Marijuana Holy Grail Kush Strain Review

Strain name info: Holy Grail Kush Marijuana Strain

Our Overall Rating:  4.9 / Best known for:  Perfect score at the 2011 Cannabis Cup

Positive Effects Marijuana Holy Grail Kush Strain effects
Origin / ancestry Holy Grail Kush Type:  Holy Grail Kush is a descendant of the following strains:

  • OG Kush #18
  • Kosher Kush

Holy Grail Kush is a powerful Indica derived from OG Kush #18 and Kosher Kush parents. It is a product of experimentation by breeders Reserva Privada Colorado and DNA Genetics. At the 2011 Cannabis Cup, this strain nabbed the top spot in the Seed Company Hybrids category. It garnered the competition’s first perfect score. No doubt this is a powerful and special breed of Indica. THC levels can reach 20 to 24 percent.

Aromas, Flavors Holy Grail Kush has fragrances and aromas which have been described thusly:

  • Wooden
  • Sweet
  • Spiciness
  • Prairie grass
  • Potent
  • Pine
  • Nature
  • Herbal
  • Floral
  • Earthiness
May Relieve Holy Grail Kush is a respected medical variety. It can relieve musculoskeletal pain from conditions like sciatic, other forms of back pain, neck and shoulder pain, muscle cramps, and muscle tension. It can also help with inflammatory pain such as in arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It helps with nausea and improves appetite which can be helpful in cancer and immune deficiency.
THC Content:

20% to 24%,

Cannabis Holy Grail Kush Strain THC CBD
Indoor/Outdoor  Yield Indoors, you will get a yield of 18 ounces per meter squared of Holy Grail medical weed.  Grown outside, growers can expect a yield of around 23 ounces per meter squared.
Flowering time Holy Grail Kush medical and recreational marijuana plants will flower or be induced to flower in nine to ten weeks.
Genetic Holy Grail Kush Weed Strain genetics
Harvest Outside, growers can expect plants to flower and be ready for harvest in the middle of the month of October.
Disease resistance Holy Grail Kush medicinal cannabis plants are hearty and strong against common causes of damage to crops. This may include being resilient against the following causes of damage:

  • bacteria
  • breaking
  • insects
  • mildew
  • mites
  • moldiness
  • spider infestation
  • temperature extremes
  • viral infection
Plant Height Holy Grail Kush cannabis plants are of a medium height, between 30 to 80 inches tall.
Type Photo-periodic strain
Adverse effects Holy Grail Kush medical cannabis, taken at dosages recommended by a doctor, has far fewer side effects than pain medications of similar efficacy. A fairly common side effect is dry mouth. Dry eyes may also be present. Rarely, a susceptible individual may have a panic reaction to the treatment.
Growing difficulty Growing Holy Grail Kush plants are rated as fairly easy to grow. These plants are strong and resilient, making the best of their environment and thriving fairly easily. Whether grown indoors or outside, in soil or hydroponic, you may need the following gardening skills:

  • hydroponic set-up
  • tenting
  • trimming
  • watering schedules
  • screen of green
  • sea of green
  • soil examination
  • temperature control
  • inducing flowering indoors
  • light adjustment
  • pest control
  • pruning
  • air quality control
  • digging
  • humidity control

Holy Grail Kush Strain pot photo

Origins, Genetics, History

Holy Grail Kush Type:  Holy Grail Kush is a descendant of the following strains:

  • OG Kush #18
  • Kosher Kush

Holy Grail Kush is a descendant of the famous OG Kush #18 and Kosher Kush strains. These are both powerful and relaxing Kush marijuana varieties, all originally descending from the rugged Hindu Kush region which produces strong and resilient marijuana varieties. These Kush strains were wed by DNA Genetics and Reserva Privada breeders to produce Holy Grail. Holy Grail Kush has garnered many awards including the top spot at the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup in the Seed Company Hybrid category. It was the first cannabis to obtain a perfect score.

Appearance and Smell

The Holy Grail Kush plants are medium height, between 30 and 80 inches tall. The dried nuggets of Holy Grail Kush are absolutely beautiful to behold and aromatic and tasty. The nuggets are dark and light green, producing beautiful contrasts. Then there is the white, powdery trichomes containing much of the THC, covering the nuggets like a powdered donut. The orange pistils provide a psychedelic contrast to the green and white of the flower buds and trichomes. The fragrance and taste of Holy Grail is very much natural, like any Kush. It is a nice pine, sweet, earthy, smoke and fresh like morning dew. It is also described as spicy, sweet, and oaky, and like healthy grass or grain.

How to Grow Holy Grail Kush Cannabis Seeds or Cuttings

Growing weed from Holy Grail Kush cannabis seeds and cuttings is rated as comparatively easy. You will have to get in touch with a seed vendor, and you can mail-order seeds if it is allowed in your jurisdiction. Ask your vendor to send information such as flowering time and lighting schedule to induce flowering. Holy Grail plants are resilient to molds, mildews, damage, and other diseases. These plants are often grown in soil and fertilizers though hydroponic systems may also be effective.

