Member Berry Kush


Positive Effects Happy Euphoric effects, uplifts mood
Flavors Fruity, Clementine, Piney
May Relieve Depression, mood disorders, stress, and PTSD
Aromas, Fragrance Grapy and Piney aroma, not pungent
THC Content % 15%
CBD % 1%
Yield 60 to 80 g smokable bud per square foot
Genetic 30% Sativa and 70% Indica
Flowering time 60 to 65 days
Harvest End of September to Late October
Plant Height 3 to 4 feet (inside) and 5 feet (outside)
Type Autoflowering/Regular

If you’re a struggling newbie growing member berry kush in your nearby garden, you’re indeed at the right place. Member berry kush is one of the most commonly grown cannabis plants in the United States. With its potential use in medicine/health and instant relief with euphoria kicking in, member berry strain is liked by the majority.

Here in this marijuana member berry strain review, we will discuss everything regarding the plant, from its origin and history to the member berry weed price and where exactly you can locate the member berry cannabis seeds in the market. Additionally, users are also delighted with its non-pungent grapy scent.



Origin, Genetics, and History

Having its roots in Afghani heritage, member berry kush is an Indica dominant weed strain renowned for its positive, euphoric effects upon its use. It was initially developed by the breeders of Colorado’s Ethos through a unique combination of Skunkberry and Mandarin sunset. Colorado’s Ethos or Ethos Genetics is a leading cannabis company for creating pure cannabis hybrid plants.

The strain comprises 70% Indica and 30% Sativa, with a staggering 15% of THC levels. It is the elevated THC that is responsible for the instant head rush experienced upon smoking Member Berry Kush. The CBD levels range up to approximately 1% for this weed strain.

Head over to the following info guide and gain more insight regarding member berry kush from cannabis seeds, its unique attributes, and how to grow this plant with the least possible hassle.

 Appearance and Smell

The appearance of member berry kush is quite beautiful and exquisite, making it more interesting to smoke. Those bright green buds make it feel more natural and fresh. However, due to dozens of phenotypes and variable growing conditions, member berry strain differs considerably. Nonetheless, it is common to witness darker colors intertwining throughout the plant, making their way outwards. Some orange tinge may be visible at its pistils.

The particular scent of a weed strain holds the power to attract or stave off an audience. But with member berry kush, you won’t have to sweat over it. The strain’s fragrance is very similar to citrus and blueberry, much like any other topical cannabis strain. The scent isn’t too intense and henceforth, liked by many. You might also experience hints of clementine and grape with a slight piny aroma.

How to grow: Conditions, Describe the process, Fertilizers, Nutrients, Pruning, and yield.

Member berry kush tends to get all bushy and compact while growing, due to Its Indica-dominant heritage. Therefore, with Member berry, you may need some experience or assistance from a professional while growing the cannabis plant.

With member berry kush, you can expect 60 to 80 grams of smokable bud per square foot. However, with other cannabis strains, you get the chance to expect more.

Once you have member berry cannabis seeds with you, follow through the guidelines carefully and you’ll plant your own member berry strain in no time.

Process of Cultivation and Yield:

As far as the location is concerned, Member berry kush can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. However, it is recommended to grow member berries inside since it’s easy to keep an eye on them.

One can expect 16-18 ounces per square yard with indoor cultivation, with a harvest time of around nine weeks. In contrast, you may look for 20+ ounces per square yard for outdoor plants. Member berry kush plants have the potential to reach 3 to 4 ft indoors while the plant reaches more than 5 ft when grown outside.

It usually takes 60 to 65 days for the flowering time to arrive, with the end of September to late October being the prime time to harvest.


It doesn’t matter what you’re growing in the garden next door; for every plant, you must follow and provide favorable conditions and facilities for stellar growth. When it comes to member berry kush, it’s plain sailing. All you have to do is provide the optimum quantity of water, fertilizer, and maybe some nitrogen from time to time. Fertilizers are important to make sure that the plant receives all sorts of nutrients and minerals. You should provide enriched organic soil if you want most of your member berry cannabis seeds to grow.

However, there’s one stumbling block associated with member berry growth. The plant is quite vulnerable to pests and mildew. Therefore extra care and supervision are required to ensure healthy growth. Besides this, around 40% of humidity is also a prerequisite for member berry strain. With a humid environment, you can also prevent the development of moldy buds which can be difficult to manage.


Member berry kush must be nicely trimmed out in order to avoid additional problems. Keeping thin branches and low leaves can also aid in steadier air flow and, keeping pests and nuisance at bay.

Medicinal Use

The therapeutic use of member berry kush is quite unmatchable. Member berry strain is just for you if you’re struggling with depression, recurring episodes of anxiety attacks, repetitive pessimism, dark fluctuating moods, and desolation. With its smooth and steady head rush, member berry kush helps you stay calm and afar from worries. The strain also gives a long-lasting bliss of a happy and euphoric feeling with just one thorough puff.


The hybrid strain has also been reported to aid in chronic pain and muscle aches. With its anti-inflammatory properties, member berry strain is becoming more common in chronic inflammatory disorders. Interestingly, the strain can put restless sleepers to a long slumber and thus helps beat insomnia.

Psychotic conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD and depression are marginally relieved upon member berry strain use. With one pot, you’re definitely on for a long and happy ride.

When and how is it better to use this strain?

Member berry kush is known for its instant head rush and euphoric feeling. Thus, it would make sense to use the cannabis plant when you’re suffering from anxiety attacks or are in a constant state of despair and general malaise. As soon as the high wears off after some hours, you may experience an urge to sleep or rest for a while. It is recommended to smoke one of its joints during the daytime.

Member berry Strain Price

It’s difficult to find a fixed price for member berry kush cannabis plants due to their various phenotypes, sizes, and company stores. Nevertheless, it is always better to grow the plant independently rather than relying on purchasing already grown ones. After all, you never know the potency and authenticity of the pot.

Generally, 1g of member berry kush can cost up to $12, 1/8 oz for $35, 1/4 oz for $60, 1/2 oz for $100, and $180 for 1 oz. Since these prices are subject to change and alteration, one may look for various online vendors/local stores to cross-check their prices and ingredients. Besides this, you can also go to seed banks to get Member Berry Strain cannabis seeds at affordable prices.

How to get Member Berry Strain Seeds

Since cannabis seeds can’t be purchased or sold legally, doing so through public platforms can get you in a whole lot more trouble. Therefore, to avoid any kind of federal intervention, buying member berry strain cannabis seeds through online stores or seed banks is highly suggested. Zamnesia seeds and Seed Bay are a few stores to look for authentic cannabis seeds. To be safer also go through the state laws and guidelines as a precaution.

Customer Reviews

Going through Reddit reviews regarding your product of choice is always a smart idea. Almost all of these reviews are authentic and unbiased with complete maintenance of transparency. In this way, you’re provided with the right info, especially if the product poses any side effects. As far as member berry kush is concerned, go through the following user reviews and make the choice for yourself!





With the marijuana member berry strain review right here, one can infer that the member berry strain is worth a try. With readily available seed banks, it is easy to grow the plant independently without any additional effort. All you need is the right approach. Growing plants on your own also give more joy and contentment than buying it from stores.

With its therapeutic use in fighting depression, anxiety, PTSD, and mood disorders, it makes sense that member berry kush is more medically oriented than intercepted. You’re ready to grow member berry strains independently with everything mentioned in the above guide. All you have to do is get the seeds from a trusted source!


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