Marijuana MR. NICE GUY Strain Review

Strain name info: MR. NICE GUY Marijuana Strain

Our Overall Rating:  4.5 / Best known for:  Named for Howard Marks, smuggler. Balanced bud.

Positive Effects  Marijuana MR. NICE GUY strain effects
Origin / ancestry MR. NICE GUY: type, hybrid. Parents: G13 pot, Hash Plant weed.
Aromas, Flavors Sweet, pungent, oaky, pine, outdoors, spicy
May Relieve Anxiety, depression, chronic pain, nausea, lack of appetite, stress, insomnia, headaches, back pain,
THC Content:

13% to 19%, low-medium

 Cannabis MR. NICE GUY strain THC CBD
Indoor/Outdoor Yield 14 ounces per square meter indoors, 16 ounces per plant outdoors, average yield
Flowering time 9 to 11  Weeks
Genetic  MR. NICE GUY weed strain genetics
Harvest Late October
Disease resistance High, resistant to mold and pests
Plant Height From 1 to 2 meters, short
Type Auto-flowering
Adverse effects Cotton-mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, anxiousness
Growing difficulty Medium difficulty

Origins, Genetics, History

NICE GUY is named for possibly the largest and most notorious pot smuggler in history. Oxford Alum Howard Marks wrote an autobiography about his daring adventures, called Mr. Nice Guy. It became the inspiration for this cross of the infamous, high yielding G13 and Hash Plant. Mr. Nice Guy was created by Sensi Seeds.  This Indica hybrid produces a very smooth and clean smoke that is gentle and slow-moving. It will creep up on you slowly, enveloping you in warmth and good cheer, without too much stimulation or too much relaxation.

Appearance and Smell

NICE GUY may have a frosty appearance as it is packed with white trichomes and strong resins. Long orange pistils peer through the frosty layer, to a green backdrop of the resin-packed leaves, buds, and flowers. A nugget of Mr. Nice Guy is likely to be dense and sticky. It will smell earthy and piney. The smell is strong enough to fill a room but not unpleasant. It instantly lifts your mood and makes your taste buds water.

Mr. Nice Guy has a sweet, pine, and spicy flavor. These flavors come together perfectly. The pine balances out an earthiness, and the spiciness is the palate cleanser. This interplay of flavors potently activates the hunger drive and the munchies ensue.

How to Grow MR. NICE GUY Cannabis Seeds and Cuttings

Growing weed from MR. NICE GUY cannabis seeds and cuttings is of medium difficulty. It requires a warm climate with plenty of sun. Flower Power fertilizer is an excellent choice to provide extra nutrients.

Mr. Nice Guy will require some staking and trimming, so some gardening skills and experience will be needed. Indoors, you can expect a flowering time of 9 to 11 weeks. A harvest of about 14 ounces per square meter of this gentle bud will be your boon. Outdoors you will be waiting till late October for harvest. Outdoors yield will be around 16 ounces for each plant of sweet and spicy, gentle bud.

Medicinal Marijuana Review

  1. NICE GUY weed has low-medium THC levels, from 13% to 19%. It is highly medicinal due to its Indica properties. Because THC levels are sufficient but not overwhelming, patients can get more medical benefit over longer periods of time from this strain without experiencing the side effects associated with overdose. This strain can therefore be used for chronic stress and chronic pain over more extended periods of time than similar strains.
  2. NICE GUY used for chronic pain can be dosed much easier than strains with higher THC levels. It comes on slowly and it’s easier to pace yourself. You can truly have just enough to relax and treat pain, without too many recreational effects and without overdose. For chronic back pain, this can be a life-saver. Many people with chronic back pain are not particularly interested in recreational effects and would like to limit those effects. This is a good strain to use for that purpose.
  3. NICE GUY’s relaxation effects can be used to treat chronic stress. You may experience symptoms like muscle cramps and unexplained stomach uneasiness or nausea. These may be signs of stress which can be treated with this strain.
  4. NICE GUY Comfortably reduces nausea of many causes. It can also boost mood and is useful in anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

MR. NICE GUY Weed Price

Vendor: Flash Buds
San Diego, Ca
Strain name: MR. NICE
Gram – $ unlisted USD
Eighth – $ 50 USD
Quarter –  $ 95 USD
Half – $ 180 USD
Ounce – $ 340 USD
Vendor: SAZ Collective
San Diego, Ca
Strain name: MR. NICE “Top Shelf” (Organic)
Gram – $ 45 USD
Eighth – $ 85 USD
Quarter – $ unlisted USD
Half – $ unlisted USD
Ounce – $ unlisted USD


The hit of MR. NICE GUY is sure to creep up on you slowly and melt away stress. It will slow you down but won’t stick you to the couch. You will feel relaxed but light on your feet.

Some people will indulge in larger quantities of this strain because it’s so smooth and the effects are incredibly pleasant but easier to handle. If one chooses to use this strain over an extended period of time, the hypnotic effects become more pronounced and you should be ready to retire for the night or take a nap.

Mr. Nice Guy was also the strain sold in the stoner-comedy, Half-Baked. As depicted in the movie, Mr. Nice Guy may equip you for creative pursuits, but you will want to keep lots of food close by because it will give you the munchies.

