Marijuana Khalifa Kush Strain Review

Strain name info: Khalifa Kush Marijuana Strain

Our Overall Rating:  4.5 / Best known for:  Created specifically for rap artist Wiz Khalifa

Positive Effects  Marijuana Khalifa Kush strain effects
Origin / ancestry Khalifa Kush is a hybrid which was created specifically for rap artist Wiz Khalifa in conjunction with RiverRock Cannabis. Though the formula is secret, it appears similar to OG Kush with a lemony taste.
Aromas, Flavors Pine, lemon, lime, citrusy, earthiness
May Relieve This strain is made mainly for the stress and fatigue that comes with celebrity and touring. Also, for recreation and deep relaxation.
THC Content:

24% to 26%, often toward the higher end

 Cannabis Khalifa Kush strain THC CBD
Outdoor and Indoor Yields Growers can expect 17 ounces per plant outdoors, and the same per square meter indoors
Flowering time Flowering takes about nine weeks
Genetic  Khalifa Kush weed strain genetics
Harvest Last weeks of September and the early weeks of October
Disease resistance Excellent immunity, resistant to fungus, molds, mildews, bacteria, viruses, pests, and insects
Plant Height Medium height
Type Auto-flowering
Adverse effects Like many strong Indicas, Khalifa Kush can cause anticholinergic side effects like dry mouth and eyes
Growing difficulty Medium difficulty

Origins, Genetics, History

Khalifa Kush is a strong Indica with a high THC content. It is 80% Indica, only 20% Sativa, but with as high as 26% THC. This suggests a very strong wave of relaxation fit for someone very well acquainted with the marijuana lifestyle, recreationally or medicinally. This strain was created for the rap megastar Wiz Khalifa, known for his glorification of marijuana usage. Wiz Khalifa got together with RiverRock Cannabis to create the strain. His own usage is sponsored by “The Cookie Company” marijuana dispensary. So, clearly many different interests went into making this strain as recreationally successful as possible. It therefore has a high THC content, and is a strong Indica, a combination long preferred by high profile stars like Jimmy Hendrix, Snoop Dogg, and now Wiz Khalifa.

Appearance and Smell

Khalifa Kush has a potent and ostentations smell of strong lemon and pine. It has a hint of an oak-like taste that makes it incessantly palatable though strong. This is a very pungent and strong bud and care must be taken to toke conservatively. The taste can be a bit tropical, sweet, and wood-like, due to a potent mix of active ingredients. This bud was created to show off, and when you use it, you will know that it has been carefully engineered.

How to Grow Khalifa Kush Cannabis Seeds and Cuttings

Growing weed from Khalifa Kush cannabis seeds and cuttings is of utmost difficulty. Khalifa Kush growing techniques and formulas have been kept secret from the public. There is even rumor that the ‘real’ formula is even more secret, used only to make product for the rap star himself, who is said to spend as much as $10,000 per month on the product.

Inferring from it’s OG Kush parent, it would be a good candidate for using a (SCOG) or screen of green method. Using a fertilizer like Flower Power can be a great addition.

Indoors, Khalifa Kush may take around nine weeks to produce an abundant yield. You can expect 17 ounces for every square meter.

Outdoors, in sunny and warm climates, you can expect flowering during the summer and harvest in late September and early October, with a similar yield as indoor growing.

Medicinal Marijuana Review

Khalifa Kush weed has high THC levels, up to 26%. Though this was created generally for recreational effects, it can have a strong effect on hard to tame pain levels. It is also a strong Indica, 80%, and will therefore cause more relaxation and couchlock. Those with conditions for which strong pain relief and strong relaxation are indicated may be able to use this strain therapeutically.

Like other strong Indicas, Khalifa Kush can relieve nausea of many causes and treat muscle spasms.

Khalifa Kush Weed Price

Los Angeles, California
Strain name: Wiz Khalifa OG (Khalifa Kush)
Gram – $ 19.90 USD
Eighth – $ 54.90 USD
Quarter –  $ 99.90 USD
Half – $ 189.90 USD
Ounce – $ 349.90 USD
Vendor: Spaceships Delivery
Huntington Park, California
Strain name: Khalifa Kush
Gram – $ 15 USD
Eighth – $ 25 USD
Quarter – $ 40 USD
Half – $ 160 USD
Ounce – $ 280 USD


The hit of Khalifa Kush is lemony and pungent. You can tell on the first taste that is has been carefully engineered. The harsh elements have been removed and you get a thick smoke that is extremely tasty and palatable.

The potent Indica effects come on at a medium rate. Just a few puffs and you will feel a sense of both heaviness and lightness. You are heavy while sitting due to relaxation, and light when you get up due to a lack of pain and fatigue. This strain will certainly give you the classic giggles. It will make you as high as a kite if you are not used to a very potent and strong weed.

Mostly, this strain is for serious recreational users who have been around the block a few times and can smoke with the big boys.

