Marijuana Cookies and Cream Strain Review

Strain name info: Cookies and Cream Marijuana Strain

Our Overall Rating:  4.5 out of 5 / Best known for:  Cookies n cream flavor

Positive Effects Cookies and Cream effects
Origin / ancestry Cookies and Cream Type: Cookies and Cream is a 50 / 50 Indica / Sativa plant with THC levels of up to 26 %. Its parents are:

Cookies and Cream marijuana was created by Exotic Genetix. They crossed Girl Scout Cookies of a phenotype not widely known with the flavorful Starfighter strain. The balanced hybrid produced by this combination boasts THC levels of up to 26 % and equal stimulation and relaxation effects.

Aromas, Flavors Cookies and Cream has fragrances and aromas which have been described thusly:

  • Cookies and cream
  • Baked goods
  • Spice
  • Vanilla extract
  • Sugary
  • Earthiness
May Relieve Cookies and Cream cannabis, with its balance of relaxation and stimulation can help with moderate cases of anxiety, depression, and ADHD. It can calm an agitated brain and spark a lethargic brain. Powerful THC levels can also address chronic pain of many causes.
THC Content:

20 % to 26 %

Cookies and Cream THC CBD
Indoor/Outdoor Yield Cookies and cream marijuana grown in a grow house can yield about 16 ounces of weed per square meter of space. Growing in a sunny space outside, these plants can yield 16 ounces of flavorful weed per plant cultivated outdoors.
Flowering time Cookies and Cream marijuana plants can flower in eight or nine weeks and be ready for a profitable harvest.
Genetic Cookies and Cream weed Strain genetics
Harvest Cookies and Cream will flower in the later days of the month of September or in the early days of the next month of October.
Disease resistance Cookies and Cream cannabis plants are strong like any weed but will need shelter and attention to produce a true, gourmet dessert experience.
Plant Height Cookies and Cream marijuana plants are of a medium height and can reach about six feet tall.
Adverse effects The Cookies and Cream cannabis is a powerful, THC packed plant and can therefore produce symptoms of panic in overdose, as well as dryness of the mucosa and red eyes.

Cookies and Cream weed review

  Origins, Genetics, History

Cookies and Cream Type: Cookies and Cream is a 50 / 50, Indica / Sativa hybrid of the following strains:

  • Starfighter
  • Girl Scout Cookies, phenotype not disclosed

Cookies and Cream is a creation of the breeders at Exotic Genetix. They used a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies which is not readily available and they are keeping their secrets under wraps for now. Girl Scout Cookie phenotypes are known for being powerful, blanketed in trichomes, and intensely flavorful. Starfighter is a little-known product of Alien Genetics. It has a powerful piney scent and is becoming a secret favorite among growers.

Cookies and Cream marijuana photo

Appearance and Smell

Cookies and Cream is a plant of a medium height. The buds are of a medium size, with dark green leaves.  The phenotype above is tinged with purple. These are the anthocyanins that protect the plant from cold. You can also see the blanket of trichomes on the buds and leaves. These trichomes are composed largely of THC, creating stickiness and powerful pain relief and mood boosting effects.

The flavor of Cookies and Cream is its top-selling point. It smells like sweet cookies and cream. There is the hint of vanilla, spice, and nuttiness, like a gourmet cappuccino. It’s rare to get a strain this flavorful with also some of the highest THC levels. We hope the breeders did it in a garden and not a lab with a CRISPR/Cas-9 kit. Genetic engineering of the marijuana plant must be just around the corner.

How to Grow Cookies and Cream Cannabis Seeds or Cuttings

Growing weed from Cookies and Cream cannabis seeds or cuttings is a process which is difficult due to the fact that it is an industry secret. It is inferred that this plant is going to do better grown indoors so that you can provide a carefully controlled environment. You may need a tent and high powered lamps to provide plenty of light. To increase yield, hydroponics can be used, as well as organic soils and nutrients. Growing this plant indoors, you can come away with about 16 ounces of gourmet weed per square meter of growing space.

Outdoors, you want to mimic an Emerald Triangle California environment. You can do this in a spot that gets a lot of sun and has somewhat dry air. You want to grow your plant organically but it needs to be protected from environmental assaults and pests. Outdoors, you can come away with 16 ounces of weed per plant grown.

