Marijuana 24K Gold Strain Review for Anorexia Nervosa

Strain name info: 24K Gold Marijuana Strain

Our Overall Rating:  4 out of 5 / Best known for Golden nuggets

Positive Effects
Origin / ancestry 24K Gold Type: 24K Gold is a 60 % Indica and 40 % Sativa weed hybrid with THC levels that come up to 24 %. It is descended from:

24K Gold combines Kosher Kush and Tangie parents to create a potent dose of citrus and earthy kush.

Aromas, Flavors 24K Gold has fragrances and aromas which have been described thusly:

  • Tropical
  • Tangerine
  • Spice
  • Pine
  • Skunk
  • Sour
  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Herbal
  • Fruit
  • Citrus
May Relieve 24K Gold medical cannabis is a predominantly Indica strain which is relaxing but also packs a large amount of THC. This allows it to address chronic stress and chronic pain. This could be good medicine for pain conditions like Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and arthritis. Like most weed varieties, it can also be used to improve appetite in conditions like anorexia and fight nausea induced by chemotherapy treatments.
THC Content:

17 % to 24 %

Indoor/Outdoor Yield 24K Gold grown indoors can yield about 16 ounces per square meter of growing room. Grown outside expect about 21 ounces per plant.
Flowering time 24K Gold weed will take nine or ten weeks to flower.
Harvest 24K Gold cannabis is ready for harvest in the later days of October.
Disease resistance 24K Gold is strong and resilient against disease and damage from fluctuating weather patterns.
Plant Height 24K Gold is a tall plant, growing up to 80 inches in height.
Adverse effects The 24K Gold weed can cause some drying of the mouth and gums, as well as the eyes. Overuse can cause some amount of panic and agitation.

Origins, Genetics, History

24K Gold is a 60 % Indica and 40 % Sativa weed hybrid with THC levels that come up to 24 %. It is a child of the citrusy Tangie and Kosher Kush. It is a very uplifting, mood-boosting smoke.

Appearance and Smell

24K Gold is a tall plant that can grow to over 80 inches tall. The buds have an indica structure. From its parent Tangie, it gets a strong citrusy odor and flavor. This is from high levels of a terpene called limonene. It gives this bud a tropical fruit, tangerine and pine taste. This terpene also helps to boost the effect of the THC. Just as the face squints when you have a taste of an actual lemon, the limonene in this lemony weed will hit you just as potently.

How to Grow 24K Gold Cannabis Seeds or Cuttings

Growing weed from 24K Gold cannabis seeds or cuttings is said by growers to be fairly easy. Indoors, you can use a typical grow room set-up. You may want to use a tent so that you can control the environment perfectly. Place reflective lining around the inside of the tent so that your lamp light shines on your plants’ leaves from every possible angle. Use High Discharge lamps to get the photosynthesis going overtime, producing all the compounds you know and love in your weed. You can put your plants in five-gallon buckets with some organic soil and Flower Power fertilizer. Be sure to keep the soil moist but not soggy. You will need a fan and exhaust system to keep the air moving and to keep it nice and dry. Too much humidity in the air can expose your plants to disease and rot. After 9 or 10 weeks, your plants will be ready to flower. You can induce flowering by using a 12 hours light and 12 hours dark photoperiodic lighting schedule. Then just harvest your bundles, hang to dry, and store in dark mason jars till it’s time to imbibe. You can expect about 16 ounces of golden bud per square meter of space.

You can also grow your 24 K Gold weed outside. Find an area that mimics a hot Mediterranean type of climate, with crisp air and dark, moist soil. Your plants will flower in the later days of October. You can expect 21 ounces of golden weed per plant.

Medicinal Marijuana Review / Focus on Anorexia Nervosa

24K Gold is a 60 / 40 Indica / Sativa with up to 24 % THC. This is a strain which is great for lifting up your mood and stimulating the appetite. Because of these attributes, it is a prime candidate for the treatment of anorexia. Marijuana is frequently used to treat wasting associated with cancer and HIV; however, it is less frequently looked at as a treatment for the more familiar anorexia nervosa. This is anorexia which is not secondary to a physical disorder. It is sometimes said to be a mental disorder.

The typical person to develop anorexia nervosa is a young woman, although men and older persons can also develop the condition. The person with anorexia can experience severe weight loss, to the extent that it becomes life-threatening. They can restrict food intake obsessively, have a strong fear of putting on weight, and even a fear of eating. They may obsess over food and portion sizes. They may be severely underweight yet see themselves as overweight. They have a distortion of ability to see their own bodies accurately, called Body Dysmorphic Disorder, a frequent co-morbidity with anorexia nervosa. Anorexia Nervosa is common among models and others upon whom there is pressure to keep weight off, such as dancers and some types of athletes and entertainers. In addition to the severe restriction of food intake, the sufferer may also abuse laxatives and induce vomiting to prevent the absorption of calories. A body mass index of less than 15 may be indicative of anorexia nervosa when induced by purposely initiated caloric restriction.

In addition to lack of sufficient calories, the sufferer may have imbalances of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. This type of deprivation can cause damage to every organ system in the body and can lead to death or disability. The causes of the disorder are not well-understood. Frequent co-morbidities include Obsessive-Compulsive disorder and autism spectrum disorders. This suggests that imbalances in the brain and mental system may figure prominently in the causes of the condition. Genetic factors also play into the disorder, as it occurs more frequently in the identical twin of an affected person than in fraternal siblings. Those with gastrointestinal anomalies are also at greater risk of developing anorexia nervosa, pointing to an interaction between biological and mental causes. Finally, the cultural setting plays a big role. The obsession with being thin and finding a mate can add to the pressure to avoid eating and looking fat, which can then turn into an unreasonable obsession.

The fact that anorexia caused by cancer and HIV/AIDS can be treated with marijuana lead researchers to question if anorexia nervosa caused by the sufferer’s mental state could also be treated with marijuana. Marijuana, in some persons, can calm nervousness and obsessiveness, part of what drives the patient to obsess over his/her weight and avoid consuming sufficient calories. Once the anxiety is alleviated, marijuana packs another punch, it increases appetite, aka causes the munchies. So, the sufferer may become less anxious about his/her weight and at the same time, have an increase in appetite. This can greatly increase the chances the patient will consume sufficient calories in a meal. Many former sufferers of anorexia nervosa credit medical marijuana for helping them beat the condition and put on a healthy amount of weight.

24K Gold Weed Price

Vendor: Virtue Supply Company

510 NW 11th Ave,

Portland, OR, USA

Strain Name: 24K Gold Rosin– Rolen Stone

66.36 % THC

1 gram – $ 45


Vendor: Virtue Supply Company

510 NW 11th Ave,

Portland, OR, USA

Strain name: 24K Live Resin Sugar Wax – Oregon Genetics

73.13 % THC

1 gram – $ 20


24K Gold is a heavy-weight weed. It can definitely put you right out. It will give you a strong mood boost in seconds flat. You will be happy and giggly for the duration of your high. You will feel the pains and stressed thoughts of the day melt away. You will be in the moment, looking for nuggets of pleasure in your life to enjoy, rather than being focused on problems. Your body will become warm and comfortable. Have snacks ready as you may get the munchies. And have your blanket ready for a long, comfortable nap.

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