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Mr. Nice Guy Marijuana Strain
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
 by Mason

I'm not an experienced smoker, all I've ever tried were several (near 12) indicas. Usually I choose the most famous strains, but this one has no peer - now it's my favourite. Both body and psyche are happy to have a mate like Mr. Nice because he helps a lot with my destructive anxiety attacks and chronic muscle and joint pain. I am disabled, most of the time walking with forearm crutches for not long distances. My muscles are always cramping which is really annoying, so I always use this strain for stretching as it seems to soften them. The most interesting part of being stoned on Mr. Nice is probably the "shamanic" effect it has on me. It feels like a beautiful journey, during which all the thoughts in your head become super plain and clear at the end due to not worrying, thinking or wondering, but instead staring at and listening to an amazing springtime bird parade in your yard or listening to some good music and drinking strong fresh-brewed coffee. People should treat themselves every once in a while with such pleasant experiences. Those who are disabled and in chronic pain need such psychic journeys to live through another day in life. Well I definitely need it. I urge people who have the same issues to try this strain and finally get "out" of their heads!

 by Sophia

So this is what love feels like? If you take a small hit it gives you a nice numb and buzz, smoke more and you will discover a whole new beautiful world of having great time! One distinguishing feature about it is that it made me extremely focused. You may over-concentrate on almost anything: a book, a song, a thought, a smell or anything else. Up to this time it felt more weird but I'm looking forward to discover how I can make the best of it. Maybe it's perfect to have some work done or study more productively? You never know till you try. But what I did try is ALL the food I had in my house! I've never had such severe munchies in my life. I could eat till I get sick and it's not hunger, it's a need to taste food. A sense of taste gets intense to the point you can't stop eating. So I decided to eat honey full of amazing flavour but not filling. Another problem was dry mouth, so just keep a bottle of water near you. Your depth perception changes as well, it makes you feel not connected to reality anymore and it's funny, you'll see. What's more?.. It also makes me twitchy and I think too much. But I love all the effects it gives me, no matter positive or negative:)

 by Jackson

An early morning in the countryside. You are in your parents’ house for the first time in a really long time. A ray of quite summer sunshine made its way through the darkness of your room, that haven't changed in all these years of your absence. It wakes you up, petting your face softly with a tingly sensation. You get out of your comfortable bed and take the blanket with you, keeping it wrapped around you. Then you slowly toddle down to the living room, pass it and go out on the terrace to sit on that old armchair and wrap yourself up in the blanket. The moment you hear a meow your cat jumps on top of you and rests on your lap. A nice breeze washes your face and the cat's purring calms you down as you start to pet her while turning your eyes to the sky. Your body mellows under the pleasant warmth, feel it and allow your mind to drift and wander as you think about life. Past, future, present. What you've achieved and what you've lost. You have no idea what exactly led you to this point of your life, but it doesn't really matter because this moment is so beautiful, it has to be captured and hidden in the depth of your mind. You're thankful to be here, to feel it, to enjoy the life. You’re grateful to Mr. Nice, as weed could not be better.

 by Dom

Im high on this right now?

 by Scott

I cannot say that this is the best indica I’ve tried but definitely a good one with a high THC level. I tried it for muscle pain and it helped me to relax. No couch locking but not for daytime because Mr. Nice Guy makes you sooo lazy you don’t want to do anything! Will probably recommend it as a good sleep pot.

 by Frank

Bubba Kush is typically the strain of my choice but after trying Mr. Nice Guy I feel like I should make it my before-going-to-bed marijuana. Perfect indica, with superb relaxing effects that make you feel like your body doesn’t exist. And I was surprised how good it was for me as a high-tolerance user because it hit me immediately.

 by Jeffrey

So I bought myself some Mr. Nice Guy and was getting ready to have a good nap. I suffer from insomnia and the effects of medications have been a bit uncomfortable for me recently, so I turned to marijuana. Just 5 grams of this stuff got me feeling very light and very fuzzy-minded. It was extremely hard to concentrate, which I didn’t like but soon I got super relaxed and cozy. After a couple of hours, the effects began to wear off. The sleep I had afterward was unbelievable.

 by Larry

Mr. Nice has been my go-to strain with my medical issues. Earlier, I managed my anxiety with an anti-depressant, but now it seems that marijuana makes much more sense to me because it produces a rising euphoria that felt great. I didn’t experience any side effects but ended up having perhaps the best two hours of my life! In fact, I was so relaxed and uplifted it seemed that I finally turned off my anxious brain! Bravo Mr. Nice Guy!!!

 by Elizabeth

It was a couple of days ago when this assistant at the local dispensary advised me to try those buds covered in trichomes. I thought they looked great and smelled great, but how about smoking? So I bought some, and it was a good purchase because it was an incredible smoke, too! I’m retired but I think if I smoked Mr. Nice Guy and went to work, I would manage to accomplish everything while having a good time... Seems to me like a great work strain… Going to visit that dispensary once more this week to get more of Mr. Nice!

 by Barbara

This is definitely a good strain for relieving the symptoms of hypertension. I’ve been diagnosed with hypertension several months ago, and it was a real shock considering I’m just 46-year-old. Anyway, I mainly use diuretics to battle the symptoms, but recently I’ve been discovering the benefits of pot for reducing the stress. When I smoked Mr. Nice Guy marijuana for the first time, I thought it was very relaxing, took my pain and stress away pretty quickly. Looking forward to discovering more!

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