Marijuana Kosher Kush Strain Review

Strain name info: Kosher Kush Marijuana Strain

Our Overall Rating:  5 out of 5 / Best known for:  Blessed by a rabbi

Positive Effects Marijuana Kosher Kush effects
Origin / ancestry Kosher Kush Type: Kosher Kush is a full Indica.

  • Kosher Kush (clone)

Kosher Kush started in Los Angeles California. It has been clone-only for some time, and its original parents are thought to have been a unknown Indicas. It is said to be the only weed that has been blessed by a rabbi. This suggests an appreciation of the spiritual properties of this weed. Cannabis has been used spiritually by cultures all over the world for millennia, including the Jewish and Christian cultures. Hemp was an ingredient in the anointing oil of the old testament.

Aromas, Flavors Kosher Kush has fragrances and aromas which have been described thusly:

  • Kush
  • Fruit
  • Spiciness
  • Pine-scented
  • Lemons
  • Sugary
  • Potent
May Relieve Kosher Kush is a strong contender against insomnia, pain, and anxiety.   This is a great weed to help treat disorders of chronic stress.
THC Content:

22 % to 29 %

Cannabis Kosher Kush THC CBD
Indoor/Outdoor Yield Indoor growers can get 19 ounces of Kosher Kush weed per meter squared of space. Grown outdoors, you can expect 16 ounces per plant of Kosher Kush kosher weed.
Flowering time Kosher Kush flowers in seven to nine weeks indoors.
Genetic Kosher Kush weed Strain genetics
Harvest Kosher Kush marijuana plants will be ready for harvest in the middle of October.
Disease resistance Kosher Kush cannabis has strong disease resistances against different types of fungi, molds, mildews, mites, spiders, and other parasites which infest hemp and marijuana plants.
Plant Height Kosher Kush cannabis is a medium to tall plant, sometimes in excess of 80 inches tall.
Adverse effects Like other powerful Indica’s, Kosher Kush has a tendency to produce dry mouth if overdone. Be sure to pace yourself. Kosher Kush can also make you feel heavy and sleepy, a side effect most welcome to many users.
Growing difficulty Growing Kosher Kush plants is an easy task if you have basic gardening skills. The hardest part may be finding a clone to be delivered to you intact. Flowering may take 7 to 9 weeks.

  • Controlling pests
  • Maintaining soil moisture
  • Organic and enriched soil
  • Proper pruning
  • Setting environmental moisture
  • Trimming your trees

kosher kush weed grow

Origins, Genetics, History

Kosher Kush Type: Kosher Kush is a hybrid of the following strains:

  • Kosher Kush (clone)

Meet the nostril-flaring winning best Indica of 2010 and 2011 and the Best Strain of 2011 at the High Times Cannabis Cup, Kosher Kush. This weed is said to have been blessed by a rabbi. The spiritual cycle that started with the including of cannabis in the anointing oil of the Old Testament all the way up through modern times has come full circle.

Kosher Kush hails from Los Angeles California where lucky breeders noticed from the aroma and the initial tokes that they had produced a new caliber of weed. DNA Genetics breeders are known to offer clones to lucky buyers.

Appearance and Smell

The Kosher Kush smells truly like a king of Kushes from California to the Hindu Kush mountains of the origins of this famous, resilient strain. You will smell hints of the sublime mountain valley fauna, earth, the river Ganges, and the spiritual sense they inspire. You will also get your fill of powerful lemon scent, this is surely a sealed container for transport weed cuz you will smell, strong, strong, strongly of potent bud. Don’t just schlep it around in your pocket, oi vey!  Everyone is sure to notice and that might not be your intention. You will detect pine, spice, and herbs because the plant contains the same terpenes found in traditional spices for which it is greatly valued and appreciated likewise.

How to Grow Kosher Kush Cannabis Seeds or Cuttings

Growing weed from Kosher Kush cannabis seeds is easy according to growers. You will need a clone and a fairly dry environment. Don’t be intimidated, but you will probably need to grow this one indoors, due to the low humidity, the warm environment needed unless of course, you live in just such a region. We presume a state like Colorado might have the perfect places to grow this weed. Get your five-gallon buckets or hydroponic set-up if you got it like that, add your nutrients and high powered lamps and you’re rolling.

If you grow indoors, expect a yield of 19 ounces per square meter after a flowering time that can extend anywhere from 7 to 10 weeks. Just keep a close eye on your plants and decide when they are ready to flower.

