Scott Has a Good Mind and a Good Smile

Scott Has a Good Mind and a Good Smile

by Micah Fialka-Feldman

This article originally appeared in Inclusion News – Spring 2002

Hi! I am Micah. I am writing about a guy I met at the Toronto Summer Institute 2001. His name is Scott and he is 18 years old. He is a cool kid. He has a good mind and a good smile and three nice helpers. I like him. He is a new friends and a new pal. In Toronto, I went swimming with him. He lets us know when he want to go swimming be moving his legs. I went to his PATH because I wanted to know more stories about Scott. It was interesting.

It was fun meeting Scott at the Institute because he was close to my age. Different people have different abilities. Scott helped me understand that.

On the last day of the Institute, Scott’s mom met my mom and they both cried like moms cry. They were happy. Scott’s mom told my mom that the Institute felt like a Bar Mitzvah for Scott. I liked hearing that because I had a great bar Mitzvah when I was 13 years old.

About two weeks after I met Scott, my family and I went to Israel. I found a cool Prayer shawl for Scott. Prayer shawls are important because Jews wear them when they pray. Marsha Forest likes wearing her father’s prayer shawl.

When I came back to Michigan, my Great Aunt Joann and Uncle Ross drove me to Canada to Scott’s house. He lives about 3 hours from my home. It was fund to give Scott the prayer shawl that I bought in Israel. He was happy.

Scott and I went to the African Safari where the animals jumped on a car. We went out to dinner and I got to sleep over.

The next day I took the train home from Scott’s house all the way to Windsor, ALL BY MYSELF. I felt happy that I could take the train. I had fun with my new pal, Scott. He taught me that friends can help you through the good times and hard times. He taught me that it was easy to take the train by myself because he gave me strength. Scott is a nice friend and I’ll be seeing him again. I hope I can see him again at the Summer Institute in 2002.


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