Jealousy Strain Review

Are you hunting for premium cannabis seeds to help you stay mentally, relaxed, and physically active? Your search just ended here. With Jealousy strain, you can keep your mind stable and your body active.

However, this jealousy strain is best for experienced cannabis consumers with the capacity to withstand the strength of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Experts suggest that you should only use it to reduce stress and anxiety.


If you are looking for how to grow this marijuana, you should also keep your eyes glued to this article.

This blog post will provide an extensive Jealousy Strain review to guide you. Here’s everything you should know about how it’s grown, its medicinal uses, Jealousy Strain weed price, and side effects.

Positive Effects Energizing, Creative, Relaxing, Balancing
Flavors Orange Soda, Earthy, creamy candy
May Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Mood swings
Aromas, Fragrance Mild, Spicy, Lavender
THC Content% (20)%
CBD% 0%
Yield About 20 ounces per square meter
Genetic Indica/Sativa
Flowering Time 9- 10 weeks
Harvest Late October
Plant Height 1.50 feet
Type Autoflowering

Jealousy Strain Origins, Genetics & History

Jealousy cannabis seeds were invented by seed junky genetics by crossing Sherbert B ×1 with Gelato 41. It is a highly potent female with a pronounced terpene and cannabinoid profile.

In the words of many, the Jealousy strain is that premium cannabis that turns stoners who don’t have it bright green jealous. The flavor and aroma are almost palpable and quite unusual from regular cannabis. The balanced mixture of Gelato Strains and Sherbet gives you the incredible feeling of consuming candy and gelato.

With a high level of THC marked at 28-30%, jealousy has been identified as highly effective for treating severe emotional and mental conditions like depression, chronic stress, mood swings, and chronic fatigue that need an immediate response.

Appearance and Smell

During the flowering stage, this plant takes on shades of various colors like vibrant green, orange, purple, and yellow-hued nugs. These buds mostly come in small spade-shaped olive green, undertoned in purple or a coating of tiny tinted crystal trichomes.


It leaves an intense sensation on your tongue after you inhale. Although many describe it to have a strong minty smell, its most prominent descriptions are earthy, flunky, candy, and creamy.

Its aroma comes with a harsh citrusy smell highlighted by fresh fruity vanilla and sour candies. When this smells seems to fall apart, a warm desert aroma replaces it.

How Jealousy Strain Works

Jealousy kush combines an equal proportion of Indica and Sativa to give you an energizing and relaxing feeling that almost snaps you out and catches you by surprise, moving straight up to activate your mental calibration.

After you use Jealousy, you get this dough face and a fuzzy feeling that settles into your system to make you floaty. If you use Jealousy at night, it sets your cognition in the lock and sends you to the bed, relaxing your muscles and relieving stress.


Experts say that Jealousy strain is best before activity during the day. It will calm your irritated mental nerves and wash through your body, eliminating tension and supplying calm energy that sets you into motion.

How to Grow Jealousy Kush


Although first-time users could find this strain quite intense and challenging, it is the best starter strain for first-time growers. For something so intense, growing Jealousy cannabis seeds happen to be hassle-free, as it is easily adaptable to any environment.

It is well responsive when cultivated directly in the ground, in local pots, or in hydroponic methods. However, it buds better and produces more yields when planted in pleasantly warm weather, and allows adequate ventilation.

Process of Cultivation

Jealousy strain flowering time is just about eight – nine weeks after germination when grown under hydroponic methods or outdoor. Due to its exciting blend of Indica and Sativa, cannabis takes more time to grow its root and produce buds.

Fertilizers and Nutrients

This strain doesn’t require as much fertilizer as naturally stimulating growth. While there is no clear definition for how much fertilizer is too much, the plant is better off growing at its own pace.

However, you might want to invest in odor control measures to eliminate or control the plant’s intoxicating scents that last after the flowering period. LST or FIM techniques are highly recommended to boost the plant’s terpenic potential, directly influencing its trichome growth and production rates.

Pruning and Yield

The expected harvest time for the Jealousy strain is usually in late October, mainly when grown outdoors and about two months from planting time when grown indoors. During the maturity and growth stage, you must keep your garden or plant space discreet and unexposed. This will allow enough heat for the buds to form well.

