Sour Apple Strain Review

Positive Effects Euphoria, happy, relaxed, creative
Flavors Lemony, citrus, apple, sweet
May Relieve Anxiety, chronic stress, depression, pain, insomnia
Aromas, Fragrance Fruity, diesel
THC Content % 14%-27%
CBD % 0.25%
Yield Indoor yield: 18 ounces per square meter

Outdoor yield: 24 ounces per plant

Genetic 80% Indica 20% Sativa
Flowering time 7 to 9 weeks
Harvest Early to mid-October
Plant Height Indoor: 3.5 to 5 feet

Outdoor 13 feet

Type photoperiod

Sour Apple Kush is one of the best cannabis strains for long hours of relaxing and calming nights. Many people are becoming fond of its significant euphoric effects and refreshing properties. On top of it, the plant, although it might look like a mold due to its fluffy appearance, has some of the best bright green color combinations to flaunt over. Sour Apple Kush is not commonly used for medicinal purposes. However, it relieves depression, stress, and anxiety and increases appetite.


Here in this marijuana Sour Apple review, we will discuss everything in correlation with it, from its origin and history to Sour Apple Weed price and where to find the Sour Apple Cannabis seeds. Head over to the following sections!

Origin, Genetics, and History

Sour Apple Kush, also known as Sour Apple Diesel, is an Indica dominant strain made by crossing the two unique marijuana strains, Sour Diesel and Cinderella 99. Through these unique genetics and famous lineage, it makes sense why Sour Apple is one of the most commonly consumed cannabis plants.

Sour Apple Kush is an 80% of Indica and 20% Sativa hybrid marijuana plant with staggering levels of 17% to 27% of THC levels and 0.25% of CBD. Enhanced THC levels can be why Sour Apple Kush is associated with excellent psychoactive properties.

Head over to the following info guide and know more about Sour Apple Kush’s bewildering fame. With the next marijuana Sour Apple review, you’ll learn about its beautiful appearance, extraordinary attributes, and how one can quickly grow the plant with the proper guidance. The review also mentions the prices and where to buy Sour Apple cannabis seeds.

Appearance and Smell

Being aware of the physical attributes related to the strain is essential. With this information, there’s an increased probability that the strain will be liked by many. As far as Sour Apple Kush is concerned, it is one of the most beautiful strains one can ever lay eyes on. With its fluffy appearance, it firmly stands out from others. It is commonly found in bright green colors with a tinge of scattered amber. Although it is named Sour Apple, it does not look like an apple. Instead, the plant’s buds are long and narrow. Don’t let the fluffy appearance of Sour Apple put you off!

Taking a quick sniff at the Sour Apple Kush will leave you amazed and awe-struck. It has the scent of sour candy apple, making it look like a sweet candy waiting to be eaten away. Also, you might experience a more intense aroma while grinding the plant like an apple pie. You might also feel slight undertones of hash.

How to grow: Conditions, Describe the process, Fertilizers, Nutrients, Pruning, and yield.

Process of Cultivation and Yield:

Like many other cannabis plants, Sour Apple Kush can also be grown indoors and outdoors. With indoor location, 18 ounces per square meter of yield can be obtained, with the plant height reaching from 3.5 to 5 feet. However, in outdoor planting, the yield can be more than 24 ounces per plant, growing to 13 feet tall. Therefore, with such height, it is recommended to grow it indoors.

Sour Apple Kush takes about 7 to 9 weeks for the flowering period to arrive. Once it’s there, it can be harvested in early or mid October.


It is essential to provide the proper prerequisites if you want your plant to be grown well and provide a greater yield. Without good care and conditions, your plant is at an immense risk of wilting out and dying of undernutrition. As far as Sour Apple Kush is concerned, growing the plant in warm climates is preferable and ideal. It is easy to grow plants, even for beginners. Therefore one can grow it even in the absence of an experienced grower. Since the plant can reach up to tall heights of 13 inches and is pretty exposed, you might want to grow it indoors. One can use hydroponics instead of soil for spurted growth. Besides this, providing an optimum quantity of water, organic soil, and maybe some nitrogen is fundamental.


