Modified Grapes Strain

Positive Effects  Mood uplifting, euphoria, relaxed, focus, concentration
Flavors  Grape, candy, sweet, spicy
May Relieve Anxiety, asthma, insomnia, chronic pain
Aromas, Fragrance  Pungent grapy, black pepper stench
THC Content %  24%
CBD %  1%
Yield Indoor: 1-1.5 oz per Ft²

Outdoor: 14 oz per plant

Genetic 80% Indica and 20%Sativa
Flowering time  50-60 days
Harvest  Mid October
Plant Height  Medium
Type Autoflowering/Regular

Modified grape kush is one of the most popularly used cannabis plants among regular users. With its intricate features and grapy yet a bit spicy aroma, it surely attracts all sorts of attention. Besides this, the cannabis plant is associated with some amazing medicinal benefits, making it more therapeutic than it already is.


If you’re looking for a review to guide you through the entire process of growing modified grape kush on your own, you’re indeed at the right place. The following marijuana-modified grape strain review is all you need to know about the origin, history, unique genetics, and modified grape weed price with the right seed banks to purchase from. We have got it all covered in the following sections.

Origin, Genetics, and History

Modified grapes kush is a unique blend of two of the most strong cannabis plants, i.e., GMO cookies and Purple Punch. With its exotic properties and mental stimulation, the modified grape strain is indeed the one to opt for. With GMO cookies, your brain will be kept at maximum stimulation, whereas on the other side, purple punch aids you in relaxing and staying calm.

Modified grape strain is an Indica dominant hybrid with only 20% Sativa. Interestingly, the high levels of THC, approximately 28%, instead of bringing your body to a complete high, helps you focus and direct your attention to the tasks at hand. As far as CBD is concerned, it’s not more than 1%.

The following marijunana modified grape strain review/info will help you gain insight regarding modified grape strain, its pleasant appearance, and medicinal usage, alongside knowing how to grow the plant from modified grape cannabis seeds.

Appearance and Smell

Although one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, in the case of cannabis strains, it’s the appearance and physical attributes that can make or break the deal. Nonetheless, modified grape kush have got nothing to sweat over. With its beautifully arranged purple undertones and olive green nugs, one can also witness small orange hairs and purple-tinted trichomes. These enticing color combinations and hues make smoking-modified grape plants much more fun.

As its name suggests, it has a super sweet grape flavor with a bit of a heavy, spicy undertone. It may smell like punches of grape and black pepper, filling the place with a strong scent. You may also experience a garlic kick with modified grape kush.

How to grow: Conditions, Describe the process, Fertilizers, Nutrients, Pruning, and yield.

It’s good news if you’re willing to plant modified grape kush on your own since the strain is pretty easy to grow. Thus, if you are an inexperienced person, all you’ll need is the following info guide to pave your way through the entire growing process. Go through the following process carefully to understand each step.

  • Process of Cultivation and Yield

Modified grape kush, much like other plants, can be grown in both indoor and outdoor settings. You can expect the yield to be 1-1.5 ounces per square foot with indoor settings. Whereas in the outdoor location, the yield can range up to 14 ounces per plant. In both circumstances, plant height is medium.

It usually takes 50 to 60 days for the modified grapes plant to reach its flowering phase. A spurt in growth can be witnessed as soon as the phase arises. The middle of October is considered the most suitable time for harvesting the plant.

  • Conditions

Like every other plant, the modified grape kush also requires the most real and ideal conditions for growth. Without these, the plant will result in stunted growth and maybe a lower yield than expected. Modified grape strains grow into stocky and sturdy plants with pretty buds. The plant is fortunately resistant to mold and mildew. Providing optimal quantities of water, fertilizers, and enriched organic soil is important.

  • Pruning

The plant is quite easy to grow with minimum nuisance. Maybe some trellising can be done for modified grape kush, but not much pruning is required.

Medicinal Use

One would be in for a huge surprise after using modified grape strains. These cannabis plants not only produce some long-lasting euphoric effects with certain mood-lifting properties. Instead, be ready to feel the best medicinal effects with modified grape strains.


Modified grape kush is reported to provide the best relief from chronic pain and inflammation. Not only that, but it’s calming properties will help you wind down. However, interestingly unlike most cannabis plants, a modified grape strain is responsible for increasing attention and concentration instead of putting your mind in a prolonged haze.

The strain has also reported immense success in relieving mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. Additionally, with calming features, you have got the chance to beat insomnia with this strain. Some people report a substantial improvement in their asthmatic conditions too.

With the inclusion of limonene in the strain, your stress levels are sure to decline with only a single puff. Furthermore, it takes time for the effects of modified grape kush to wear off.

When and how is it better to use this strain?

It is fundamental for one to be aware of the right timings while using any product or supplement. With the right timings, your body can gain the maximum effects. As for modified grape kush, try to smoke the puff during the evening while you’re trying to relax and are away from all those huge responsibilities on your shoulder.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking forward to having a good time with your friends and colleagues, one puff from a modified grape strain pot can help you increase your concentration and focus with a lively feeling. This can indeed lead to greater bonds.

Modified Grape Strain Price

Most of the prices associated with cannabis strains aren’t fixed. Costs are marginally different for every vendor with varying properties, phenotypes, and quantities. However, 1/8th of an ounce of modified grape strain can generally cost from $30 to $35. If you want to purchase one full ounce, you can be charged up to $180.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to get modified strain cannabis seeds from well-known seed banks instead of the entire plant. Through this, you get the chance to do some growing, all while making sure the strain is authentic and pure. Besdies that, with modiefied strain cannabis seeds, you wont have to go through the legal hassle as well.

How to get Modified Grape Strain Seeds

It is worth noting that modified grape strain cannabis seeds can’t be purchased or sold legally; therefore, with public or legal platforms, you’re in more trouble than you already are. Henceforth, to avoid any intervention from official authorities, buying Modified Grape strain cannabis seeds through virtual stores or maybe through seed banks is highly recommended. Zamnesia seeds and Seed Bay are a few stores to look for authentic cannabis seeds. Please go through state policies and laws for additional precautions.

Customer Reviews

Through Reddit reviews, you will be able to know the most unbiased views regarding the product you’re thinking of purchasing. With these reviews, you’ll first handedly know all the features, effects, and side effects associated with the modified grape strain cannabis plant without buying it yourself. Interestingly, you’ll also come across many negative user reviews that would put you off. In this way, you’ll know about both aspects. Head over to the following reviews and see them for yourself.




This user likes the flavor of Modified Grapes Strain.


This user likes Modified Grapes Strain more comparing to other versions.


These users’ opinions have upvotes. So, GMO is worth trying.


The marijuana Modified grape strain review, as mentioned above, evidently clarifies why purchasing a modified grape kush is the best choice one can make. With its amazing flavors and startling aromas to the best possible effects and medicinal impacts, modified grape kush is just for you. However, while buying the plant itself can be costly, modified grape strain cannabis seeds are readily available at most seed banks.

Its medical usage in chronic pain, stress, recurrent anxiety, depression, insomnia, and asthma is one to bow at. These perplexing effects can help you be at your best all the time without experiencing any unpleasant side effects. With its remarkably high yield and indica dominant properties, you’re definitely going to love growing the modified grape kush.

Through this marijuana modified grape strain review, you have got everything to make the right choice!

Happy toking!

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