Outdoors, the harvest is in the middle of October, expect 16 ounces per plant. For this weed, with nearly 30 percent THC, that is an excellent yield.

kosher kush marijuana photo

Medicinal Marijuana Review

Kosher Kush is the mac daddy of Indicas for the treatment of anxiety by medical marijuana prescribers. Kosher Kush induces a near-instant anxiolysis, calming the nerves and senses of the most agitated individuals. This is also a strain which is strong for the treatment of neuropathic pain in conditions like Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, and shingles. Neuropathic pain is pain which is caused by injuries to the nerves of the body. This injury is often caused by autoimmunity, the body’s own immune system attacking the nerves of the body. It can produce pain far in excess of any observable physical damage. People with neuropathic pain are often misdiagnosed and run the gambit of doctors before they get a useful diagnosis. They face pain and social judgment for their illnesses, further adding to their burden. They need a break. Sometimes a prescription of medical marijuana is just the thing to treat both the pain and the mood issues that result from the frustrations of being affected by such conditions.

A strong, relaxing Indica, this is also the perfect weed for those with lack of appetite and nausea from chemotherapy. There’s no popping a Dramamine and hoping it works. You hit this weed, the nausea is gone instantly and the appetite is back. This can be a matter of life and death to those who need it to feed and gain weight.
kosher kush pot review

Kosher Kush Weed Price

Vendor: MediGreen Collectives
Portland, Oregon, USA
Strain name: Kosher Kush
Gram – $ 8 USD
Eighth – $ 23 USD
Quarter – $ 44 USD
Half – $ 75 USD
Ounce – $ 250 USD
Vendor: Nectar – Montavilla
Portland, Oregon, USA
Strain name: Kosher Kush
Gram – $ 6 USD
4 Grams – $ 20 USD
¼ ounce – $39
Half-ounce – $ 75 USD
Ounce – $ 99 USD


This ain’t no light weight weed. Kosher Kush is the real deal. Among the most potent, skunkiest of Indica’s, this weed is gotten flatten you like a hot iron. You will be locked into the couch in euphoric appreciation. You will feel the stresses of the day and the accumulated aches and pains slip easily out of consciousness. This weed acts fast, so you will know from the original tokes where you’re going and how long before you get back.

The mood elevation is pleasant and may leave you starry-eyed and intimate in your thoughts. This is a great weed to get you to sleep and keep you there so be ready to pass out right where you sit. So, don’t be around people who may draw on your face or put you in an embarrassing pose in your sleep. You may lose a few minutes before you went to sleep, but you are sure to remember how you looked when you woke up!  Also, don’t operate heavy machinery or be responsible for watching the kids while you are hitting this weed.

So, if you are with trusted friends, you’re gonna want some snacks. By all means, do not blow your high with junk food. Get some healthy fruit and delectable cheeses and you will enjoy your time socializing, snacking, and blowing kosher smoke.

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Kosher Kush Marijuana Strain
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Gregory

As a person that have been growing and using marijuana for over 40 years and got a master’s degree in agri/horticulture, I think I’m entitled to break any review down, because my experience is for sure the purest and most precise. Mostly I don’t buy anything at the dispensaries, I get seeds directly from the high-quality original breeders.Me and several people I know obtained Kosher Kush (someone may know it as Reserva Privada) and have grown nice plants indoor. It really loves the SCROG method, it will be rather short this way.You won't have any problems with this strain, as it is very easy to grow in almost any conditions: indoors, outdoors or soil hydro. Although I had to wait it to ripe longer than other plants, it took 9-10 weeks. I liked how it showed me if I did something wrong. For example, burnt leaf tips appeared if I was giving it too many nutrients. Outdoors you can expect it to flower at the end of July - beginning of August and in October it'll already be ready. You'll notice the plants are a bit shorter because of the dominant part of indica in it, although the buds are stouter of better quality. What I really liked about it is its mold resistance because it's as dense as the buds are. Oh and the trim leaves amazed be! They're the most frosty I've ever seen and are pretty similar to the original White Widow. I recommend using it late in the evening or at night because strong indica effects are perfect for it. Do not worry about your sleep problems anymore, it will alleviate your pain, slowly relax and put you to sleep.

 by David

Holy shit it’s just…. WOW. Man, i don’t know what to say, i have no appropriate words to describe my feelings towards this strain. I enjoy it most when passing it around with a couple of my best friends. Everything becomes hilarious and I like watch them cracking the fuck up. These were the stickiest buds I’ve ever seen covered in beautiful frosty crystals. When I took them out of the bag, they left it fully covered in orange trichomes and resin, that was very sticky. The smell was extremely earthy, similar to the smell of forest after rain. So the main purpose someone would buy this strain is a strong craving to laugh until their stomach hurts. Seriously, never will anything be as funny for you as when you’re high on this! I felt on top of the world, it was truly amazing and I don’t think it could be even better. That evening was perfectly laughy. It’s actually kind of weird that people that (taking into account what I felt) most people in the reviews say it’s not a giggler. I think the growers or something else affect the weed and effects might vary from sample to sample. And as the biggest fan of Kosher Kush in the world I wish you to find qualitative buds and enjoy it!

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