How to pass a drug test in 24 hours: home remedies

Drug test definition. Types of the most common drug tests. How do drug tests work?

A drug test generally tests your body to see if you have been using illicit substances or things that are unhealthy like cigarettes which could drive up health costs for your employer and result in absenteeism and lost productivity.

These are the most common types of drug tests

Urine tests

During a urine test, you will be asked to submit a specimen of your urine. The technician will lead you to a bathroom and give you a small cup and instruct you to pee a little, then catch some in the cup, and finish in the toilet. Your test may or may not be observed. Urine tests are the most prevalent tests for employment and other purposes. Urine tests can detect drugs for up to a 30 day period.

Saliva Test

During a saliva test, your mouth will be swabbed and a sample of saliva taken. They are not getting calls from your cheeks, the only saliva is needed. It will then be analyzed for drug metabolites. It has a window of detection between 2 – 4 days.

Hair Follicle Test

During a hair follicle test, a sample of 1.5 inches of hair will be taken from your head and tested for drug metabolites. This test can detect drugs for a period of 90 days or 3 months. Drug residues are deposited in the hair anytime you do drugs, so hair testing provides a 3-month record of what drugs you’ve been doing. Hair grows .5 inches per month, so 1.5 inches leads up to a 3-month record.

Blood test

Blood drug tests are highly accurate but rarely used because it is expensive and it is intrusive. Blood will be drawn with a syringe by a phlebotomist.

Blood tests may be used during a DUI if a vehicular homicide is involved. The detection window for a drug test can be up to 3 weeks but is typically only a few hours until blood levels of a drug have fallen significantly. If you need to pass a blood test, abstaining as soon as you know, even if it’s one day, will often be sufficient. If you can stall for one day, that may not look so suspicious and will give you time for the drug to get out of your system.

What do you need to know and what do you need to have to pass a drug test at home?

If you want to pass a drug test at home and you don’t have any detox products, it can still be done.

How to pass a saliva drug test home remedy

Saliva tests only detect drug use for up to four days. If you had taken an opioid, say oxycodone, it would be detectable in 15 minutes. It will be exiting your saliva in 1 or up to 4 days. If you can abstain for 4 days before the test, you can expect no drug residues to be detectable.

To pass a saliva test, you just need to clean the mouth out pretty well. They are not gonna be trying to swab cells from your cheeks, they are just gonna get a sample of saliva. So, the best way to go is first, use a mild dilution method. You just wanna take in enough fluid for your pee to be fairly clear. Drink about 64 ounces of water over the course of about 3 or 4 hours, with a little lite salt so that you don’t get water intoxication. You need those electrolytes with your water. Drinking a large amount of water without electrolytes can make you ill. Anyway, this will dilute the blood and cause a slowing up of the shedding of drug metabolites in your saliva. However, the truth is, they are generally looking for drug residues from drugs that you have used orally, so you have a very good chance of passing a saliva test unless you just got done smoking or eating a drug and swishing it around your mouth.

Next, you need to brush your teeth real good before the test. Now, the secret:

  1. Get some 3% peroxide mouth wash. It comes in the brown bottle from a grocery store. Don’t go get some ridiculous concentration like 20 % or whatever from a chemist and burn your mouth up. Don’t get creative.
  2. Put an ounce of peroxide in your mouth with a little water.
  3. Swirl it around the mouth real good, for 1 minute.
  4. Now spit it out. Yes indeed, spit it out. It’s not good for you. Now you’re ready to go in and do your test. Good luck. You’re looking out for yourself and trying to get this job.

Urine tests: How to pass a drug test in 24 hours naturally

A urine test can detect drug use for up to 30 days of the test. Urine tests are the most popular method used by employers and government organizations like drug courts. This is because it is less expensive and easy to administer.

