Marijuana Strawberry Cough Strain Review

Strain name info: Strawberry Cough Marijuana Strain

Our Overall Rating:  4.7 / Best known for:  Tastes of strawberries

Positive Effects  cannabis Strawberry Cough effects
Origins and histories Strawberry Cough marijuana type: Strawberry Cough weed is descended from Haze or Erdbeer strains, and an unknown Indica. Its lineage is disputed, but its genetics are that of a strong Sativa.
Fragrances, Tastes The Strawberry Cough strain is famous for its Strawberry taste which includes smells and flavors of fruit, sweetness, tropical punch, and berries, with a hint of spice.
Can Help Treat Strawberry Cough buds can help treat a range of issues. Its Sativa stimulation makes it a good choice for depression, anxiety, ADD, and ADHD. It can also treat muscle pain, spasms, fibromyalgia, polymyositis, dermatomyositis, and other muscle pain conditions. It can treat neuropathic pain such as in Multiple Sclerosis, peripheral neuropathy, and shingles. Strawberry Cough weed will also treat nausea and lack of appetite.
THC Content:

13% to 18%

Strawberry Cough has THC content from 13% to 18%
Yields for indoors and outdoors Indoor yields for Strawberry Cough cannabis plants are about 14 ounces of sweet weed per meter squared. Outdoor yields will be similarly 14 ounces of delicious medicinal marijuana.
Flowering time Strawberry Cough plants when properly cultivated can take up to 10 weeks to flower and be ready for harvest.
Genetic  Strawberry Cough weed strain genetics
Harvest Harvest for Strawberry Cough cannabis plants is in the beginning to the middle of October.
Disease resistance Strawberry Cough cannabis is a strong and hefty plant resistant to bacteria, viruses, mechanical damage, molds, mites, and mildew.
Plant Height Strawberry Cough weed is a relatively medium-sized plant.
Type Auto-flowering strain
Adverse effects Strawberry Cough marijuana strains do not have many side effects when used medicinally. Some side effects of a higher dose can be dryness in the mouth, also called cottonmouth. Rarer side effects include anxiety and panic of limited duration.
Growing difficulty Growing Strawberry Cough plants is said to be fairly easy. The plant is hearty and versatile. It will require some basic gardening skills to bring up this plant.

cannabis Strawberry Cough strain

Origins, Genetics, History

Strawberry Cough marijuana is of a mysterious origin. It is thought to be descended from Haze and may be a descendant of the Erdbeer strain. It also has a small component of Indica, but is 80% Sativa, so it has also an Indica parent. Legend has it that it was cultivated in a strawberry field, and some Frankenstein-like cross breeding or horizontal gene transfer occurred, instilling the strawberry flavor into the weed.

Appearance and Smell

The Strawberry Cough plants are of medium height. Its buds are tightly packed and surrounded by orange pistils and covered with the frosty icing that is the cannabinoid-rich trichomes and resins. The smell and taste can be described as fruity, sweet, tropical, strawberry, and earthy. Strawberry Cough is renowned for its fruity, strawberry smell and taste. You will always know when Strawberry Cough is in the room because the smell is alluring and potent.

marijuana Strawberry Cough strain

How to Grow Strawberry Cough Cannabis Seeds or Cuttings

Growing weed from Strawberry Cough cannabis seeds or from cuttings is said to be fairly easy. Strawberry Cough is a medium sized weed. It is resistant to disease, pests, viruses, bacteria, and mechanical damage. Strawberry Cough weed plants thrive in a hot climate. It likes a tropical environment to grow in. Extra nutrients can be utilized by using a fertilizer such as Flower Power fertilizer.

Indoors, lamps need to be set to high, sunny, hot temperatures and ventilation maintained. Indoors, you will get a yield from Strawberry Cough cannabis of 14 ounces per square meter of space. This is a delicious gourmet weed, so this yield will be powerful and profitable. Flowering time will be in nine to ten weeks, after which you can collect your harvest. You might consider a tent or greenhouse for indoor growing to get the high temperatures and high humidity needed to bring up Strawberry Cough plants.

Outdoors, you need to set up Strawberry Cough plants in a hot and sunny climate. The environment needs to be tropical, hot, and humid. You can expect a harvest in the month of October. The yield will be around 18 ounces of sticky Strawberry weed per plant. These small, dense buds are especially powerful and enjoyable.

Medicinal Marijuana Review

Strawberry Cough weed has up to 18% THC which is a medium level, compared to such strains as Gorilla Glue #4 with up to 30%. However, it’s still a high level compared to your regular street mid weed.

Strawberry Cough bud really shines as a treatment for daily chronic stress. Your regular working Joe is exposed to tension and struggle at work and at home daily. It is a matter of survival to keep one’s job, so it makes every social exchange at work that much more important. Getting along with co-workers is a matter of survival, but at the same time, competition pushes persons up against the interests of others. This creates constant stress and tension. Strawberry Cough marijuana can treat this stress by getting rid of the bad thoughts, while at the same time, allowing you to focus on a task. Strawberry Cough weed gives you a strong mood boost which can treat depression and anxiety. The focused, light stimulation and relaxation also creates a perfect combination to treat ADD and ADHD. The stimulation will improve focus while the relaxation will relieve psychomotor agitation.

