Black Runtz

Positive Effects Euphoria, relaxation, calm
Flavors Fruity with a tinge of sour berry flavors
May Relieve Chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia
Aromas, Fragrance Herbal and sour fragrance
THC Content % 19% – 29%
CBD % < 2%
Yield For indoor: 16 ounces/m2

For outdoor: 17 ounces/per plant

Genetic Indica/Sativa
Flowering time 56 to 63 Days or 8-9 weeks
Harvest Mid October
Plant Height 5 to 9 feet average
Type auto-flowering/regular

Black Runtz Kush is one of the most classic strains of the Runtz family, commonly used by people looking for ways to slow down and ease up their mood. Not only this, Black Runtz has certain medicinal components as well that can potentially assist patients in health care. If you’re looking for ways to figure out how to grow Black Runtz in your garden next door, you’re indeed at the right place.

Here in this marijuana Black Runtz strain review, we will discuss everything in correlation with it, from its origin and history to Black Runtz Weed price and where to find the Black Runtz Cannabis seeds. This strain also has the highest rate, such as Garanimal Kush. Users evaluated great sour and berry taste and painkilling features.

Origins, genetics, history

Black Runtz Kush, a major phenotype of the classic Runtz strain, is more or less similar to its parent. The classic Runtz strain genetics came into being when Ray Bama and his partner Nick crossed zkittlez and gelato strains.

Black Runtz, a Sativa dominant strain with staggering THC levels of up to 29% and low CBD levels (<2%), is a California mainstay and is gaining popularity among marijuana users more than ever. With such bewildered THC levels, Black Runtz Kush indeed produces increasing levels of psychoactive effects.

Although one may claim that there’s an equal ratio of Indica and Sativa in the classic Runtz strain, it isn’t necessarily true when it comes to the dozens of phenotypes associated with the plant. With each phenotype, the genetics, THC, and CBD levels differ. To know the appropriate amount, one must test it with every growth.

Head over to the following info guide if you are looking forward to knowing more about how to grow Black Runtz Kush from cannabis seeds alongside some of the typical features associated with the plant.

Appearance and Smell

The frosty buds of Black Runtz Kush are often grown dark and green with crystalline/lucid leaves, along with a tinge of pink and purple hues accompanying it. You might see white trichome-laden leaves as well. However, the appearance of a marijuana Black Runtz strain also heavily depends on the growing conditions.

The Black Runtz strain is tropical when it comes to its flavor. It has a sweet and a bit of sour berry-like smell upon opening its nugs during inhaling. After exhaling, you will feel a tinge of spicy feeling with a pineapple flavor. Right after this, Black Runtz weed will put you off to a relaxing sleep, much needed after long working hours.

To dive in deeper, you can figure out how exactly gelato strains yield citrus and sour flavor, whereas zkittlez is responsible for high THC levels. Thus, with their cross, the Black Runtz strain is able to provide both the desirable traits in one plant.

How to grow: Conditions, Describe the process, Fertilizers, Nutrients, Pruning, and yield.      

It is quite hard for one to get their hands on Black Runtz cannabis seeds with ease; nevertheless, once you have them, it’s a child’s play to be able to grow the Black Runtz Kush with the given guide. Make sure you follow through with all the steps carefully.

Foremost, It’s preferable to have a skilled person nearby while growing the Runtz plant. During its flowering stage, the plant can grow extensively, large and fast, and thus may become a bit handful on its own.

Interestingly, Runtz can grow quite large and much denser colas/buds. A larger and healthier mass of bud can lead to a smoother smoke.

Process of Cultivation and Yield:

For cultivation, both outdoor and indoor methods can lead to enhanced harvests and optimum yield.

During outdoor cultivation, approximately 17 oz/per plant can be yielded, with plant height reaching up to 5’9 ft. On the contrary, indoor cultivation can lead to a 16 oz/m2 yield with plant height measuring up to 4’5 ft tall.

