Marijuana Silver Haze Strain Review

Strain name info: Silver Haze Marijuana Strain

Our Overall Rating:  4.5 / Best known for:  Silver trichomes

Positive Effects  Marijuana Silver Haze strain effects
Origin / ancestry Silver Haze Type: Silver Haze is a cross of the following varieties:

Silver Haze is the creation of breeders Sensi Seeds. Its use is as a pick-me-up, quickly giving the user energy and focus. Its strong Sativa genetics make it popular among users who want a boost of creativity and productivity.

Aromas, Flavors Silver Haze has flavors and aromas that have been described as citrusy, piney, earthiness, sweet, and like oak wood.
May Relieve Silver Haze buds are a strong Sativa variety. It provides a cerebral lift in mood and cognition. This makes it good for cases of anxiety and depression. The stimulation can be helpful in cases of adult ADD and ADHD. It is a strong anti-emetic that prevents nausea, as well as stimulates appetite to help fight wasting diseases.
THC Content:

20% to 24%,

 Cannabis Silver Haze strain THC CBD
Indoor/Outdoor Yield Growing indoors, cultivars can expect a yield of 14 ounces per meter squared. Indoor growers can expect a yield of 15 ounces per plant.
Flowering time Silver Haze will take a little longer to flower, around ten to eleven weeks.
Genetic  Silver Haze weed strain genetics
Harvest Silver Haze plants grown outdoors will flower in mid to late October.
Disease resistance Silver Haze cannabis is a strong a resilient plant. It has developed resistance to all kinds of conditions such as mold, mildew, insects, mites, viruses, fungi, and bacteria.
Plant Height Silver Haze marijuana is a tall plant, reaching as much as 80 inches tall.
Type Auto-flowering strain
Adverse effects Silver Haze marijuana has a low occurrence of side effects. Like most strong Sativas, Silver Haze can result in the side effect of dry mouth.
Growing difficulty Growing Silver Haze plants is of a medium difficulty. You will need basic gardening skills and know methods such as staking, wiring, screen of green, hydroponics, trimming, and knowledge of fertilizers.

marijuana Silver Haze strain

Origins, Genetics, History

Silver Haze is an almost pure Sativa which is a descendant of the following strains:

  • Northern Lights
  • Haze

Haze is the prototypical Sativa marijuana plant. Silver Haze is so-called because it wears a silver coating of high THC trichomes which blanket and protect the plant while giving it a strong kick of THC and other cannabinoids. This strain was first produced by Sensi Seeds and from there, spread out along the West Coast, becoming one of the most popular Sativa strains.

Appearance and Smell

The Silver Haze plants are of medium height. They have a smell of a natural breed, generally quite piney and citrusy. The initial inhale will fill the throat with a very plant-like, pine-scented, clean, and natural smoke. Silver haze leaves and buds have a natural green color, flanked by bright orange pistils. It is covered in a heavy layer of silver trichomes, giving it a rich smell and powerful effects.

How to Grow Silver Haze Cannabis Seeds or Cuttings

Growing weed from Silver Haze cannabis seeds and cuttings is said to be of medium difficulty. Silver Haze cannabis plants will grow well either indoors or outdoors. Humidity, airflow, and adequate watering and soil nutrition are to be closely maintained. Flower Power fertilizer is a choice fertilizer for adding extra nutrients to your Silver Haze cannabis plants.

If you grow your Silver Haze indoors, be sure to allow your plants access to plenty of light and a flow of clean air. You can enrich your soil with fertilizer. You can expect your plants to flower in ten to eleven weeks and give a yield of about 14 ounces per meter squared.

Outdoors, Silver Haze plants do very well. They will need a dry and sunny area to thrive. You can expect these plants to flower in the beginning or middle of the month of October. Silver Haze plants will yield 15 ounces per plant.

cannabis Silver Haze strain

Medicinal Marijuana Review

Silver Haze medical cannabis has THC levels that can reach 24%. This is powerful enough to tackle serious pain. Silver Haze can tackle musculoskeletal pain such as sciatica, back pain, neck pain, muscle pain, and spasms. It can cure common muscle soreness. Silver Have medical cannabis can also be used for migraines and other types of headaches. Arthritis may respond positively to treatment with Silver Haze.

Like many Sativas, Silver Haze is known for the happy, uplifting effects it has on the mind and the nervous system. This makes it a good choice for symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD. It can cause an immediate boost in mood, while also reducing inflammation, and putting a distance between the user and difficult memories so that the patient can deal with these experiences constructively.

In addition, the positive effects on the nervous system can also help with neuropathic pain. Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are both thought to have a component of neuropathic pain, and Silver Haze pot has been known to improve quality of life in these conditions. Shingles and peripheral neuropathy are also conditions of neuropathic pain which may be improved with medicinal marijuana treatment. Pain from Multiple Sclerosis often responds positively to treatment as well.

Silver Haze marijuana is a good choice to tackle symptoms of nausea. Nausea can be caused by many conditions, including dysautonomia and chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cancer. Because this medication can be smoked, there is no risk the patient will be unable to keep the medicine down.

Silver Haze weed will speed the metabolism and in turn improve the appetite. This can be valuable in wasting conditions such as cancer and HIV. The munchies caused by this plant can make it possible for patients to enjoy eating and bring their weight back up to normal.

Silver Haze weed strain

Silver Haze Weed Price

Vendor: Wild West Emporium – SE Duke St.
Portland, Oregon, USA
Strain name: Select Strains 1G – Silver Strain Sap
Gram – $ 60
Vendor: Wild West Emporium – Mollala Ave.
Oregon City, Oregon, USA
Strain name: Select Elite Dabbable – Silver Haze
Gram – $ 60
10 percent off


Silver Haze is known as a get-up and go weed. It can be a replacement for your morning cup of coffee, lifting you up without giving you the jitters or causing you to crash later. It will give you a wave of euphoria and energy that makes you feel like everything is bright and opportunities are endless.

The natural, piney smoke will fill your head and give you a very cerebral high that clears away worries and bad thoughts to be replaced with creative and optimistic thoughts and positive sensations.

Silver Haze weed can be a great compliment to artistic projects such as painting, writing, brainstorming, and making or listening to music. You will have new ideas and be able to see things in a different way.

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