Home remedies to pass a urine drug test

To pass a urine test at home, you will use a method called dilution. Dilution is where you dilute your urine to make the level of drug metabolites low. But you also have to replace the color, the yellow by taking in b-vitamins, and you have to replace the creatinine by taking creatine. You may also need to replace some of the electrolytes. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Dilution is to be done right before your test because you are not detoxing your system of drugs, you are temporarily making your urine have way more water than drug metabolites.
  2. Drink about 64 oz of water over 3 or 4 hours. Add electrolytes from lite salt preferably, but regular salt if you don’t have lite salt. You want potassium chloride or Nu-Salt, a salt alternative, and sodium chloride, regular salt. You want maybe ¼ teaspoon to ½ teaspoon of each, with another ½ teaspoon of baking soda. Your water should taste a little salty, just barely. Salt to taste basic.
  3. Now, you need to replace that creatinine. So, take 5 grams of creatine. If you don’t have creatine, eat some meat, preferably a big piece of steak, as it has a good bit of creatine. If you don’t have it, any kind of beef, or any kind of meat.
  4. Now, you need to take some b-vitamins. Use a b-vitamin complex and follow the directions on the bottle. You can also take a multi-vitamin as most have b-vitamins. If you haven’t eaten any meat, you can also eat meat for b-vitamins.
  5. The b-vitamins will turn your pee yellow, which they will be looking for as it is a sign the urine has not been diluted.
  6. Now make sure you’ve peed 3 or 4 times and go in and take your urine test. Pee a little into the toilet, then catch the midstream urine and finish in the toilet. Handoff your sample and good luck soldier.

You can also use this dilution method for a blood test, though it may not be as successful. Luckily, blood drug tests are rarely done.


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Some people prefer to try to substitute urine. In order to do this, you need to find a friend or relative whom you know is clean of drugs and pay them for a sample of urine. You need about 3 ounces. It’s important to make sure they are not using any medications. Some people have gotten samples from children, which may not be legal, but find out the children were on ADHD medications which showed up as amphetamines. So, make sure the person you buy urine from is clean.

Keep it warm

Now you need to keep your urine warm. This can be done by putting it into a condom and keeping it stashed close to your body so that it stays body temperature. You can also use hand warmers if you have any. You may need to practice how you are going to tape it in there. If your test might be observed, you’re gonna want it hidden in the crotch so that it is undetected. If your jurisdiction’s laws prohibit you from doing this, we cannot advise you to do it. We are merely describing what people have done to successfully beat drug tests. When you go in for the test, puncture your condom, make sure that urine is hot, and get it into the specimen cup. The last step is to pee your own pee into the toilet, because they may come in to make sure you peed in the toilet. We don’t know what kinda pee fetish they got going on, but they will come and look for your pee in the toilet.


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Another method is to make your own synthetic pee. We have not seen this method work very well as testers are pretty good at detecting fake urine unless it is bought from a reputable fake urine company like Quick fix urine. But it is possible to make it at home. Here’s what you will need:

  • 43 grams of magnesium sulfate
  • 6 grams of calcium chloride
  • 9 milliliters of 0.25 ammonia solution
  • 1 gram of sodium chloride/table salt
  • 3 grams of urea
  • 8 grams of potassium chloride
  • 976 milliliters of 0.02-mole hydrochloric acid liquid

Now put the dry ingredients in a sealed one-liter container. Slowly add in the liquid ammonia, then the HCL acid. Now close the container and mix it up. You got some convincing urine, odor, and all.

Hair follicle test

best cleansing shampoo
To pass a hair follicle drug test you just need to dye your hair twice. First, try to bleach then dye your hair with a kit that contains ammonia 10 days out and of course, abstain from drug use until after the test. Then the day of the test, do it again. You need to dye your hair your natural hair color because they may opt for an armpit or groin hair if they notice that your hair is pink or green.

If you don’t have hair dye, you can try washing your hair with a harsh shampoo or soap, and some people use a small amount of Tide laundry detergent, though we do not recommend this. Studies have shown, the more damage is done to the hair, the more drug metabolites come out of the shaft. Later, put a baking soda paste in your hair, and rinse it out to neutralize drug acids.


