Marijuana Mob Boss Strain Review

Strain name info: Mob Boss Marijuana Strain

Our Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 / Best known for strong cerebral high

Positive Effects
Origin / ancestry Mob Boss Type: Mob Boss is 40 % Indica and 60 % Sativa hybrid weed which has as much as 24 percent THC in the plant. Its parents are:

  1. Chem Dawg
  2. Tang Tang

Mob Boss is a relaxing Sativa weed which is the progeny of the terpene loaded Chem Dawg D and the lip-puckering, citrusy weed Tang Tang.

Aromas, Flavors Mob Boss has fragrances and aromas which have been described thusly:

  • Tangerine
  • Orange
  • Lemons
  • Citrus
  • Chemical
  • Tanginess
  • Sugary
  • Spice
  • Ginger
  • Flowers
  • Cinnamon
May Relieve Mob Boss is a mood-boosting Sativa which can help address depression, anxiety, pain, and stiffness.
THC Content:

18 % to 24 %

Indoor/Outdoor Yield Yield Mob Boss marijuana trees will produce an indoor yield of about 24 ounces per square meter. Outdoors you can get a yield of 28 ounces per plant.
Flowering time Mob Boss weed trees will flower in 60 to 75 days.
Harvest The Mob Boss strain of weed will be ready for harvesting during the second week of October.
Disease resistance Mob Boss is resistant to common pests, mildew, and mold growth.
Plant Height Mob Boss is a plant of medium height, between 4 and 6 feet tall.
Adverse effects The Mob Boss marijuana does not have the same overdose and abuse potential as opioids, it is far safer. It can cause panic, paranoia, dry mouth, and dry eye in overdose. It is not known to be fatal in overdose.
Growing Difficulty Mob Boss is of a medium difficulty to cultivate. It needs a sunny, Mediterranean climate.

Origins, Genetics, History

Mob Boss is a 40 % Indica and 60 % Sativa weed hybrid with THC levels that come up to 24 %. This gives it the ability to produce a strong head high. This recalls the ruthlessness, ambition, and prestige of a mob boss.

Appearance and Smell

Mob Boss plants come up to a medium height and can be bushy and bountiful if topped early. The nuggets are a light green color, studded with orange hairs and blanketed in white trichomes holding a bounty of THC. The fragrance is chemical, diesel, citrus, flowers, and sweetness. You will get a strong punch of flavorful terpenes and of powerful THC.

How to Grow Mob Boss Cannabis Seeds or Cuttings

Growing weed from Mob Boss cannabis seeds or cuttings is of medium difficulty. The strain was created by Grindhouse Medical seeds. It can be grown indoors or outside. To grow indoors, set up a grow tent with 5-gallon buckets. Place reflective lining around the inside of the tent. This will cause the light to be reflected back onto your leaves. This can help produce a bounty of buds. You can also use a sea of a green method if versed in its use. Set up high discharge lamps. Keep your soil moist. Keep your air crisp and dry to avoid mold. You can use a fan and exhaust system to keep your air moving. You will be ready to induce flowering just before 60 days by using a lighting schedule of 12 hours of dark and 12 hours of light. Hang your bundles to dry and store in darkened mason jars in a cool dark place. You can expect a high yield of about 24 ounces per square meter.
Outdoors, you need a sunny Mediterranean environment to grow these plants. Keep your soil moist. You can expect your plants to flower in mid-October. You can take away as much as 28 ounces per plant.

Medicinal Marijuana Review

Mob Boss is a relaxing 60 percent Sativa and 40 percent Indica. It has as much as 24 % THC. This means it can be heavy in mood-boosting and energy boosting properties. It can be good for depression co-morbid with chronic pain.

Depressive disorders may include Major Depression, dysthymia, and bipolar depression. During the depressive phase of these illnesses, patients may feel lack of positive effect, loss of interest in once pleasurable activities, withdrawal from loved ones and friends, loss of appetite, fatigue, and even chest pain. Often it may co-occur with chronic pain. Chronic pain can be caused by a variety of illnesses, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, angina, fibromyalgia, polymyositis, shingles, and other illnesses. Sometimes the chronic pain causes the depression, at other times it’s vice versa, but essentially, they are the same process.

Medical marijuana can break the cycle of pain and depression. It can give the sufferer a break from the constant pain and at the same time, it raises the mood. It does not have the overdose and abuse potential of opioid medications which have sometimes been used for chronic pain, then abruptly withdrawn, leaving the patient in withdrawals and trying to buy drugs like heroin off the street. These much-demonized medications are responsible for the opioid epidemic striking the United States and claiming obscene numbers of lives. Medical marijuana is one of the solutions to this problem. It gives patients the ability to control both mental and physical pain without the risk of overdose and with a low risk of addiction. Marijuana has a little addictive potential for many people and is only mildly addictive for others. In any case, marijuana withdrawal does not cause the hellish pain caused by opioid withdrawal.

Vendor: Nectar – Mississippi

4125 N. Mississippi Avenue,

Portland, OR

Strain Name: Mob Boss

24 % THC

0.08 % CBD

$ 8 1 gram

Vendor: Nectar – Sandy

3350 NE Sandy Blvd,

Portland, OR

Strain Name: Mob Boss

22.4 % THC

0.09 % CBD

$ 6 each


This delightful Sativa is going to give you the giggles with the first hit, although the smoke can be harsh. This is not a strain for beginners. You will need some experience with marijuana to comfortably toke on this weed. You will feel sensations of pleasure spread throughout the body, and all of your pain and worry will melt away. Your body will be light, but not heavy or couch-locked. You will have the ability to move around and enjoy yourself. This is a good weed for socializing, so don’t be a hermit. Open yourself up to others and share, puff puff give. You will be a delight to your friends and you might even make a few new friends.
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