Marijuana Bruce Banner Strain Review

Strain name Bruce Banner
Positive Effects Relaxation, happiness, euphoria, pain relief, increased appetite, focus, alertness
Origin Hybrid of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel
Flavors Berry, sweet, sweet-sour, strawberry, diesel, earthy
May Relieve Depression, anxiety, ADHD, common stress, common boredom, nausea, loss of appetite
Aromas, Fragrance Berry, earthy, sweet, Kush-like, sweet-sour, pungent
THC Content % 24% to 29%, medium
CBD % 1%
Yield 250 to 500 grams per square meter
Genetic 40% Indica / 60% Sativa
Flowering time 9 to 10 weeks
Harvest Early October
Disease resistance High, resistant to mold and pests
Plant Height Over 2 meters, tall
Type Auto-flowering
Adverse effects Paranoia, anxiety, dry mouth, dry eyes

Origins, Genetics, History

Bruce Banner pot is named for the alter-ego of the Incredible Hulk, and like its namesake, it packs a tremendous punch. It is a powerful Sativa with a very high concentration of THC known to produce a powerful sense of euphoria. It is one of the most potent strains widely available. This strain was created by the famous Delta9 Labs by crossing the powerful OG Kush with the Strawberry Diesel strain. It is popular in Oregon USA, as well as Arizona, and Colorado, states with liberal marijuana laws.

Appearance and Smell

Bruce Banner bud has pungent, sweet, flowery smells of berries with a hint of diesel. This weed tastes of sweet and sour berries, it is an appetizing treat that will fight nausea and give you the munchies.

Bruce Banner is a tall plant. It is thickly frosted with trichomes and resins. A highly popular phenotype of this plant called Bruce-Banner #3 has in addition orange hairs and slightly purple leaves amid the green spade-shaped buds. Bruce Banner #3 has twice been named to the High Times’ “Earth’s Strongest Strains” showcase.

How to Grow

Growing Bruce Banner cannabis seeds and cuttings into the tall plant it is to become is of moderate difficulty. It grows as tall as an OG Kush, more than two meters tall. One can use a weed gardening info guide to get details on how to best care for this plant. Flower Power fertilizer will provide the plant food needed for it to excel. Bruce Banner pot plants will take 9 to 10 weeks indoors to flower and be ready for harvest in early October outdoors. An indoor set-up will net a yield of about 21 ounces per square meter. An outdoor set-up may yield 35 ounces per plant in a dry, warm climate.

Medicinal Marijuana Review

Bruce Banner weed has very high levels of THC, from 24% to 29%. This is where its strength lies. It also contains low, but potentially therapeutic amounts of CBD and CBN, at 1% each. These relaxing, anti-inflammatory compounds help contribute to the health benefits of Bruce Banner weed but are not the main talent of this plant. Those with conditions that respond to CBD should seek a high CBD preparation of weed.

Despite being very stimulating, Bruce Banner weed is still able to help users relax. Users with chronic stress issues seek relaxation from this strain. This kind of relaxation is a feeling of focus and calm, with little drowsiness and sleepiness.

The Sativa aspect is great for invigorating those who are depressed. This energizing effect will also help with fatigue.

Bruce Banner is useful to treat everyday pain like head ache, back ache, or foot complaints. It is also useful for inducing appetite. This strain is more powerful for depression than most strains, but for serious pain, a strong Indica may fare better than Bruce Banner weed.

Bruce Banner Weed Price

Vendor: Little Amsterdam
Portland, Oregon USA
Strain name: Ommp Bruce Banner #3, and Recreational Bruce Banner #3
Gram – $16 USD
Eighth – $48 USD
Quarter – $90 USD
Half – $170 USD
Ounce – $290 USD
Vendor: Kaleafia Cannabis Co.
Portland, Oregon USA
Strain name: Bruce Banner (Eobd), Bruce Banner (Zn), Rec Bruce Banner (Eobd)
Gram – $8 USD
Eighth – $24 USD
Quarter – $45 USD
Half – $90 USD
Ounce – $180 USD


The effects of Bruce Banner bud hit fast and hard. It goes straight to the head with powerful euphoria, stimulation, and clear thought. It is fully uplifting, instantly creating a positive mood, happiness, giddiness, and warmth. This strain is good for active socializing like engaged discussions, where clarity of thought and speed of performance make the conversation more enjoyable.

Bruce Banner weed is good for creativity. It will have the mind afire with new ideas and unique perspectives.

Even though Bruce Banner is a powerful Sativa, it’s side effects are of light intensity. Overdose can result in paranoia and anxiety. Normal side effects include dry mouth and dry eyes.

