High CBD Low THC Strains List

Top 10 Best High CBD Strains

Name Genetics CBD (highest) THC (highest) Used For?
1. Ringo’s Gift 40 % Indica / 60 % Sativa 25 % (25 : 1 ratio) 1 % Relaxation
2. Harlequin 25 % Indica / 75 % Sativa 5 % (5 : 1 ratio) 2 % Nervousness / Pain
3. Stephen Hawking Kush 70 % Indica / 30 % Sativa 13 % 12 % Depression
4. Sweet and Sour Widow 70 % Indica / 30 % Sativa 11 % 11 % Medical
5. ACDC 50 % Indica / 50 % Sativa 24 % 6 % Medical
6. Cannatonic 50 % Indica / 50% Sativa 12 % 15 % Medical
7. Harle-Tsu 60 % Indica / 40% Sativa 24 % 1 % Medical
8. Sour Tsunami 40 % Indica / 60% Sativa 11 % 1 % to 10 % Medical
9. Canna-Tsu 50 % Indica / 50 % Sativa 10 % 8 % Medical
10. Pennywise 70 % Indica / 30 % Sativa 12 % 8 % Epilepsy

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 What is CBD

The Highest CBD strain of 2018 is apparently the Dancehall strain, according to Leafly.com and their measurements. ACDC comes in a close second, so what’s all the hoopla about?

CBD is a constituent of cannabis, weed, bud, or pot, called cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is currently yielding results in scientific studies on the therapeutic uses of CBD oil and other components of cannabis. The focus is on CBD oil because it is more likely to be legal in more US states than other forms of cannabis, especially those with detectable THC levels. Cannabidiol has shown efficacy in reducing anxiety, psychotic symptoms, and in reducing seizures. It has the effect of bringing down the stimulation caused by THC, and it has an antipsychotic effect without the side effects of typical and atypical antipsychotics. High CBD strains seeds for sale are a hot item in the current market for medical marijuana. Medical marijuana without THC is becoming a bigger cash crop than regular weed. It’s no longer about the Sativa vs. Indica high, but about the CBD levels versus the THC levels.

What is THC

THC is the most well-known component of hemp. THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol. It is the main extract of cannabis that produces a high and therapeutic effects. THC can increase anxiety initially, then reduce anxiety as use continues, especially in combination with CBD and marijuana terpenes. Terpenes are the constituents of the marijuana plant that gives it its potent fragrances of skunk, dank, lemon, blueberry, fruit, and other flavors. Terpenes interact with cannabinoids in producing therapeutic and euphoric effects. It’s why you want to keep the smoke in your indoor environment.

What’s the Difference

The difference is that THC produces a high, CBD does not. They both effect cannabinoid receptors but in different ways. They also affect other receptors throughout the nervous system. CBD can help produce an anti-epileptic effect without producing a high. THC can have an anti-epileptic effect, but also comes with euphoria. Therefore, in children with epilepsy, particularly Dravet Syndrome, high CBD strains are used, with little THC. CBD is also thought to reduce anxiety, while THC may increase anxiety.

A recent discovery suggests CBD may also have an antipsychotic effect (Zuardi, et al., 2012). A researcher noticed that while THC may cause mild psychosis, CBD seems to reduce that effect. They then tested CBD in those at risk of developing psychotic disorders and discovered it appears to reduce the risk. Therefore, high CBD strains may not only relieve seizure and anxiety symptoms but may also reduce psychotic symptoms to a manageable level. Ringo’s Gift has some of the lowest levels of THC. The Dancehall strain has some of the highest medicinal CBD levels.

seeds regulars dancehall

Figure 1.https://www.reggaeseeds.com/eng/p/product/product/products-seeds-cannabis/seeds-regulars-dancehall.htm

Is It Worth It?

If you’re gonna smoke marijuana, shouldn’t you at least get high?  Well, there’s a good case to be made for that point. However, not everyone who smokes marijuana is interested in getting high. Some have serious conditions for which marijuana has proven to be an effective treatment. This may include seizure disorders or shaking associated with Parkinson’s disease. Some people have unrelenting pain from illnesses like multiple sclerosis. These people have been disabled by their disorders and they want more than anything, to be able to return to work. So, they need a medication which can ease the symptoms yet leave them coherent enough to perform their various tasks.

Doctors have typically prescribed opioids like oxycontin for strong, acute pain. Then they started prescribing it for chronic pain in the late 1990s and early 2000s. This lead to an opiate pill epidemic that eventually turned into a heroin epidemic. People got addicted to expensive pills, then finally realized heroin was both more powerful and cheaper than the pills they were taking. So, they switched and the consequences has been severe as evidenced by the rising fatality account from heroin and fentanyl related overdose deaths. Doctors are now wary of prescribing opioids and benzodiazepines.

So, patients began looking to marijuana as recreational users have always noted its ability to relieve pain. However, along with the pain relief comes a euphoria and mild delirium which is not necessarily conducive to getting work done. In comes CBD. It was discovered that THC, responsible for producing the high, was not the only active constituent of marijuana. CBD also has potent effects and you can take it and continue working. These high CBD strains can relieve pain, anxiety, depression, induce a mild mood lift, and help you to work with ease and do your best work.


Zuardi, A. W., Crippa, J. A., Crippa, J. A., Hallak, J. E., Bhattacharyya, S., Atakan, Z., . . . Guimarães, F. S. (2012). A Critical Review of the Antipsychotic Effects of Cannabidiol: 30 Years of a Translational Investigation. Current Pharmaceutical Design, 18(32), 5131-5140. Retrieved 10 8, 2018, from http://eurekaselect.com/102849/article

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