Most growers advise you to practice super cropping to produce short, bushy, fascinating Indica plants with nice intermodal spacing.

You know it is harvest time when the seeds turn into broad stunt crops of multicolored popcorn-shaped buds covered in fuzzy caterpillar-like trichomes and striking orange pistils.

How to Use Jealousy Strain

This strain has a two-pronged effect on every user that can be bracketed as Energy and Euphoria. It is best consumed before an activity like load lifting, mental tasking, or a walk in the park.

It also gives you a euphoric experience, aiding your creative process and easing stress. Here are basic ways to use Jealousy Strain for maximal results.

Find a Ventilated atmosphere: 

Although the flavor is nice, creamy, and friendly, it could be choking if trafficked. Hence, you must make sure there is an allowance for air passage. Cannabis smoke generally creates unhealthy indoor air quality. You’ll want to stay in a well-ventilated environment to prevent being choked.

Take with Snacks: 

Jealousy strain has an incredible taste just like its aroma; hence, you’ll want to experience it all, smell, and taste alike. Also, you’ll want to support the energy from this strain with actual energy from food.

Users advise that it is best taken with snacks like cookies.

Pair with a Movie: 

You can enjoy this better with an excellent movie of your choice, or you could sit in the quiet and allow the flavors to wash over you in the evening or any time of the day.

Mix with other strains: 

Jealousy can be slow to take action. Hence, if you seek a particular sensation, it is advised that you mix this strain with other strains that have the likeliness of the kind of sensations you want. You can smoke them together to control what kind of effect you want and how high you want to feel. Avoid a strain with the same level of THC except if you want to get high and you are confident you can handle it.

Medicinal Uses of Jealousy Strains

Thankfully, medical marijuana is legal and easier to access in almost all locations, hence giving you the chance to improve your mental health and other identified health condition that affect your regular activity.

One plausible thing about Jealousy seeds is that it has low levels of cannabidiol which makes them less addictive and allows them to function more efficiently.

Jealousy strain seeds are commonly prescribed for patients suffering from fatigue disorders with symptoms like;

  • Physical exhaustion,
  • Anxiety
  • Mental tiredness, and
  • Creativity burnout.

It also helps to rejuvenate lethargic muscles. Patients with chronic disorders might find its daytime effects friendly and incredibly effective.

Asides from its evident and practical cerebral approach, this strain is well-suitable for treating persistent pains like headaches, migraine, menstrual cramps, and sometimes muscle pains/pull.

Like a  balm, it moves straight to the nerves and alleviates the pain while distracting the mind from that nerve. Consumers reckon that Jealousy medical seeds are like little kernels of potential energy waiting to be tapped.

Side Effects

As we’ve seen earlier, this strain is not for newbie cannabis consumers, as the high THC can adversely affect their mental state. However, it can leave users feeling unfocused and distracted by many thoughts, mostly irrational.

Asides from newbie cannabis consumers, people with anxiety can have adverse effects. If you do have a history of anxiety, you must choose a cannabis seed with a gentler approach.

Also, users have reported high psychoactive euphoria and active mental stimulation under its influence. This is no surprise for a strain with close to 30% THC.

Jealousy Strain Price

This good stuff is relatively price-friendly, depending on where you are making your purchases from. The price regularly ranges from $30 to $50.

How to Get Jealousy Strain Seeds

Getting jealousy strain seeds is easier when you apply to a warehouse or online seed banks. You can check out popular seed banks like Blimburn and Seeds Bay. These banks offer to ship these seeds to other countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, and all around South America, South Africa, Australia, and Europe.

However, you can be assured you’ll spend more to ship this strain to your location. Hence, you should find the seed shops close to you. You can also obtain clones from these plants and grow them separately.

Customer Reviews

Read what users have to say about Jealousy Strain.


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The jealousy strain is one of the most excellent cannabis seeds you can ever come across. It is easy to use and grow with clearly measurable results. You need to plant it in the right atmosphere and be meticulous about watching it grow. Your delicate orange-yellow greenish bud will be out in no time.

If you lack experience growing cannabis, you can start with a minimum amount, and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to grow this cannabis.

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