My Second Story of Scott

My Second Story of Scott

by Micah Fialka-Feldman

August 14, 2003

In the last Inclusion News I wrote an article about my friend Scott. We met at the 2001 Summer Institute. He wasn’t Jewish but his mom said that being at the Summer Institute was like Scott’s bar mitzvah. A couple of weeks after the Summer Institute I went to Israel and bought a prayer shawl for Scott. I liked looking for one for him. When I got home I went to Canada to give it to him and then I took the train home ALL BY MYSELF. Scott gave me the courage to do that.

This is Part 2 to my story about Scott. Now that he had a prayer shawl, we thought he should have a real bar mitzvah because he was becoming a man (He was 19 years old) and he did good things for people. My mom, Scott’s mom and I talked about how he would have a bar mitzvah. Scott is not Jewish but I am, so I could help. One day Scott had his Bar Mitzvah and it was a good one. Lots of people came and my dad got to be a Rabbi for a day. He said that Scott is a teacher and professor because he taught people about love and friendship. Everyone told stories about how much Scott had changed their lives. We lit candles and people laughed and cried. And Scott’s dad said, “It was all Micah’s fault that Scott was having a bar mitzvah.” I was happy.

One day I got a call from Scott’s mom telling me that Scott was very sick. Then Judith Snow called and told my mom that Scott died. Later I called Judith because I felt sad. I wanted to see Scott one more time.

My mom and I drove for six hours in the pouring rain to see Scott. We got to his home at midnight. I gave Scott’s parents a big hug. Then I walked quietly in his room. There were lots of flowers and candles. My friend Scott was laid on his bed. He looked the same to me but he couldn’t go swimming anymore. He wore his suit and a dolphin tie because he liked to swim with dolphins in Florida. The prayer shawl I gave him was wrapped around him. I got in bed and sat close to him. I touched his forehead. He was cold. I wasn’t scared. I was happy because I could see him one more time.

Then I went to sleep. We woke up early and put hundreds of flower petals in the casket with Scott. I took off all the petals off his hair and face because guys don’t like flowers in their face. Then we went to church for his funeral. The priest put Scott’s prayer shawl on his casket. He said that Scott taught us that all religions are about learning to love.

I felt proud to know Scott. He was my Canadian, older brother (1 am one year younger). He was a good friend. He helped me get through hard times. I am still in contact with Scott’s mom and dad, Gloria and Peter. I joke with them and tell them that I am their Jewish son. They came to my high school graduation party. I was happy.

After Scott died, Jack Pearpoint wrote me an email and told me to keep Scott’s spirit alive and keep celebrating his life. I am doing that by writing this second part of my “Scott Stories.” I will keep Scott’s story around for a long time.

When Scott died, his mother said, “Follow the moon home, Scott.” I like that quote. When I look at the moon, I think about my friend and brother, Scott. He was a good boy and gave us a vision of light.


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