It usually takes 8 to 9 weeks, i.e.56 to 63 days for the flowering stage to arrive. Once the plant has reached its flowering period, one can expect an exponential growth spurt in the Black Runtz kush. The middle of October is the most favorable and ideal time for harvest.


As far as pruning and correct techniques are concerned, topping and trellis nets can be good. One could grow optimum quality cannabis through this method.


Since we know how stellar the growth of the Runtz strain can get, it is crucial to provide them with water, fertilizer, and nitrogen from time to time. Additionally, keep an eye for a potential nutrient burn as well. Furthermore, being a photoperiod plant, you will have to make sure to change the light to begin flowering. It is also cardinal for you to provide organic soil with the right location if you want most of your Black Runtz cannabis seeds to grow.

 Medicinal Use

Black Runtz has become an overnight pop star in the cannabis industry. With its soothing and relaxing effects on the mind and body, it is indeed attracting all the possible fame it can get. The Black Runtz Kush is considered even stonier than its original parent, relieving nausea, pain, and anxiety through an intense and lasting high one can ever experience.

It is even reported that a single puff and blow of marijuana Black Runtz strain can provide a fierce and extraordinary euphoric feeling. After a joint, you can feel your mood uplifted and your soul at peace, as if all the worldly problems vanished in thin air. Chronic pain and headaches or migraines can all be put at ease with the Black Runtz strain.

It is proclaimed in certain reviews how inflammation is reduced in conditions such as chronic arthritis, surgeries, or accidents upon the use of Black Runtz Kush. On the plus side, the happy buzz in your head after smoking this pot can help you get some much-needed sleep if you suffer from insomnia or lack of sleep. The good news is you won’t have to resort to sleeping pills.

When and how is it better to use this strain?

Since Black Runtz Kush is particularly aligned towards calming you down alongside promoting sleep, it would make sense to use it during nighttime. One can also smoke one of its joints during the day if they are free from all the workload or are just looking to spend some casual time.

Black Runtz Strain Price

Black Runtz strain’s price differs a lot based on the quantity of the strain alongside the store that you’re buying for. Nevertheless, buying Black Runtz Cannabis seeds and growing them on your own is always recommended rather than looking for authentic and low-priced pot.

Generally, 1g of Black Runtz kush can cost $20, ⅛ oz $50, ¼ oz $100, ½ oz for $150, and 1 oz for $250. However, it is worth noting that in no way are these prices fixed; rather are subjected to change. Make sure you go through most of the online/local stores to check their prices and ingredients before ending up buying one. It’s due to the increasing practice of selling counterfeits.

How to get Black Runtz Strain Seeds 

As recommended, growing cannabis plants on your own is always an ideal choice to make. Black Runtz Strain cannabis seeds can be bought from online stores or seed banks. Zamnesia Seed and Seeds Bay are a few to name. However, it is advised to purchase seeds from local stores to avoid any federal intrusion. There are certain online stores as well that ship to the USA however, you’ll have to look into their legal processing and check and balance before ordering for yourself.

Customer Reviews 

It’s always a smart idea to go through user reviews for whatever product you’re looking for. It’s one way to figure out whether your product is authentic and poses any side effects. Almost all the customer reviews are unbiased however, some may be subjected to malpractice as well.

Nevertheless, the following Reddit reviews are completely authentic and good to go when it comes to Black Runtz Kush.


The above-mentioned marijuana Black Runtz strain review is a thorough representation for people looking for ways to figure out whether Black Runtz Kush is worth a try. Black Runtz strain is quite difficult to find outside Los Angeles; however, through seed banks, one can easily grow the plant independently since the technique for growing Classic Runtz isn’t much of a hassle.

Its medicinal usage in anxiety, chronic pain, and nausea, along with the additional high buzz and euphoria is a cherry on top. Besides this, it is comparatively a bit cheaper than other marijuana strains. With the above guide, you are well equipped to grow the Black Runtz strain on your own.


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