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Strain name info: Gelato 33 Marijuana Strain

Our Overall Rating:  4.5 out of 5 /  Best known for delicious flavors

Positive Effects
Origin / ancestry Gelato 33 Type: Gelato 33 is a hybrid of 55 % cannabis indica and 45 % cannabis sativa. THC levels can be as high as 25 %.

It is descended from:

  1. Sunset Sherbet
  2. Thin Mint

Gelato 33 is a blend of the delicious Sunset Sherbet and minty Thin Mintsimal Cookies, bred by Cookie Farm Genetics.

Aromas, Flavors Gelato 33 has a scent and taste that has been described as:

  • Cookies
  • Sweet
  • Blueberries
  • Pepper
  • Citrus
  • Earth
  • Oak
  • Ginger
May Relieve Gelato 33 is great as an alternative way to reduce inflammation levels in the body.
THC Content:

18 % to 25 %

Indoor/Outdoor Yield Indoor yields can be as much as 16 ounces per square meter.  Outdoors, you can get 18 ounces for each plant.
Flowering time Gelato 33 weed plants will flower in approximately  8 or 9 weeks.
Harvest Gelato 33 weed planets are usually suitable to harvest in the middle of October.
Flowering type You are most likely to gain access to a photoperiodic strain of this plant for growing.
Disease resistance These marijuana plants are said to have high disease resistance against mold, mildew, mites, and other types of assault.
Plant Height Gelato 33 is a plant with a medium height of 4 to 6 feet.
Adverse effects Gelato 33 can cause panic, dry mouth, and dry eyes.
Growing Difficulty This plant has a high level of difficulty to bring to flower.

History, Genetics, Origins

Gelato 33 has genetics which is fifty-five percent Indica and forty-five percent Sativa. THC levels vary from between 18 percent to 25 percent, so you can choose your strength. Its parents are gourmet dessert blends, Sunset Sherbet, and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.

Appearance and Smell

Gelato 33 plants are of medium height, growing 4 to 6 ft. tall. The buds are brightly colored with green and yellow, some varieties with a hint of purp. All are blanketed in trichomes and terpenoids.

The terpenes bequeath hints of citrus, berry, sweetness, cookies, and earthiness. The intensity of the flavor profile gives a strong psychedelic boost to the average THC levels of 22 %, making it feel even more powerful than your usual bud at that THC level.

How to Grow Gelato 33 Cannabis Seeds or Cuttings

Growing weed from Gelato 33 cannabis seeds or cuttings is said to be somewhat difficult and not to be overtaken by beginners. First, you need to find a seed bank that sells this variety. You can do this by calling Cookie Farm Genetics or doing some research online. Then decide if you want to do an indoor or outdoor grow. If you don’t have a perfect California climate, you may choose a grow tent set up indoors. A simple grow kit might include five-gallon buckets filled with organic soil and fertilizer. There are many fertilizers and nutrient mixes to choose from. First-time growers and experimenters often choose a trusted fertilizer like Flower Power. Most growers of this variety will have their own dedicated mixes prepared. Set up a fan and exhaust system with a filter to control air quality and humidity. Use high discharge lamps and reflective lining around the inside of your grow tent so that the light is always focused on the surface of your leaves. In 8 or 9 weeks, you will induce flowering with a 12 hours light and 12 hours dark lighting schedule. Recover your bud in bundles. You should get about 16 ounces per square meter to hang and let dry. You can then store your shared and cut buds in darkened mason jars in a cool dark place, be sure to open the ventilated jars periodically to promote air circulation.

Outdoors, find a warm, sunny, Mediterranean type of climate with great soil. These plants will require extensive monitoring even though they have great disease resistance. Keep your soil moist. In the middle of October, expect about 18 ounces of bud per plant.

Medicinal Marijuana Review / Hidradenitis Supprativa

Gelato 33 is 55 percent Indica and 45 percent Sativa. THC levels can be as high as 45 %. This may make it useful in a condition called Hidradenitis Supprativa or acne inversa. This is a skin condition where large, leaking puss-filled bumps form in places where there are hair follicles, such as in the armpits, in the head, the groin, and buttocks. These nodules can cause severe pain and embarrassment. Doctors may frequently have to lance and drain the boils, forming scar tissue which is unsightly and could confer a higher risk of complications such as fatal bleeding or cancer.

Sufferers are often told by staff that these outbreaks are caused by bad hygiene, a claim which is not supported by the research. This is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks hair follicles or other areas where mild noxious stimuli are present. Mast cells may release excessive amounts of mediators like histamine and tryptase, causing severe swelling and inflammation.

Anecdotal reports show that patients may use cannabis to help ease the pain of hidradenitis suppurative lesions and the surgeries to fix them.[1]

A current clinical trial is underway to evaluate the efficacy of medical marijuana to treat the stress and pain associated with this painful condition.[2] A strong strain like Gelato 33 can be a good choice to complement treatments prescribed by your doctor for the pain and anxiety associated with the condition.

Gelato 33 Weed Price

Vendor: Bridge City Collective – Southeast 12745 SW Walker Road

Suite 100A

Beaverton, Oregon 97005


Mon-Sat – 9 am to 8 pm

Sun – 11 am to 6 pm

Strain name: Gelato #33

THC: 20.20%

visit site for pricing:

Vendor: Greenbox

Portland, Oregon – delivery to homes

Strain name: Gelato 33


THC: 30.17%

CBD: 0.41%

visit site for pricing:

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Gelato 33 is not just a gourmet, candy weed. This is a strain for serious smokers. Beginners should start slowly. Gelato 33 will go straight to the dome, inducing pain relief and anesthesia in seconds. You will get a brightened mood and energy and motivation to have fun. This strain won’t leave you completely couch locked. You will have a spark of imagination and be able to move around and participate in creative endeavors like listening to or creating music and socializing.  Like any bud, it should be shared with experienced friends. This is also a bud which can be used as a nightcap, to end off a long work day or treat pain which becomes prominent at night.

For other pot info guide pages see:


[1] “How Cannabis Helped Me Survive My Chronic Skin Condition.” 19 Feb. 2020, Accessed 8 Sep. 2020.

[2] “Study to Investigate the Efficacy and Safety of Cannabis Oil for ….” 29 Apr. 2019,

/show/NCT03929835. Accessed 8 Sep. 2020.

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