How to Use Cannabis Vaporizer: Main Tricks and Tips

Now that cannabis is being legalized in many countries, it is only right that consumers learn how to use the best weed vaporizer pens as properly as it should be used. They should also be able to learn why vaporizers are useful and the main tips and tricks for using them.
Starters, for instance, ought to be taught why vaping may be one of the best ways for consuming weed.

Up until recently, people only used to smoke weed in pipes and joints, but thanks to innovation, there is now way more diversity for people to go with, both in product and in how they are consumed. Not only have joints and pipes been made more available than ever before, kinds of stuff like blunts, bongs, vaporizers, and electric dabbing tools have also been made available.

Vaporizers otherwise referred to as vape pens, are the newest trend as long as cannabis consumption is involved. In fact, several types of research point to them as the least harmful way to take cannabis.

In this article, we will not only focus on talking about why and how to use vaporizers, but we will also highlight the best weed vape pen in the market to help you make the right selection. Before going on, however, what is vaporizer?

A vaporizer, popularly referred to as a vape, is a device that’s mainly used for vaporizing substances for inhalation. Of course, different plant substances can be vaporized, from cannabis to tobacco, or even herbs and blends of essential oil. You will find different forms of extraction chambers in vaporizers, including venturi, straight bore, or sequential bore, all designed with materials like glass or metal. The vapor that’s extracted may be inhaled directly through a pipe, or collected in an inflatable bag. With proper usage, the cooler temperature can result in more efficiency in the extraction of ingredients. Hence, you can expect a significant reduction in the irritating and harmful effects of smoking.

How to Vape Weed?

There are basically two types of vaporizers, and we will focus this session on explaining how both are used to vape weed.
The first type, stationary vaporizers is less popular, but it is often referred to as the most convenient option to use for vaping weed. They are quite big and require to be connected to a popular outlet before being used. You will normally need to set them up on a table or at least a flat and sturdy surface. Depending on the model, this equipment comes with a plastic balloon or a small hose.

In case you are wondering, what the hose is for, it is used to directly inhale the vapor from the vaporizer, while the balloon, when used, on the other hand, gets inflated by the vapor, and then a user would need to inhale from it.
As expected, vaping weed takes a process that’s very simple to learn. First, put the weed into the chambers, or on the heated surface. Set the hose, then get the vaporizer plugged into a power outlet, and of course, turned on. Select your choice temperature, then let it work fit a few minutes before you start dragging the vapor in.

Vape pens are the second type of vaporizers and they are much simpler to use. They are getting increasingly popular nowadays, and it is not so hard to see why. If you are familiar with the electric cigarette concept, then it will not be so hard to understand how this one works, because they are pretty much the same thing. Once the battery is charged full, have the vape pen filled with your vaporizer and you are good to go.

Please note, however, that different brands of vaporizers are designed differently, hence, the need to read the instruction manual of each property before you begin to use them. The come very small in size, so each has its own specific method of turning on.
While most vape pens are designed for only cannabis, a few can also be used for cannabis concentrates too. So, it will be proper for you to check the instructions properly before use.

Tips For Using a Vaporizer

Here, take a look at a few useful tips that will transform your use of vaporizers:

  1. Learn to Disassemble Your Device At Night
    It is easy to think of this as a tedious and pointless task, but in the real sense, it is not. In fact, it is actually a good habit to remove your atomizer at night, especially if you recently filled it with e-liquid. By doing this, you are preventing leaks or spills from occurring on it. Allowing the juice to touch the battery itself can potentially cause the death of the device.
    You don’t want to see this happen because it might mean that all the money you spent on this prized possession is gone without enjoying its use. Hence, the need to do this small task.
  2. Beware of Cracking
    As a follow-up tip to the last one, it is important to beware of cracking. While most reliable retailers will take the time to warn you beforehand, a few others might not. However, you must understand that different brands of vaporizers differ in quality. Hence, the need to be cautious of certain juices in your stone tanks. This is mainly because certain juices can crack some tanks.
  3. Juice Maintenance
    This is another aspect that we’ve found that marijuana smokers make mistake in. E-liquids actually involves a whole lot than buying and vaping them. There’s a need to learn how to maintain your juice to keep it in its best form for as long as you want. Steps like taking the liquid away from direct sunlight and shaking before every use will go a long way to helping you get quality vape as much as possible.
    Additionally, leaving your bottles of liquid open for long may not be advisable. While it’s fine to let your juice breathe when it gets too intense, leaving the bottle open for too long will sacrifice the flavor of its content.
  4. The Batteries
    These things use batteries, and their batteries are very important. In fact, you will not be wrong to refer to the batteries as the single most important part of it. It often doesn’t matter what the cost of your vape pen is, if the batteries are not functioning well, you may be left struggling with its usage.
    We’ve found that most starters kit have ego threading, and this means that chargers will screw right onto the battery. You should know that over-tightening this could destroy the battery or charger. Make conscious efforts to maintain the battery, and if you notice any damage, take it to an expert, or simply shop another battery

Best Weed Vape Pen

If you want to attempt vaping your cannabis, then here are a number of options that you can try. After rigorous researches and meetings with experts, we were able to put up devices that offer features that ease the process of monitoring heat level, work well with pant material, are portable, and have positive reviews already from clients. We ensured that all the vaporizers in this list meet at least, most of these criteria.

  • Storz & Bickel Crafty
    This is certainly an option to go for. It combines convection and conduction heating to give out a good level of efficiency. It is also portable and works well THC vape juice.
  • Pax Labs PAX 3
    This option comes with a sleek and intuitive design, but that’s not all that there is to it. It has the perfect style to suit any beginner. It works well for use with concentrates and herbs and comes with an app for customizing and monitoring of temperature.
  • Atmos Jump
    Several review sites rank Atmos vaporizers as the best, and it is not hard to see why. This particular option is very affordable and can work perfectly as a starter vape for users that are not yet very experienced. It comes with only one temperature setting and has a feature that shows when it is hot enough for use.
  • Firefly
    This is one very popular option, and if you are used to vape pens, then you must have heard of this at one point or the other. It comes with a glass bowl that enables extreme efficient heating and a taste that’s best described as amazing.

Smoking Vs. Vaping

It is a known fact that many people turn to vape as a way to transform from their smoking habits to not smoking at all. As to whether this works for stopping addiction or not, is a topic for another discussion. However, we need to state here that vaping is generally safer than smoking. Regular cigarettes contain over 7,000 harmful toxins, while vapes contain far less.
There you have it, a lot to learn about vaping as a beginner. Although there is a lot more information about the increasingly popular trend, we hope that this article pushes you in the right direction of seeking answers to your numerous questions about vaping.

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