Indoors, you may want to use a 5-gallon bucket with organic soil and fertilizer. In a hydroponic set-up, you might use a bucket filled with clay pebbles and your nutrient solution which will be made to circulate. In soil, indoors, your bucket will need overflow holes to prevent over-watering. You can use a tent with a reflective lining and High Discharge lamps. A fan and exhaust can circulate the air and you will need to keep the air dry with lower humidity. You can induce the plants to flower in nine to ten weeks with a light/dark lighting schedule that mimics natural lighting. Once your plant’s flower, you will be ready for harvesting and drying. You can expect a yield of about eighteen ounces per meter squared.

Outside, you will want to find a sunny dry climate. These hearty plants can grow quite heavy arms and may need trimming and/or support. Holy Grail plants will flower in the middle of October. You can expect a yield of twenty-three ounces per plant.

Holy Grail Kush Strain cannabis grow

Medicinal Marijuana Review

Holy Grail Kush medical cannabis can reach THC levels of up to 24%. This gives it the ability to knock out musculoskeletal pain. In US states with legal marijuana such as Washington state, this medicine is often prescribed for musculoskeletal conditions like sciatica, lower and upper back pain, and neck and shoulder pain. It may also be prescribed for inflammatory pain such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and arthritis. It has both pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. It can also attenuate neuropathic pain such as in shingles, Fibromyalgia, and peripheral neuropathy.

Holy Grail Kush medical cannabis also provides a mood boost and anti-anxiety effects. This can make this plant a great treatment for mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, ADD, and ADHD. It can reduce anxiety, psychomotor agitation, and attentional deficits in these conditions.

Holy Grail Kush marijuana can address wasting in conditions such as cancer and immune deficiencies. It can help people with wasting improve their appetite and put on weight to increase the chances of survival. It is also used to fight nausea with superior efficacy to many common oral or injectable anti-emetics.

Finally, Holy Grail Kush can ward off stress and get rid of insomnia to allow the patient to drift off into a long and refreshing slumber.

Holy Grail Kush Strain marijuana review

Holy Grail Kush Weed Price

Vendor: AmeriCannaRx
Portland, Oregon, USA
Strain name: Holy Grail Kush
Gram – $ 12 USD
Eighth – $ 42 USD
Quarter – $ 80 USD
Half – $ 140 USD
Once – $ 250 USD
Vendor: Local Herb Collective
Portland, Oregon, USA
Strain name: Holy Grail Kush
Gram – $ 10 USD
Eighth – $ 30 USD
Quarter – $ 60 USD
Half – $ 110 USD
Once – $ 220 USD


Holy Grail Kush weed is a great, relaxing smoke. The effects come on gradually and increase in intensity slowly. It will give you a cerebral high that will make you feel happy and giggly. Then the effects will course through your body with euphoric tingling. A wave of relaxation comes on next, releasing tension in the muscles. This weed can give you a burst of creativity and introspection. Finally, this Indica will give you the munchies and put you to sleep, so be prepared to eat your fill and drift off into a dream world.

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Holy Grail Kush Marijuana Strain
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Tristan

Exclusive genetics made this strain look like a pearl in the ocean of sand. The quality is top level it was obvious even before smoking. The thrill that starts in your chest relaxes and makes you feel extremely good both mentally and physically. Then it makes its way to your head and mind, your stomach, legs and arms until you are fully covered with this tantalizing sizzling.

Appearance: the buds are of very light subtle green color with beautiful trichomes and small swirly lumps extending from the inside of the bud.

Smell: after I opened the jar, people started coming into my room and asking where it comes from. You’ll see.

Taste: very unusual salty noodle flavour in the beginning.

Effects: a tiny amount of it had me baked for hours. All the muscles were paralyzed, eyes heavy like a truck, mind is deeper. Nevertheless, such potency does not bring any anxiety, paranoia or feeling that you smoked too much. It’s heavy, but good. As long as you don’t need to get some work done… Here is my advice to you: pay an especial attention to music and do not be afraid of such potency.

 by Madison

In contrast to a very famous (if not the main) stereotype about weed, I must say there are only few strains that can make me so giggly and sociable. As you could already understand, this one’s on that list. If my wife needs to wake up early in the morning she tells me to go away, otherwise she won’t have sleep at all. It’s a pity she doesn’t like marijuana and even thinks it’s only for teens. But the moment it puts a happy smile on your face, your mind (and subsequently body) thinks everything’s good in your life so all your muscles relax, but do not cause drowsiness as usual. All the problems and pain are left in the background. I’ve had surgery on my wrist and the pain wouldn’t go away for a minute, I had to forget about my hobby, playing the guitar. After several hits of this, I took my guitar, went out, set on the back porch and started playing. “Holy Grail Kush” that’s what I said when I finished the song without feeling anything in my wrist. That night I was impressed by how creative my mind can get with the help of weed. Amazing experience, so to say. It must be served on social events to help people cope with anxieties and shyness.

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