How does cannabis work (pharmacology)

Cannabis and its effects

The human body is affected by cannabis to a large extent. There are a lot of misconceptions related to this. One of them would be how it takes over the human body and starts its intoxicating process. In the last few years, many researches have been held, related to the complexity of the mechanisms of cannabis once it enters the human body.


Ever wondered why and how endocannabinoids have an impact on the human body? What might shock you is that our own body produces chemicals that are cannabis-like which are known as endogenous cannabinoids, or endocannabinoids. The endocannabinoids are in charge of many functions in our body, such as regulating our sleep, blood pressure, immune responses, bone growth, etc. The endocannabinoids help keep us balanced once they come together. Therefore, unbalanced endocannabinoids in our body may result in many medical conditions.


Endocannabinoids can boost their physical effects in a human system after they come in contact with switches in bodies, also known as cannabinoid receptors. These can change our body functions such as a blood pressure, response to a certain pain or an appetite. It has been discovered that these receptors are mainly present in certain parts of our brain, as well as in the immune system and some organs in the human body. This whole range of receptors can be found in primitive organisms, which means these receptors play a vital role in the basic physiology of the human body.

Plant cannabinoids and their connection with endocannabinoid receptors

The way cannabinoid receptors disperse and spread themselves in the human body tells a lot about the side effects of cannabis consumption. Not only do these cannabinoids always depend on pulling the receptors or dispersing them in the body, they have also a potential to become antioxidants by themselves. Antioxidants, in general, do not come close to receptors, but can influence the way other cannabinoids like THC mix with the receptors.

These certain receptors are present either in the nervous system or in the immune system. These two systems make up our body and help perform all of its functions. The severe use of cannabis products can cause medical conditions in the human body. Apart from all these complications, it is also not easy for biologists and scientists to find a medicine that can easily cure all the side effects.


A person who uses cannabis as a way to find peace or to bring ease to themselves don’t realize that by intaking cannabis they are causing a disbalance in their body as well as intoxicating it. But there is a strange possibility that if you look at this the other way round, where someone’s body is already misbalanced, the use of cannabinoids may somehow partially restore its balance. Therefore, we should use our minds and try to differentiate between an entertaining and a medicinal use of cannabis.

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