Papaya Punch Strain

For every strain, you have to add data to the table:

Positive Effects Relaxed, creative, blissful, euphoric
Flavors Spicy, tropical, sweet
May Relieve PTSD, depression, chronic stress, Insomnia
Aromas, Fragrance Cheesy, earthy, fruity,
THC Content % 20-29%
CBD % 0.68%
Yield Indoor: 1-2 oz per square ft

Outdoor: 550 grams per plant

Genetic 60% Indica 40%Sativa
Flowering time 62-69 days
Harvest Late September
Plant Height 60-80 inches in both indoor and outdoor
Type Photoperiod


Papaya Punch Kush is one of the most potent strains used by routine cannabis users. The strain is reported to provide the best relief for the mind and body and assist you in bringing your creativity back on track. Not only this, Papaya Punch Kush also provides optimal medicinal effects such as relief from chronic pain, stress, and Insomnia. It is recommended to grow the plant on your own, for both fun and experience.


Here in this marijuana Papaya Punch strain review, we will discuss everything in correlation with it, from its origin and history to Papaya Punch Weed price and where to find the Papaya Punch Cannabis seeds.

Origin, Genetics, and History

Papaya Punch Kush is a 60% dominant Indica strain, with unique genetics of papaya strain and purple punch strain. This is one of the best strains to use while reviving your creativity and relaxing your mind. It was first bred by Diem Farmers, in an attempt to make a tropical strain that takes minimum required space. Thus, it can be grown easily in an indoor garden.

Papaya Strain is used by people for relaxing, both mentally and physically. Whereas with the Purple Punch strain, you get a sedated feeling with the initial puff. Papaya Punch Kush is loaded with 20% to 29% of THC content, and 0.68% of CBD. With marked THC, one can experience a wider range of psychoactive effects with the strain.

Head over to the following info guide and get yourself acquainted with Papaya Kush’s amazing creativity-boosting properties, alluring appearances, and how one can easily grow the plant with the right guidance. This marijuana papaya punch review also mentions the prices and where to buy Papaya Punch cannabis seeds.

Appearance and Smell

One of the first things customers often notice is the appearance and aroma of the cannabis plant. Without appealing physical attributes, it is difficult to trust yourself with the plant. However, with Papaya Punch Kush, you’ve got nothing to worry about. The strain is more likely to receive all eyes with its amazing colors and distinct aromas.

The papaya punch kush’s buds are quite flat and have heart-shaped green nugs. One can also appreciate the orange furry colored hairs with frosty amber trichomes.

With Papaya Punch Kush, you’ll be in for its tropical berry flavor, with a sweetened effect. You might also experience a notable spicy feeling while exhaling the initial puff.

How to grow: Conditions, Describe the process, Fertilizers, Nutrients, Pruning, and yield.

Process of Cultivation and Yield:

Papaya Punch Kush can be grown in both outdoor and indoor settings. However, growing it outdoors is often recommended. With outdoor locations, Papaya Punch can yield 550 grams per plant. Whereas with indoor growing, you can get a yield of 1 to 2 ounces per plant. In both locations, the plants are seen to grow 60-80 inches tall.

As far as flowering time is concerned, Papaya Punch Kush can take 62 to 69 days for this phase to occur. After that, it is ready to be harvested around late September.


It’s extremely important for one to provide optimal conditions for growing a plant. Without these prerequisites, the plant is at a grave risk of malnutrition and wilting. With Papaya Punch Kush, the plant can be grown in both indoor and outdoor settings. However, with the latter, the plant is susceptible to molds and pests. It is cardinal to provide the plant with enriched organic soil, adequate water, and maybe some nitrogen from time to time. With all of the abovementioned requirements, one can make sure to have a greater yield with Papaya Punch Kush.


In the case of Papaya Punch Kush, pruning is definitely a good idea, especially in an outdoor setting. The plant is more susceptible to molds, therefore special attention needs to be given.

Medicinal Use

It is renownedly known that cannabis plants besides providing euphoric effects and a head high, also relieve some serious medical illnesses. Similarly, Papaya Punch kush also provides some of the best medicinal use to be aware of.


Through the plants calming ability, one can use it to fight off long-term insomnia that keeps them awake all night. The plant is also seen to have beneficial effects on post-traumatic stress disorder aka PTSD. Papaya Punch Kush is also known for providing relief from chronic pain and stress. It has also been reported to have positive impacts on depressed people.

Therefore, if you’re someone suffering from the above-mentioned illnesses and think of having no way out, maybe Papaya Punch Kush is the relief that you’ve been looking for.

When and how is it better to use this strain?

Papaya Punch Kush awakens a new sense of creativity and innovative ideas in the mind. It also provides relaxing features such as a calm mind and body. Due to its Purple Punch properties, you might also experience a slight sense of sedation too. Therefore, it is important to smoke pot when you’re in a light conversation with friends, or if you’re an artist looking for ways to start your work. It is recommended to smoke the puff during the daytime.

Papaya Punch Price

It is not an easy task to get your hands on a fixed price for a cannabis plant. That is because the papaya punch weed price is subject to change and biases in almost all public stores and vendors. However, in general, the price can range from $10-$15 per gram, $45-$57 per 1/8th oz, $96-$111 for 1/4th oz, and $202-$212 per 1/2th oz. These prices are quite expensive to be affordable for everyone.

Therefore, it is recommended to use Papaya Punch cannabis seeds and grow the plant on your own. This way you’ll be sure of its purity and legitimacy as well. Additionally, you’ll also get the thrill of enjoying the growing part.

How to get Papaya Punch Strain Seeds

As stated above, growing the Papaya Punch Kush on your own is the wisest choice one can make. With being sure of its purity and authenticity, you’ll be at peace. Besides that, buying cannabis plants through stores or vendors without catching federal attention, is quite difficult, to say the least. Henceforth, the best way to have your hands on the Papaya Punch Kush is by growing it yourself. Papaya Punch cannabis seeds can be brought from valid seed banks such as Zamnesia Seeds and Seeds Bay.

Customer Reviews

If you want to make sure that the money you’re investing in Papaya Punch Kush is worthy enough, the best way to do it is through Reddit reviews. These reviews are authentic and unbiased, to say the least. Through these, you’ll know everything good and bad about the plant, and how people’s experience goes with Papaya Punch Kush. The following are some of the listed customer reviews.


As you can see, this user found Papaya Punch sweet as candy


Another review from an extremely satisfied Redditor. This user founds Papaya Punch orange-tasting


This user wrote an ode to Papaya Punch Strain!



Papaya Punch Kush has a powerful aroma of tropical fruit with cheesy hints. With its creativity-boosting properties and euphoric high, it also indeed provides you with the best possible medicinal relief. Thus, Papaya Punch Kush is going to punch hard.

The plant might get a bit difficult for the beginner to get used to, but with plenty of experience, you are in for a blissful ride of your life. Buying Papaya Punch Kush on your own might be very costly, therefore, growing the plant on your own through Papapa punch strain cannabis seeds is a great idea. Make sure you go through our guide on how to grow the Papaya Punch Kush. People are also quite impressed with Papaya Punch’s physical attributes as well.

I hope that with the marijuana Papaya Punch review, you’re now equipped with all sorts of information regarding the strain. Happy Buying!


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