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Detox calculator, the quickest way to clean your system

The quickest way to detox your system is to use the dilution method above each day before your test and be sure to abstain from any drug use. Do This for about 4 to 10 days. Also, you need to exercise each day, aerobic for 30 minutes to an hour. This is gonna burn fat and get the THC flowing out of your system and speed the metabolism of other drugs. Then you use dilution to pee it out. Take your b vitamins and creatine daily. You might also drink cranberry juice or green tea as a diuretic. Don’t do anything that is harsh to the body. You’re just exercising, drinking water, and taking vitamins. Now, right before the test, the two days before, you need to stop exercising cuz you need to stop the THC from leaking out. Continue to do dilution even the day of the test. You need to eat well and healthy the two days before the test to put a stop to fat burning. Therefore, you need to eat some carbs. You have already decreased the level of THC in the body. Now you need to stop it from leaking out, that’s the strategy, so now a lower level is leaking out and it is diluted. That should get you through the test.

Likelihood of passing the test

Dilution is a tried and true method. Substitution is great if you buy your own fake urine from a company like Quick Fix or use urine from a clean friend. Making it at home is likely to fail. Getting someone else’s urine is pretty good if they are clean and you have hand warmers to keep its body temperature. Detoxing may help a little, but mostly it will help your morale, get you pumped up and hopeful.

Home remedies to detox body risks

In some jurisdictions and under some circumstances, trying to cheat a drug test is a form of fraud for which you could be prosecuted. If you try to beat a government drug test, you could be charged with conspiracy to defraud the government of the United States, which is a real charge. It is not often used against citizens trying to beat a drug test, but detox product makers have been successfully prosecuted under that law. Detox products are illegal in some states, even though we are here talking about homemade products. Production of a detox product is illegal in some states, especially Texas and Louisiana. Selling adulterants is illegal in these states:

  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Arkansas
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • Nebraska
  • Virginia

If you make or sell your own synthetic urine, you could be investigated under the laws in those states. So, be careful. Although successful prosecution is unlikely, it is possible.

Q & A

  How accurate are home drug tests compared to lab tests?
  If you buy a reasonably priced urine test kit from a pharmacy like Walgreens, it is likely the same test that will be used on the job. This kit is actually the cheapest option for the employer. Now, the kicker is that you have to follow instructions precisely to use it right. You can use this to make sure your dilution method has worked correctly and you can be positive that you will test clean. It might be good to buy several tests at a pharmacy or online. If you buy online, make sure it is from a mainstream company.
  What are the best home drug test kits?
Quick Screen is a very cheap kit that tests for 10 drugs with good accuracy.
Discover Plus sells a 12-panel screen with good accuracy.
You will need to do your research as many different tests are offered online. If you order from a pharmacy like Walgreens or CVS, you are getting a test with accuracy equal to what will be used on the job. If you order from eBay or a third world country, the accuracy may not be equivalent.
  What is the best DIY detox drinks?
  Cranberry juice, green tea, and water. Coffee also has a great diuretic effect but it may get you jumpy and you may need to also drink electrolyte water with it to get the juices flowing. Opt for decaf coffee if you choose this route.
  What is the best at home drug test for THC?
This is it right here, from Confirm Biosciences. You can get it from Walgreens.
How to pass a urine drug test with baking soda?
It doesn’t work. Use dilution in the method above instead.


Chances are, you have a urine test coming up. Use dilution or substitute a clean person’s urine or both. You never know what may happen when you get there, so be ready. If you are observed, you may have to produce a sex organ to pee with and do it right there in front of them, you won’t be able to use your condom full of someone else’s urine. But if you’ve used dilution as well, you may still pass. These methods have a fairly good pass rate if done correctly, despite what those selling drug tests will tell you.

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