Marijuana Crescendo Strain Review

Strain name info: Crescendo Marijuana Strain

Our Overall Rating:  4.5 out of 5 /  Best known for: high thc levels, aka Crescendo RBXV2

Positive Effects
Origin / ancestry Crescendo Type: Crescendo is a hybrid of 40 % cannabis indica and 60 % cannabis sativa. THC levels can be as high as 35 %.

It is descended from:

  1. Chemdawg
  2. I-95
  3. Mardarin

Crescendo is bred by Ethos Genetics. Some cultivators claim to have indica dominant strains as well.

Aromas, Flavors Crescendo has a scent and taste that has been described as:

  • Gas
  • Crescendo Kush
  • Cookies
  • Earthy
  • Spicy
May Relieve Crescendo can be good for high moderate pain.
THC Content:

30 % to 35 %

CBD: less than 1 %

Indoor/Outdoor Yield Indoor yields can be as much as 500 grams per meter squared.  Outdoors, you can get about 1000 grams per plant with topping and sea of green or screen of green methods.
Flowering time Crescendo weed plants will complete flowring in approximately  8 to 9 weeks.
Harvest Crescendo weed plants are usually suitable to harvest in the early days of October in North America.
Flowering type You are most likely to gain access to a photoperiodic strain of this plant for growing. Feminized seeds are available.
Disease resistance Crescendo plants’ disease resistance is not widely known. Contact your seed vendor.
Plant Height Crescendo is a plant of medium height to tall.
Adverse effects Crescendo can cause panic attacks, dry mouth, and red eyes due to sky high THC levels.
Growing Difficulty Growing Crescendo is of high difficulty.

History, Genetics, Origins

Crescendo has genetics which are 40 percent Indica and 60 percent Sativa. THC levels vary from between 30 percent to 35 percent. It is a cross between Chemdawg, Mandarin Cookies and I-95, bred by Ethos Genetics.

Appearance and Smell

Crescendo plants are of a medium to tall height, between 4 and 6 inches. The buds are Sativa-like though some cultivars claim to have Indicas. The smell is very powerful. You will get hints of earthiness, Kush, cookies, and strong spices like ginger.

How to Grow Crescendo Cannabis Seeds or Cuttings

Growing weed from Crescendo cannabis seeds or cuttings is of high difficulty. This is mainly because it’s a new strain and both seed banks and cultivators are mum on how they bring out the whopping 35 % THC this strain can produce. For a typical indoor grow, you need a grow tent lined with reflective material to concentrate your light. Choose your own patented blend of organic soil and fertilizer by doing your research and questioning your seed bank. Keep your soil moist and a fan and exhaust system circulating your air. Your plants will finish flowering in 9 weeks with a 12 hour dark and 12 hour light lighting schedule. Hang your bundles to dry then store your buds in darkened mason jars. You can get 500 grams per square meter indoors.

Growing outside, you need a sunny Mediterranean or California-like environment so find a spot that gets plenty of sunlight but is shielded from pests. You can also use topping and sea of green methods. You will get about 1000 grams per plant, a whopping yield if done correctly. This is definitely a cash crop.

Medicinal Marijuana Review

Crescendo is 40 percent Indica and 60 percent Sativa. THC levels can be up to 35 %. This can be a good weed for addressing pain of moderate to high intensity. This can include pain like back pain and shingles.

Pain of moderate to high intensity may no longer be treated with opioid medication due to fears over the opioid epidemic and with producers and distributors being successfully sued, doctors no longer want to risk giving out these medications. Benzodiazepine prescriptions and even medications like gabapentin have been reduced due to synergy with opioids. Medical marijuana on the other hand, has been having an unparalleled surge of acceptance in the United States.

Medical marijuana can treat the pain and anxiety that is being left untreated as doctors are no longer using addictive medications as much as in the past. Crescendo is no light weight. It’s high THC levels are likely not suitable for beginners. If you have moderate to high pain, work out way up to Crescendo and it will address your most stubborn pain and anxiety symptoms.

Social Media Medical Reviews

Negative Reddiet review [1]

Negative Reddit user:

Positive Reddit Review

Reddit user:[2]

Note: the negative reviews here are about one brand, identified only as TL, and only one batch of it. Most likely, Crescendo from a reputable source is sometimes the most powerful weed on the market. Be sure it comes from THC Design if you want the powerful stuff.

Crescendo Weed Price

Vendor: Back Room Organics Dispensary5933 S High Ave Suite B,

Oklahoma City, OK

Strain name: Crescend0

THC 15.4%
CBD 0.1%

Only available for purchase in-store

1 gram  –  $15.00
⅛ ounce  –  $45.00
¼ ounce  –  $90.00

Monday – Saturday
10 AM- 8 PM

Sunday – Closed

Vendor: Native Brothers Dispensary OKC
11330 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK
Strain name: RDSG – Crescendo
by Red Dirt Sungrown
$ 9 per gram
Monday – Sunday12 AM-11:59 PM


Crescendo can have some of the highest THC levels of any weed, that being said, be sure to get a legit strain, as the social media section contains some examples of people selling what cannot be a strain with 30 % THC. Users say it tastes like cookies on the inhale. The effects hit soon and potently. Be ready to eat some healthy snacks if you get the munchies. And have your pillow ready for a much needed nap.

For other pot info guide pages see:


[1] “Crescendo question : FLMedicalTrees – Reddit.” Accessed 3 Dec. 2020.

[2] “I reached a Crescendo by THC Design (32.3% THC) : trees.” Accessed 3 Dec. 2020.

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