Resources on Working with a Group

Resources on Working with a Group

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This page has reports [information and advice from youth and young adults with disabilities] on how to work with organizations, agencies, and other groups.


How to Figure Out a Goal
A goal is a plan for the future. Group goals are about changing something in your community or organization [changing something that affects a whole group of people]. They need to be decided on by a group of people who want to work together.
This tip sheet is about how to figure out group goals. When the group makes one goal, you can go back to step one to make another goal.

Who Is an Adult Ally?
‘Adult Ally’ is a term that we use for adults who work with young people with disabilities. An Adult Ally strives to be a partner and a role model to young people, teaching them and learning from them. This one-pager explains what an adult ally is. It can be used to help educate adults and youth on what an adult ally should be.

Tips for Facilitation
Facilitation is about helping people express themselves and helping a group hear each other. It is also about moving a group through a process –like an agenda or training– so they can make decisions and get things done. For example, you could facilitate your Individual Education Plan [IEP] meeting at school.

A Facilitator Is. . .
A facilitator helps lead a group to work together toward a shared goal/purpose. Being a good facilitator is a skill of all good leaders. Everyone can learn how to be a facilitator and most people have facilitated before, but just didn�t know that was what it is called.

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