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Bruce Banner Marijuana Strain
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Richard

I found the answer to one of the major questions of life. So, here's the recipe of happiness: you go to some reliable dispensary, get a few grams of Bruce Banner, come home, smoke and enjoy a pure and absolute bliss. When I first tried it I was completely astonished because hybrid strains mostly get me extremely lazy and couch locked which does not meet the reviews for those strains. But this time everything was entirely different as the effect came instantly and made me feel way better. Its only drawback is that now I smoke a 1/2 instead of a 1/4 a week as before. But it's only because I was so energetic, focused and motivated and so many things were done. Now I know how to cope with my stress and anxiety and what to do in case of a shitty day. Actually it might help with different mental problems such as mood disorders, bipolar disorder, Tourette's syndrome and chronic pain. I would use it even if I had to prepare for some important project and needed to be concentrated. But be ready not to be able to sleep after BB even if you wanted to. That's why I have a small supply of indica for my insomnia and you should buy some too.

 by Karlos

I liked it from the very first puff. Actually it has been on my favorite strains ever list for many years up to this point and every time I buy it, I understand all over again it was a nice choice. Its effects are good because it's indica-dominant but at the same time really arousing, energetic and heady pot. Every time I smell strong flavor of coffee I think of Bruce Banner now. Although the buds also contain the odor of skunk and mild funk mixed with the aroma of expresso. You start feeling it as a conspicuous, low-intensity tingling in your face, that spreads all over your body just in a moment. Then you realize you're in a hell of a good mood all of a sudden and if you were ok till the moment you smoked you'll feel even better. 10 minutes or so after that you become extremely creative and you can make the best of such a mind state and get lots of chores or work done. Another benefit is that BB high lasts up to 4 hours, which is longer than almost any cannabis high. No wonder it's on the list of strains that contain the highest THC level (up to 29%, can you believe it?!). And now I'm gonna smoke another bowl...

 by Samuel

So who is dr. Banner after all? Scientist, Hulk or maybe cannabis? Maybe my body chemistry wasn't changed by radiation, but my brain chemistry has definitely altered. It has such a wild blend of effects, no wonder this strain lives up to its name! This perfectly balanced hybrid is the best mood elevating medicine I've ever tried. I've got an intense cerebral blast of creativity and motivation feeling energized, but calm and mindful at the same time. Your head is in the clouds, but your body is ready to wake and bake. And personally I spent my sunny morning doing yoga and enjoying body, mind and spirit crystal healing! I have so many interesting thoughts in my head right now. Inspiration, patience, grace, peace, beauty, tranquility, wisdom... My heart is yours, Bruce Banner, as strange as it sounds, forever and ever.

 by Brian

This one had me excited from the very first puff. Such a flawless, aromatic mild flavor and a high that won’t knock you down… Smoking is easy… No harsh burn of the throat…Very diesel but smooth taste... This pot gave me a great mood boost! Those looking to improve mood as well as creativity, get it when you can. It’s amazing.

 by Ed

This indica-dominant stuff is potent, so I don’t recommend it for first-time marijuana users. I felt a relaxing body buzz, but remained very energetic… After the effects began to wear off, like in two and a half hours, I went straight to bed. This one of the best dreams I’ve ever had and think I even started recalling some events that I totally forgot. Bruce banner stain is fascinating!

 by Steve

If I could give bruce banner cannabis ten more stars, I would. It made me forget that just an hour ago I had this serious chronic pain in my joints. I’m a 57-year-old medicinal user who has been smoking for years but this one really surprised me… I think the reason is the genetics because I felt Strawberry Diesel almost right away… Also I loved the fact that it had a 24 percent THC level. It guarantees positive effects and an immediate euphoric boost. Love it.

 by Kenneth

Wonderful for anxiety and depression. I am usually a pretty boring person, too depressed to do anything productive, but Dr. Banner did a pretty good job of changing that. Last night, I was feeling a bit anxious so I finally smoked this pot. You wouldn’t believe what happens next. Instead of relaxing on the couch, I cleaned my room which was a complete mess and even made a little dinner for myself. During all of this, I sang some of the songs that were playing on my laptop. Thank you Dr. Banner, your weed made my day!

 by George

Just smoked it yesterday. Excellent choice for relieving pain and reducing anxiety. I figured that if I smoke this strain a few hours before bed, I would have a relaxing evening and a good sleep, and I was right. The relaxing effect was very potent and I still had some energy left. Good times.

 by Donald

I finally got my Bruce Banner several days ago. I love the Avengers so I figured why not try this one… bought 10 grams and invited my friend (who is another fan of Dr. Banner btw) to have a taste. It was very smooth and strong, reminded me a bit about the trainwreck strain. Eventually we laughed our asses off for two hours.

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