$34.95 USD

Jazz Total Detox Reviews from customers

Positive Jazz Total Detox Reviews

Positive Jazz Total Detox Review

Figure 3.

These two reviews claim the product worked, even for a person weighing almost 300 lbs.

Critical Jazz Total Detox Review:

Critical Jazz Total Detox Review

Figure 4.

These users claim that their experience with the product was a waste of money, but those who achieved the result with Jazz Total Detox will oppose this argument saying that they possibly did not follow instructions to drink water.

This regular weed user recommended using Toxin Rid instead Jazz Detox.


These drinks work in accordance with the same mechanism as many other detox drinks do. How does it happen? The main principle is diluting urine, lowering the test sensibility by using zinc, and replacing b-vitamins, electrolytes, and creatine so that the pee sample does not look diluted. Actually, it can bring the desired results if the dilution is successful and undetected. So, it’s a matter of chance. If you have smoked less and abstained from weed for a longer period, you are more likely to reach a better effect. We award this product a score of 6 out of 10.

The cost of $34.95 USD suggests you might be better off using dilution and buying creatine and zinc separately so you get a higher dose. The usual creatine dose is 5 grams. This drink contains considerably less. Too much creatine may also cause a flag however, it won’t cause a positive reading.

References (scientific studies)

Venkatraman A, Lents NH. Zinc reduces the detection of cocaine, methamphetamine, and THC by ELISA urine testing. J Anal Toxicol. 2011 Jul;35(6):333-40. PubMed PMID: 21740689.

This article about Medical Marijuana was published on and updated on June 2, 2021 . Medical facts in this article was checked and article was medically reviewed by our . Author of this checked article is
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Jasmine Johnson said:

I actually tested negative! So this DOES work!

The anonymous tester said:

You are full of it. Such lies

Dawn said:

Does this work for any other drug besides weed??

Anita said:

Wondering if this product works? I have a job interview tomorrow & I have to take a drug test. I just drunk one, & I am drinking water now. Would love to hear any feedback please & thank you. I really need this job!

Don said:

I’ll let you know. I take a drug test today, 12-17-18

San said:

Results? you pass or no?

The anonymous tester said:

Obviously he didn’t answer they are probably in jail because it doesnt work. This product is absolute fucking trash, I followed instructions to a t, failed. Took and extra bottle, failed. Waited a week, took 2 more bottles, still failed. This product has never worked and will never work. People saying it worked are fake reviews, most likely PO’s giving this product a good review to trick users to think it works, then they get busted. So PLEASE for your own sake, DO NOT PURCHASE. You will fail every single time I promise.

Dalynn said:

Im def not a p.o. and i use this everytime to pass for the past 2 years. Everybodys body is different.

The anonymous tester said:

Never in a million years will this product work. Followed introduction precisely and failed on 4 or 5 different occasion. This product is 100% a scam. So PLEASE people. Listen to a real review, do not waste your money. You will fail every time I promise. Just fork over the money for a high quality detoxer. This is a waste of money

Karas85 said:

how heavy of a smoker are you and how many days did you give your self of not using weed

Angie said:

My sister used this product and passed and shes I’m work release so y’all didnt do it right or something because she passed

Jared said:

Can I take it a day head to flush my system?

Anyonomous said:

Hi. I am being randomly drug tested for a job within the next few weeks. I have no idea when the drug test is gonna be. I have heard good and bad reviews on this drink. Who knows what is real. I am going to lose my job if I don’t pass this drug test. Does this drink really work? Or does ANYONE have any other suggestions I could do to get my system clean. HELP!!

Dope said:

Try synthetic urine like monkey piss or whatever kind they should have something at your local smoke shop or just use someone elses pee cause i don’t think they will look at you pee when you take the test i heard its illegal if its for a job interview or whatever so try those things ?

Dom said:

Y’all are dumb asl this product does work and I’ve passed using this before. Drank it an 1:30 before my test and refilled the three times with water. Then I peed 3 times and passed. Easy money. Just follow directions you illiterate f*cks

Jay said:

It did really

Pizzaburrito said:

But how can you pee 3 times!? I can go maybe 2 times while drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Lol

I drop for my po 2maro, and i have been failing for thc and i havnt done it in 2 months! I was thinking it was the excedrin i took the day of my drop… but everyone looks at me like Im crazy when i say it made me drop dirty…

I dont know. Im frustrated but i got the grape flavor and hope it works for me…. i hope i can get myr self to pee 4 times in about 2 hours…

Trogdore3 said:

Well here it goes 2 16 oz bottles down and probation at 4 it’s been a little over a week since I have smoked I normally Clean out pretty quick but as a safety net I figured why not give it a go so for an honest non biased review I’ll let you guys know how it goes

Chica said:

Did it work?