Sour Apple Kush requires maximum care and attention during a spurt of growth. According to sources, the plant tends to grow tall in outdoor locations. Therefore, a little pruning and trimming here and there would be an ideal choice to make.

Medicinal Use

Due to high THC levels, the medical usage of Sour Apple Strain is a bit limited. However, you’re good to use the correct dosage and learn to intake the strain.


To begin with, Sour Apple Kush is reported to relieve insomnia. One single puff can knock you out entirely in a deep sleep. You’re fully refreshed and ready to take on the world in the morning. Sour Apple is seen to provide relief from mild pain-like symptoms. One pot allows you to relax and spend the rest of your day calmly without getting annoyed by pain. However, due to low levels of CBD, the plant can not be used for chronic pain. The plant is seen to increase appetite and assist in fighting eating disorders. With a relaxed body and hunger boost, Sour Apple Kush is the one to go for. With its relaxing and calming effects, Sour Apple Kush can help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety. Sour Apple Kush can make you more positive and happy than any other strain.

When and how is it better to use this strain?

Knowing the correct timings and instructions associated with the strain you’re using is imperative. Without these, you might overdose or take it during the wrong time of the day leading to unpleasant repercussions. Since Sour Apple Kush can put you in a deep sleep and make you more relaxed and calm than you’ve ever been in a long time, it is recommended to smoke the cannabis plant during the nighttime. However, during weekends when you’ve got nothing better to do, smoking pot during the daytime won’t cause any harm.

Sour Apple Price

It is essential to note that there is no such thing as constant fixed prices when dealing with marijuana strains. The costs of each strain can vary widely depending on the type of stores and vendors. Therefore, Sour Apple weed prices are subject to change and hike. Nonetheless, a generalized list of costs is available. On average, Sour Apple Kush can cost up to $18-$20 per gram, $58-65 per 1/8th oz, $102-$110 per 1/4 ounce, and $200-$220 per 1/2 ounce.

Since the plant can be expensive, looking for authentic seed banks or online vendors is highly recommended, and growing the plant on your own. This way, you’ll be sure of the purity of the Sour Apple kush.

How to get Sour Apple Strain Seeds

Due to legal constraints, Marijuana strains can not be bought freely, and thus it gets complicated for one to find the plant. Therefore, purchasing the plant from public platforms or vendors can put you at more risk than one can imagine. Henceforth, to avoid legal intervention, the best way is to get Sour Apple strain cannabis seeds through seed banks. Zamnesia seeds and Seed Bay are a few options to choose from. Please go through state bylaws to ensure you know the policies.

Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to determine whether the product is the right choice is to make sure you go through the customer reviews. Reddit reviews are one of the credible ways to ensure that the product you’re thinking of is of optimum quality and doesn’t cause any lethal side effects to sweat over. All of these reviews are almost always unbiased and are indeed helpful in deciding whether the Sour Apple kush cannabis strain is for you to go for. Through the following reviews, you can decide for yourself.


Some reviews are pretty brief

This review is also short, but informative

This user considers Sour Apple as a nice day-starter

Very informative feedback


Being an Indica dominant strain says a lot for Sour Apple Kush. The plant is used more as a recreational strain; however, one can still opt for Sour Apple Kush for medicinal purposes if you take care of the proper dosages and instructions. It can be used for mild pain, insomnia, depression, and recurrent anxiety. The plant may come off as somewhat expensive; therefore, growing it on your own using Sour Apple strain cannabis seeds is the best option.

The plant smells like a sweet apple candy with a more scent while grinding it. With the above-mentioned marijuana Sour Apple review, you are now aware of all sorts of info and are equipped with an informative guide on how to grow the Sour Apple Kush on your own.


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