Marijuana Gelonade Review

Strain name info: Gelonade Marijuana Strain
Our overall rating: 4 out of 5
Best known for: Medical strain great for pain and anxiety
Positive Effects
Origin / ancestry Gelonade Type: Gelonade is a hybrid of 30 % cannabis indica and 70 % cannabis sativa. THC levels can be as high as 26 %. It is bred by Tastebudz Seeds.
It is descended from:

  1. Lemon Tree
  2. Gelato # 41
Aromas, Flavors Gelonade has a scent and taste that has been described as:

  • Vanilla
  • Fruit
  • Gelonade Kush
  • Orange
  • Lemon
May Relieve Gelonade is stimulating and may be good for ADHD and depression.
THC Content:
22 % to 26 %
CBD: less than 1 %
Indoor/Outdoor Yield Indoor yields can be as much as 2 ounces per square foot and 3 ounces per plant outdoors. This is a low yield indicating an expensive, valuable plant which can make a grower lots of money in a smaller space.
Flowering time Gelonade weed plants will flower in approximately 7 through to 9 weeks.
Harvest Gelonade weed plants are usually suitable to harvest at the end of September.
Flowering type You are most likely to gain access to a photoperiodic strain of this plant for growing. You can ask the breeder about autoflowering strains if you want to grow indoors.
Disease resistance Gelonade boasts an average disease resistance ability.
Plant Height Gelonade is a medium to tall plant growing about 4 to 6 feet tall.
Adverse effects Gelonade is largely free of adverse effects. Naieve users may experience panic because it is a stimulating sativa.
Growing Difficulty Growing Gelonade is of medium difficulty.

History, Genetics, Origins

Gelonade plants have genetics which are 30 percent Indica and 70 percent Sativa. THC levels can rise to 26 %. Its parents are Gelato # 41 and Lemon Tree. It is a stimulating Sativa smoke.

Appearance and Smell

Gelonade weed plants are of a medium height. They grow up to 6 feet tall. The fragrance is of vanilla and citrus. People love the flavor. The nugget above has medium green hues, surrounded by orange to brown pistils, frosty thc-filled trichomes, and a touch of purple. It also has a tangy, sweet and sour taste.

How to Grow Gelonade Cannabis Seeds or Cuttings

Growing weed from Gelonade cannabis seeds or cuttings is of medium difficulty. You can get the seeds from Tastebudz Seeds, the original breeders.
Let’s look at the stages of marijuana plant growth so that we gain the understanding we need to grow the cannabis we need anytime of the year.

First off, in the US, the growing season is from about March to the end of October. Plants can mature in between 3 and 8 months. The easiest thing to do is find a sunny spot in California in March, stick some seeds in the ground, then hibernate till October and wake up to a beautiful mature weed plant. But humans don’t hibernate as far as we know and you want to provide your plant more care so that it rewards you with great flavor and a strong punch of psychoactive and medicinal cannabinoids. If you grow from a clone, your plant will have a little head start. A clone is just a cutting from a mature plant. Put it in some rockwool and water it until you get some roots, then it’s ready to go into your flowering pot or into the ground. By the end of April, you want your seeds or cuttings in the ground ready to sprout out into new life, samsara. Your plants generally need to remain in the temperatures which are suitable for humans. This is easy to do indoors. You may want to make your plants mobile so that you can move them indoors or outdoors, according to what the weather in your region is up to.

Germination, 3-10 days, light for 16 hours

Germination is a piece of cake. Just take your gelonade seeds you got from Tastebudz Seeds and get two wet paper towels and two plates. Put your seeds spaced out on the wet paper towel and cover with another wet paper towel. Now cover with your other plate. Wait 3 to 10 days making sure the paper towels stay moist. Your seeds will suck up the water and try to sprout a baby root and leaf. Little cutie pies. Your plants need 16 hours of light. They eat light and drink nutrients from the air and the ground.

Seedling, 2-3 weeks

This stage is like the terrible twos. Your plants are still fragile but they will start to produce leaf that looks like weed leaves. At this point, if you have nosey neighbors, you may want to move your plant to a secluded space, as people will begin to notice it looks like a marijuana plant. Even where legal, people will judge you by the plants you grow, and this is just drama you don’t need.