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Marijuana Khalifa Kush Strain
Average rating:  
 7 reviews
 by Mirko

That's it, I'm out of this shit. I bought it for the first time and couldn't even imagine that the first run would cause an irreparable damage to my already shaky mental state and leave me completely shocked and dismayed. Furthermore, it was such a pain to understand you had been duped when you actually were prepared for... Ha-ha GOTCHA! Ok that was a long intro but it was worth it. Now I'll tell you what this thing really is. The first time with this strain really disappointed me but I decided not to rush and wait before forming an opinion and it was one of my best decisions. As you can realise it turned out to be a brilliant strain which can turn off your stress and bad mood just like that. I would say it's a sativa-dominant although it also has a mild body stone, but again the effects are mostly cerebral and very pleasant. It's nice to have something uplifting and moderating your mood while making you slightly euphoric and surprisingly sensory (physical sensations are distinctly heightened). The come down is slow and tender will leave you a bit tired but not too sleepy. Not a night smoke I would say as the effects are extremely long-lasting and the quality is hardcore. Finally I found a regular strain for my medicine box.

 by Dana Davis

I would like to try it

 by Nick

Attention! You're going to read a love letter. (I just decided to add this as it might not be obvious to some people). Dear Khalifa Kush, I am writing this so you could know how stoned I am and how much I'm in love with you. I've been smoking you for the last two weeks and it was the happiest and the most loving days I've had in years. That's why I need to personally thank you.

Ok why I love this strain so much? Because for some weird and unexplainable reasons this has become my new viagra, or as my father would say, my vitamin "V". I tried a couple of strains that made me a little horny but nothing compared to this one. I just somehow feel ready to go right after smoking. But I also become some kind of a fetishist as I get the willing to hump people's legs. It helps me to relax and clear my head and enables to unwind without falling asleep so imagine how much time can be saved! Subsequently your stress and anxiety will leave you. Pity my wife will file a restraining order if I won't stop smoking Khalifa Kush. I am a nymphomaniac now. And I don't care.

 by Rebeca

During the two years I've lived in Phoenix I smoked rather often. But this pot made me forget about all other strains for good and to draw my eyes, attention and my heart to this beautiful weed. I know this strain is not open to the public and it's quite hard to get it, but if I smoked some of the true Khalifa Kush, then OMG what a smoke. Important fact: this review is written by a person with a reasonably high tolerance level so if you're not sure about yourself or you're new to smoking it's better to take it slow. A couple of small hits made me feel very euphoric and lit af and after smoking more it let me know this had +3 stagger effects. I enjoyed a long lasting peaceful but heavy high and I wish it was more popular and available in more dispensaries. Anyone looking for a powerful strain, you found it!

 by Richard

Buying this strain was a truly good idea as it nearly stands head and shoulders above any other pot i've ever tried. But it'll cost an arm and a leg to smoke this one on a daily basis. Very good weed for good price! The smell is delicious but differs dramatically from any other strain known to you. But i can tell you it was definitely made with the help of OG Kush and a couple of other strains which smell and taste like lemon and pine. Its look and taste will leave no doubt about this to you. Overall it's a rather nice strain, i liked almost everything about it and i'll buy more as soon as i can. It gave me this amazing body high that only Indica can provide. This was just what i've been looking for so anybody who loves to zone out, just lie on the couch and relax, you will love it! And by the way I smoked it all (1/8) at once, rolled up in 2 King Size Papers and chilled out.

 by Jose

This is a nice combo of relaxing-numbing-euphoric high and a slight pain relief. although khalifa kush is definitely a hybrid (i checked it twice) it mellows me out and i stop thinking about anything else but how great i feel. so no wonder i was ruminating about the effects of this strain for a good couple of days after trying it for the first time. it starts off quite quickly strong and heady and when you think you've already reached the highest point it gets stronger still. i liked its citrus pine smell with maybe slight hints of linalool but i can be wrong. what about smoke and flower quality i have no complaints as the taste (or flavor) was amazing and the flower very pungent. another great thing is that it's smooth almost to the end. but most importantly it makes you overactive, which is actually good as usually i have no strength even to wash the dishes and now i can be perfectly balanced! it goes along with euphoria and fidgety body buzz. this strain is highly recommended for people willing to play sports or go to the gym and now it's my top choice for the reason stated above. the only drawback is that it can't take away all my pain as it's not strong enough.

 by Robert

I really love this rapper, Wiz Khalifa if you heard of him. So this strain had to send me to the moon or at least I really was waiting for that. And now I finally understand why he is always so happy and how he can have so much energy and always be jumping around. The first thing you feel after a first puff is an extremely distinctive kush taste and smell. There are also diesel smell coming out the flower every time I grind it. It tastes like OG and it's just amazing. So what is the best use of this strain, you'll ask? And I'll tell you this peerless peace of heaven is truly the best thing you can buy for getting some things done. Personally I could be cleaning my house for HOURS as it wasn't unpleasant at all and I actually even had some fun dancing. And those few hours that I needed passed really fast. That's what a couple of bowls of this beautiful fluffy flower will do to you. A great daytime and especially morning smoke making you really focused and productive. Definitely 5/5 to me!

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