Marijuana Death Star Strain Review

Strain name info: Death Star Marijuana Strain

Our Overall Rating:  4.5 / Best known for:  Popular with Star Wars fans

Positive Effects  Marijuana Death Star strain effects
Origin / ancestry Death Star: Hybrid of Sensi Star and Sour Diesel. Made in Ohio, USA.
Aromas, Flavors Sweet, octane, skunk, pungent, humus, lemon, rubber
May Relieve Stress, anxiety disorders like social phobia and GAD, chronic pain, headaches, depression
THC Content:

18% to 27%, high

 Cannabis Death Star strain THC CBD
Indoor/Outdoor Yield 14 ounces per square meter indoors, 12 ounces per plant outdoors, low but quality yield
Flowering time 8 to 9  Weeks
Genetic  Death Star weed strain genetics
Harvest Beginning of October, to mid-October
Disease resistance High, resistant to mold and pests
Plant Height Under 1 meter, short
Type Auto-flowering
Adverse effects Dry mouth, dry eyes, low incidence of adverse effects
Growing difficulty Easy to grow

Origins, Genetics, History

Death Star is named after the moon-sized space station from Star Wars that had the ability to explode planets. This hybrid created in Ohio is a cross between Sour Diesel and Sensi Star. The result is a powerful Indica with high THC levels. THC levels are comparable to that of OG Kush. Yet, this strain is Indica dominant meaning it produces a powerful body-high which bathes the body in warmth and pain-relief. Star Wars fans are rumored to get obliterated on Death Star marijuana while binging on their favorite film series.

Death Star strain

Appearance and Smell

Death Star has a very strong fragrance composed of earthy and sweet aromas with a hint of citrus. It has a pungent, skunky smell, and even a note of diesel. The flavor is complex with the sour and diesel flavors from its parent, Sour Diesel, mixing with the more earthy, citrusy flavors. The taste will give your taste buds a sense of what is to come as the high slowly comes on.

Death Star is a short plant with broad leaves. The leaves and nuggets of Death Star are frosty-looking, buried in thick, sticky resins and hairy trichomes. Leaves are a bright light-green, giving off a look and scent of strong health, freshness, and pest resistance.

Death Star grow

How to Grow Death Star Cannabis Seeds and Cuttings

Growing weed from Death Star cannabis seeds and cuttings is a comparatively easy undertaking. Death Star can be grown in many different environments. This has affected the popularity of the Death Star. This strain grows best in a sunny area with a warm climate. Flower Power fertilizer can be used to provide extra nutrition.

Indoors, Death Star plants will flower in 8-9 weeks.   Growers can expect a harvest of 14 ounces per meter squared.

Outdoors, in a warm sunny climate, Death Star will be ready for harvest from early to mid-October. Yield will be about 12 ounces per plant.  This may be a relatively small yield, but what is lost in yield is made up in exceptional quality.

Medicinal Marijuana Review

Death Star weed has high THC levels, ranging from 18% to 27%.  CBD levels are low, as is typical of strong recreational and medicinal Indicas.

Death Star is very effective for stress.  Individuals with anxiety and mood issues often find Death Star beneficial for its calming effects.  Negative emotions will slip away unaccountably as Death Star’s effects take hold.

Those struggling with chronic pain can benefit from Death Star because this strain is a powerful force against ills such as headaches, low back pain, shingles, muscle spasms and aches, and conditions like CFS and fibromyalgia.  Chronic pain ills are greatly attenuated by the physically relaxing and mentally uplifting effects of Death Star.

Death Star, if used over several hours or late at night, will begin to have a sedative effect, making this strain of bud a great remedy for insomnia. The Death Star high will lull you to sleep as if it’s carrying you through outer space.

Death Star also has strong anti-nausea properties for those with conditions which cause nausea or treatments that have nausea as a side effect. For those whose conditions cause loss of appetite, Death Star is an excellent choice.  Death Star has been known to greatly improve appetite.

death star review

Death Star Weed Price

Vendor: AmeriCannaRX
Portland, OR
Strain name: Death Star
Gram – $ 8 USD
Eighth – $ 25 USD
Quarter –  $ 42 USD
Half – $ 80 USD
Ounce – $ 150 USD
Vendor: CannaDaddy’s
Portland, OR
Strain name: Death Star (The Green Farm)
Gram – $ 12 USD
Eighth – $ 36 USD
Quarter – $ 72 USD
Half – $ 132 USD
Ounce – $ 240 USD


The toke of Death Star will be pungent, diesel, and sour. Effects will build slowly, and you will suddenly be aware of relaxation in your body. Death Star weed has a large dose of THC so this Indica will tend to ease your muscles into a state of couchlock. You will feel both heavy and floating at the same time. The effects can be very powerful. Sights and sounds may be intensified. You may have the urge to laugh and find yourself in a world of psychedelic cerebral focus and creative thinking.

You will feel your demeanor improve significantly. You may find it easier to relate to your friends and family. This relaxation and ease of communication will make bonding easier. The effect will be a great time with family and friends.

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Marijuana Death Star Strain
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Rian

Last night i thought i would lose my mind so severe the pain was. I also felt pretty nauseous and decided to solve this problem with death star. Boy that was a damn good decision!! Pain? Gone! Nausea? Gone! And after all it's intense. Be ready cause it'll knock you on your ass, newbies would better stay the hell off this thing till they get a tolerance level. I smoked too much the first time I bought it. It was freezing but we went Christmas tree shopping and spent almost an hour picking up the tree. Then in a bar i saw someone staring at me through the window and it turned out to be a mirror, very funny. So you don't want other people to see you so baked out of your head. And the last wonderful effect of DS is relieving the symptoms during pms/periods. Relaxes the body, numbs a headache and chills me out. Girls and boys it's an extremely good strain for your collection, enjoy!

 by Max

It was the first time in YEARS I got stoned to the bone. Like when I was young and stupid and thought you had to smoke and smoke until you finally feel high instead of just waiting for it. That's the kind of high that I got from two and a half bowls of Death Star. It smells like a pine tree smeared with diesel but unexpectedly sweet on the exhale. At first I felt buzzing only in my eyes, head, then it spread all over my body and it all happened within a few minutes. My eyelids became heavier and I felt like my whole body was tied up to the couch, not allowing me to stand up or even move. But most importantly, it vanished all the pain I was suffering from. A great strain for anybody who searches for a true medicine for any aches and who needs to cope with an agitation. Just make sure nobody will interrupt your evening (well I prefer smoke it in the evening) and you won't have to go somewhere, as it makes you a bit sleepy on the comedown. A marvelous pot, def buying it again!

 by Khristina

For now, this is the most suitable thing for my anxiety disorder. I always try something new with caution because almost any weed can trigger this horrible feeling. And this one is perfect! It's so calming and even has the smell like the oils for aromatherapy. A sweet piney, maybe maple smell with hints of diesel and a pleasant woody flavor mixed with nuts. It really makes a huge difference between my state before smoking and after. I finally can just relax after work and what is even better, it helps with my body pain and joint ache, which have become a usual thing, although it's definitely not ok. There is one more cool thing about this weed. It gives you an excellent euphoric high, which doesn't cause any anxiety at all and that's a rare effect! It also must be good for depression and maybe some mood disorders, as long as I realized, it changes your mood for a bit for a couple of days. Crazy, right? All in all, I totally love it. Grab something to eat, a bottle of water and eye drops to make sure nothing's gonna spoil these couple hours of happiness.

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