Vegetative, 3-16 weeks

This is the main and longest growth stage. Your plants will grow to mature height and with mature cannabis leaves. Fan leaves only contain small amounts of thc but can still be used medicinally. During this stage, plants will differentiate betwee male and female. You wanna get the males outta there so they don’t polinate the females and give you small buds. However, if you want seeds for regrowing, obviously you want to keep the males around.

Flowering, 8-11 weeks

This is when your plants will produce the big buds with sticky resin and frosty white trichomes full of THC, cannabinoids and terpenes. You can induce flowering indoors by giving your plants 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark.
Once they flower, shear off your buds and hang them to dry. You can get about 3 ounces per plant outdoors or 2 ounces per square meter indoors. This is a low yield, which means this is an expensive, gourmet plant, you can’t get it unless you have a lot of money to show off. Once you get it, it’s time to floss.

Medicinal Marijuana Review

Gelonade cannabis plants are 30 percent Indica and 70 percent Sativa. THC levels can be up to 26 %.

Medical marijuana can be a great boon for those with chronic pain. Doctors in the US are still reeling from an opioid epidemic and are afraid to make new opioid prescriptions outside the bounds of palliative care or for cancer patients. Those with pain which is chronic but not expected to result in death were once given opioids. Many of these prescriptions were suddenly cut off as doctors scrambled to deny responsibility for having prescribed addictive drugs. This left users in painful opioid withdrawal and many turned to street heroin.

Studies have shown that marijuana can address chronic pain and nausea without the risk of severe addiction. There is even evidence that where marijuana is legalized, there is a drop in overdose deaths as people are treating pain and anxiety with medical marijuana, much safer than street heroin or doctor prescribed Oxycontin.

In autism, there is sometimes self injurious behavior. This is not a direct effect of autism. However, up to 5 % of those with intellectual disability will engage in head banging.[1] It gets them attention to get their needs met. However, you can see even babies and toddlers do it. In the natural environment, baby and mother stay connected for much of the early months so that any head banging would be on the mother and tend to elicit a nipple. In intellectual disability, this may morph into head banging which does tend to get attention.

Parents first often get the child a helmet to protect the brain from damage. This is often a source of great embarrassment and shame for the child and parent. However, parents are looking for alternative treatments and some have tried CBD oil. Gelonade strain does not have sufficient CBD but you can find CBD products and their ratings throughout our site. Here is how one parent described the effect of CBD oil on her child with self-injuriuos behavior. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid from industrial hemp, legal in all 50 states and territories.

“The first thing was the self-injurious behaviour stopped,” remembers Sharon. “The head banging stopped… and then the hyperactivity stopped… So you could see his system calming down… all of these senses that were in total overload came down to a normal rate.”

We cannot expect miraculous results like this, but this does mean that CBD and cannabis in general deserves to be studied extensively in this population. It is speculated that it may be able to stop the sensory overload that happens in some persons with autism.

Social Media Medical Reviews

Reddit user, positive review


Reddit user, positive

Reddit User, ‘love these’

Reddit User, “awesome…”

Gelonade Weed Price

Vendor: Harbor Collective
2405 E Harbor Dr., San Diego, CA
Call 619-841-2045
Visit website

Strain name: Gelonade
by Connected Cannabis Co.
1 gram

Monday 7am-9pm
Tuesday 7am-9pm
Wednesday 7am-9pm
Thursday 7am-9pm
Friday 7am-9pm
Saturday 7am-9pm
Sunday 7am-9pm

Vendor: Connected Cannabis Co.
Portland, OR
Visit website

Strain name: Gelonade Pre-Roll 1g


Users love the vanilla and citrus taste of this strain. The smoke is delicious and not harsh. It will likely stimulate appetite, so have some food or snacks ready or cook a full dinner for you and your friends and use this strain to spark the appetite. Gelonade tastes of vanilla and citrus. However, due to low yield, Gelonade is an expensive strain. You will have to pay for the fruity taste and high THC levels. Users feel it is worth the extra cost.
For other pot info guide pages see:


[1] “Q and A : Head Banging Solution – Autism Parenting Magazine.” Accessed 15 Aug. 2021.

[2] “Gelonade is legit!: ZonaEnts – Reddit.” Accessed 14 Aug. 2021.

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