Wildflower said:

Trogodore3 – how’d it turn out? Very curious, I’m in the same boat!

Christy said:

As soon as you know about the test stop smoking. This has worked me me twice and hasn’t once. When it didn’t work I literally smoked that day and tried it. I didn’t pee enough either. Follow the intructions and abstain from smoking at least 48 hours before

Wildflower said:

I’ve tried the product before and did not work. Though I have been a chronic smoker for years. I mainly smoke concentrates, so I have been really saturated. It was until I quit smoking for at least two weeks and then tried the product again, that it worked. I drink a gallon of water within the 60 to 90 minute timeframe that they give for it to start working. It worked the last time I used it … I passed a state-given test. I’ve smoked more this last month and am due for another test in 2 weeks. I hope to be able to give the same review! Tips: 1) You have to quit smoking for at least a week (in my experience). 2) Drink MUCH more water than 3 16 oz. bottles to see results. 3) The day before your test, take one Azo Standard pill. It will color your urine. Even if you drink a gallon of water, it’ll still have a deep color and not look diluted.

Anonymous37 said:

I’ve taken this before and passed. I had a random test done and took another bottle and drank about a gallon of water before I had to give my sample. I only peed twice before the sample and it came out almost clear as water. Can you still pass if you didn’t pee four times before taking the test?


It did not work for me i followed instructions to the t and fail my job drug screening. Note it did clean out my system that day my stomach was running off alot. But i failed the drug screening and i didnt have any thing in 3 days before i drank the stuff

Tina said:

I tried this today & it worked wonders ! I found out at 10am that I had a test to take at 5pm. I hadn’t smoked for 3 days prior, I started drinking water from the moment I found out. The person I purchased the Jazz detox from informed me to eat a full meal prior (to prevent throwing up) to taking the detox, & to drink it 60-90 minutes prior to my test, after drinking it to drink 3 bottles of water & to urine 3-4 times or until urine is clear. If you follow the directions & don’t smoke the same day, it should work perfectly.

Donna said:

I haven’t smoked weed for 25 days. Had a new employment drug test today. I had an old but not expired drug test that was in my purse probably 6-8 months. Got home & thought I’m going to take this and see. The test showed positive ! Will my work drug test come back positive? Should I take another test? I’m kind of freaking out !

Tashann said:

Did it work?

Justin said:

I really need help i was sent to do a drug test from my school and i used product the same day, i followed the instructions, ate a meal, drank at least 90 minutes before, refilled 3 times, and urinated about 4 times. When it was time to take the test it was too clear so they preferred a saliva test. I smoked about 24 hours prior though, will it still work? Someone PLEASE aid !!

Chrystopher Martinez said:

Used for pre-employment and probationary tests, DOES WORK, if use properly and follow instructions

Sky said:

I drank Jazz about 70 minutes before my drug test drank a bunch of water and Gatorade.. it most definitely worked but my pee was extremely clear.. I recommend drinking something that will give your pee some color also, or your urine will look like you intentionally flushed your system.

Sunshine said:

PO in 12 hrs. Will this hide subutex?

Ashley sheffield said:

Can it be used while pregnant?

Cora said:

Can this be taken a day before the test instead of the day of the test? Is it going to affect the test results?

Alexis said:

I have got the grape flavor and I am earnestly hoping that it works for me. Hoping to pee myself clean in the test.

Blake said:

My sister and I have both used the product and we both were able to pass the test. Do it right and you are going to pass, too.

Trix said:

Has anyone had experience with the 5 hour “clean time” window that Jazz claims? A friend of mine drank a 16 oz bottle of this followed by two refills of water per the directions. Finished before 8am peed 4 or 5 times and then tested at 2pm. Given the hour it takes to “get clean” starting around 9am Ill assume if the test was at 2pm she should pass.Thats exactly 5 hours ? She did use the same drink for etg test and passed but drank by 9am and tested at 1pm.Trying to give her peace of mind.

Theodore said:

I am a heavy smoker and skinny; will this drink work for if I abstain from smoking for 3 days?

Casey said:

I will be doing this tomorrow and realized I’m like 5 or 6 hours from being 42 hrs clean if I do everything else to the t and make sure and drink Lots more water do u think I’ll pass anyone that has experiencd this as I A
am 2 morrow if could Lmk soon..thaNks!

Casey said:

I have the total detox one he extra strength and also comes a a accelerator power pack and when I do it tomorrow it will be a total of like 5 or 6 hrs from being 42 hrs but the accelerator was as i was told for someone who has smoked awithin 42 that hrs so do you guys think I will pass as lokg as I do as said with all other directions feed back please 🙂