Does Jazz Total Detox Really Work?

Jazz Total Detox for Weed Detox

Our reviews of Jazz Total Detox are the best and most precise you may find online. Jazz Total Detox by House of Jazz review our team has performed will let you not to waste money on unnecessary or simply bad detox products. We will let you know if you can use Jazz Total Detox to pass a drug test, pass a saliva test, to pass a urine drug test, and whether there are any shops near me where you can purchase the product. We will provide you with directions to reach real results. The article will also investigate, how long does it last?  We will also answer the following question: “Will Jazz Total Detox cleanse toxins, cannabis sativa, and other drugs from your system?”

Jazz Total Detox Instructions

Figure 1.

Jazz Total Detox is sold in a plastic bottle with this attractive yellow label and has orange and tropical punch flavors. The focus of the label is on the fact that the product can purge cannabis sativa from your body for numerous purposes: passing a lab test for probation, pre-employment drug screening, or an ordinary cleanse of your system.

The drink contains L-lysine (amino acid), potassium chloride (electrolyte), ascorbic acid, zinc oxide, vitamins, minerals, creatine, and more electrolytes. It implies that the task is to try to dilute the pee while replacing the markers of dilution such as creatinine and b-vitamins which are responsible for the urine color.

Jazz Total Detox Bottle
Figure 2.

As for Zinc qualities, it is able to lower the sensitivity of urinalysis tests for marijuana, thereby demonstrating a detoxifying effect for pot and possibly other substances and drugs.

How to Use Jazz Total Detox

Step by step guide

  1. Drink the bottle 90 minutes before being tested for drugs.
  2. Refill twice and drink.
  3. Urinate up to four times.
  4. Proceed to do your test for alcohol, for opiates, or marijuana after using Jazz Total Detox for THC detox.

Manufacturer, Support, Certificates

House of Jazz
9853 N Alpine Rd #104, Rockford, IL 61115

It is important to mention that the products presented are detox supplements, not medications. They cannot be used to treat disease or applied for illegal activity.

Add Ons

Other products for toxin removal include Jazz One Hour Caps, Jazz Mouthwash, Folli-Kleen Shampoo, Jazz Detox Shampoo, and Jazz Jump Start Daily Edge (for daily use).

Pros and cons

Pros of Jazz Total Detox
  • Contains no herbs which may affect the liver
  • All-natural ingredients
  • In a liquid form
  • Contains Creatine Monohydrate
  • Contains b-vitamins for color
  • Quickly takes effect
  • Many flavors
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Has electrolytes
Cons of Jazz Total Detox
  • You have to drink too much fluid
  • You have to pee up to four times
  • No studies have been performed
  • Can cause gastrointestinal upset in some persons
  • May get a ‘diluted’ sample back from drinking too much water

Jazz Total Detox can be purchased at and on Amazon.

Q&A about Jazz Total Detox

 For what period of time do Jazz total detox’s detoxifying effects work?
It works for a five-hour window.
Will it work if you smoked in the last two days?
  Use one-hour caps first, then follow with One Hour Liquid Concentrate if you’ve smoked in the last two days.
Why doesn’t the formula use herbs?
Jazz Total Detox does not have herbs because herbs are of questionable purity and not standardized in most detox drinks. They are a sham and can harm the liver.
Does Jazz Total Detox work the same day?
Yes. It should reduce toxins to levels not detectable within one hour.
Does Jazz Total Detox have a money-back guarantee?
  What is the cost?
$34.95 USD

Jazz Total Detox Reviews from customers

Positive Jazz Total Detox Reviews

Positive Jazz Total Detox Review

Figure 3.

These two reviews claim the product worked, even for a person weighing almost 300 lbs.

Critical Jazz Total Detox Review

Critical Jazz Total Detox Review

Figure 4.

These users claim that their experience with the product was a waste of money, but those who achieved the result with Jazz Total Detox will oppose this argument saying that they possibly did not follow instructions to drink water.

This regular weed user recommended using Toxin Rid instead Jazz Detox.


These drinks work in accordance with the same mechanism as many other detox drinks do. How does it happen? The main principle is diluting urine, lowering the test sensibility by using zinc, and replacing b-vitamins, electrolytes, and creatine so that the pee sample does not look diluted. Actually, it can bring the desired results if the dilution is successful and undetected. So, it’s a matter of chance. If you have smoked less and abstained from weed for a longer period, you are more likely to reach a better effect. We award this product a score of 6 out of 10.

The cost of $34.95 USD suggests you might be better off using dilution and buying creatine and zinc separately so you get a higher dose. The usual creatine dose is 5 grams. This drink contains considerably less. Too much creatine may also cause a flag however, it won’t cause a positive reading.

References (scientific studies)

Venkatraman A, Lents NH. Zinc reduces the detection of cocaine, methamphetamine, and THC by ELISA urine testing. J Anal Toxicol. 2011 Jul;35(6):333-40. PubMed PMID: 21740689.

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