Cookies and Cream cannabis photo

Medicinal Marijuana Review

Cookies and Cream is a balanced, 50 / 50, Indica / Sativa. This makes it a great choice for improving mood disorders. Those with depression may experience the uplifting, stimulating effect. This will give them energy and the ability to see the positive side of things. It will also reduce the inflammation of the nervous system associated with depression and alter blood flow patterns in the brain which indicate depression. Users with anxiety disorder may conversely find that their anxiety is reduced and they experience a relaxation effect. This balance of stimulation and relaxation can help some individuals with symptoms of adult ADHD. It may help them get calm and provide some ability to focus.

The high THC level, up to 26 %, makes Cookies and Cream a real candidate for the relieving of serious pain. This can include chronic pain conditions like shingles, fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It can also address pain in conditions like cancer and the symptoms that result from the treatments of radiation and chemotherapy. These treatments can cause pain, fatigue, nausea, and lack of appetite which can result in an inability to gain weight. Marijuana can address each of these issues. Cookies and Cream is especially easy to imbibe in but also very powerful as a medicine.

Cookies and Cream can be the perfect knockout medicine to put you in a state of couchlock from which you can slip off into an oblivious slumber.

Cookies and Cream Weed Price

Vendor: Silver Stem Fine Cannabis – Portland Hollywood
Portland, OR, USA
Strain name: Cookies and Cream – Phyre
Gram – $ 10 USD
Eighth – $ 30 USD
Quarter – $ 60 USD
Half – $ 115 USD
Ounce – $ 220 USD
Vendor: Cannabliss & Co. – Firestation 23
Portland, OR, USA
Strain name: Cookies and Cream – S.O.L. Cult
Gram – $ 6 USD
Eighth – $ 20 USD
Quarter – $ 38 USD


Cookies and Cream is the best weed to boost your mood on a lonely day. Invite some friends over, for smokers only (4SO). You can’t give this stuff to people who don’t smoke weed. It’s too strong and it tastes good so they will think it’s some kind of candy. This is serious medicine. For your mood, that is. Also, be ready for the munchies and be ready for couchlock and to be knocked out. You might be slipping in and out for a while, but you will certainly enjoy the whole process. The stimulating effect will make some people awake and introspective. While one friend is taking a nap, the other has become a philosopher of the self, making uncommon connections between disparate info streams. Only for those valuable jewels to slip off into forgetfulness. He will remember how you slipped off and started drooling in your euphoric cannabis dreams though, so later there will be stories of ‘remember the time you passed out’. But it’s all good. You will enjoy the experience and there are some health benefits to be had, at least over more dangerous drugs like alcohol and cigarettes. So, don’t ruin your high and your health by mixing it with other drugs or bad food.

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Cookies and Cream Marijuana Strain
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Kelly

Medical marijuana have always been a forbidden fruit to me that I wanted to try so hard but was paranoid and scared of getting a bad trip. Anyways, I decided to finally go on a limb and get a medical marijuana card because I really needed it. I've been dealing with severe anxiety, ptsd, paranoia and tremors for years until I got into Urgent Care and spent two weeks there. I was prescribed to take Xanax. Of course doctors mean only good for u and I was grateful for giving me the medicine, but I did a little research on it and found horrific stories about how hard it is to get off Xanax and what side effects are waiting for me in the future. As a short-term medicine it's ok, though. After I told the woman in the dispensary about my health problems she recommended me Cookies and Cream that met my expectations and even more! Anxiety (even social)/paranoia mode: turned off. My poor back, shoulders, neck and arms are relaxed, resting from pain. Recommended most to people new to this game and people looking for medicine for ptsd and panic disorder. Nothing can prevent me from 100% functioning now and you're next!

 by Billy

If there exists the perfect strain able to help with any mental or health problem (and noticeably improve life quality) this is no doubt Cream and Cookies. I can't imagine my life without it actually. As soon as my PMDD comes I go and get some of this and it helps me right after a few hits: muscle cramps and soreness are just gone. I also have anxiety and stress issues and my high pressure causes severe migraines, but after smoking it went down to around 110/60! My body feels so good right now, I think it has a click with this particular strain because even problems I had no idea I was suffering from were cured! I can enjoy my life now, when the stress is finally gone, body's relaxed, mind's peaceful with no irritation, anger or frustration left. Instead, I feel calm and serene. And still, it didn't put me in couch-lock, watching tv or surfing the net via my phone lying in the warm and comfortable bed didn't make me feel like I'm wasting my time and should be doing something useful instead. So while remaining alert and not being stoned too much if take a little of it, when I smoked more it put me to sleep so smooth and I woke up more rested and refreshed than ever. And the best part of it girls, it didn't give me the munchies! Recommended to everyone any time of day and night

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