Strawberry Cough cannabis helps with pain as well. Daily pains in the back, muscle aches, and pain in the hands from repetitive movements can be relieved with this weed. Using Strawberry Cough weed is a great choice for pain because the Sativa effects leave the mind ramped up and functioning so that you can relieve pain and be functional throughout the day. Many pain medications such as opioids, when they treat chronic pain, can leave you sleepy, lethargic, and susceptible to addiction. That is why it is great to have the alternative of a pain reliever that gives you energy and allows you to function while conquering moderate to severe pain.

Strawberry Cough bud can be used to treat nausea. Nausea can be a symptom of myriad conditions. Some of these include dysautonomia and nausea from chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer. Strawberry Cough weed is an excellent choice for treating nausea because it can be delivered by smoking rather than swallowing a pill.

Strawberry Cough pot will increase your appetite and induce a condition called the “munchies”. This effect is useful in conditions of poor appetite. Cancer and HIV can cause wasting, due in part to poor appetite. Strawberry Cough weed can increase appetite and allow the patient to consume enough calories to maintain a normal weight.

Strawberry Cough weed is mostly a Sativa plant. However, after the initial rush, relaxation sets in. This relaxation may allow the patient to sleep better and help treat sleep problems.

weed Strawberry Cough strain

Strawberry Cough Weed Price

Vendor: The Green Remedy
Portland, Oregon, USA
Strain name: Strawberry Cough – Recreational – by Waine Industries
Gram – $ 11 USD
Eighth – $ 35 USD
Quarter – $ 70 USD
Half – $ 120 USD
Ounce – $ 230 USD
Vendor: Mahalo – Keep it Local – Hillsboro
Hillsboro, Oregon, USA
Strain name: Strawberry Cough – Pruf
Gram – $ 14 USD
Eighth – $ 45 USD
Quarter – $ 90 USD
Half – $ 150 USD
Ounce – $ 270 USD


Strawberry Cough weed has the immediate effect of causing a fit of coughing amid the delicious strawberry flavor. The inhale will present a tickle in the throat that is impossible to ignore. But, once you get past the coughing, you will see why you had to experience that to get to a pain-free and happy world. And you will be energized, rather than lethargic and lazy.

Strawberry Cough is primarily a Sativa. That means that it is tasty and stimulating. Strawberry Cough will not give you couch lock. It will not dispense with your motivation. It will make you want to get things done. Your productivity will go into the roof with the stimulating weed.

Strawberry Cough weed is all about being a balanced Sativa. It will give you an increase in energy and focus. Strawberry Cough marijuana will also bring on a balanced relaxation that will not tire you out. It will have your mind alight with creative thoughts and witty conversation with deep insights.

The effects of Strawberry Cough marijuana come on gradually. While enjoying the strawberry taste, you will feel an increase in energy and relaxation at the same time. You will have an enhanced time doing work such as creative art projects or creating music.

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Strawberry Cough Marijuana Strain
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by Jacob

I love this strain most of all for a number of reasons and nothing can compare with it. I suffer from bouts of anxiety really often and only people with the same disorder can understand how hard it is to find the right pot. Strawberry Cough is one of those few strains having the effects of medicine. As a nice bonus it has the best taste I've ever encountered and I'm truly not exaggerating, believe me. The very first inhalation that has strong strawberry flavour brings me to that happy days of childhood when my mom grew strawberry patches at home and we always had fresh and tasty strawberries. So that what it tastes like. The first hit makes you feel like a child again as well. It takes all your anxiety and stress away, leaving your mind light and carefree. Despite all this relaxation I didn't become sleepy or couch locked for hours as usually. Interesting that it is extremely hard to grow this strain properly for indoor growers due to the rich genetics contained within. The legality of cannabis is not helping so it's rather difficult to find Strawberry Cough, which is really disappointing as I think God himself blessed this strain so it could vanish people's depressions and anxieties and help them get on with their lives.

 by Joshua

Someone prefers to take it during the day, another one advises to use it in the evening or at night... But for me it’s an all-day strain! It's perfect for any activities such as backpacking and hiking, playing sports games and maybe even going to gym. In everyday life it allows you to get up off the couch and move. The buds smell like berry tea and taste like if you were smoking strawberries right from the Whole foods. When smoked in low doses, you can feel only small little tingles on bottoms of your feet and the warm extending in your chest. The head high is more interesting, it provided focused, alerting, clear head high, relaxed, uplifted and slightly giggly effects. But I usually smoke it in high amounts that give you foggy and very euphoric head high, floating feeling whole body relaxation, EXTREME audio hallucinations, problems with focusing, slightly buzzed stubbly feeling and your body is warm everywhere. The head though feels even hot, with a little of pressure. Arms and legs are all tingly. The drawbacks are paranoid feeling, itchy throat and dry mouth. And yet I think it's obligatory for at least trying.

 by Kevin

I decided to buy this strain only in order to cope with my diagnosed chronic anxiety and panic attacks. I heard somewhere that Strawberry Cough was designed as an anti-anxiety cure, so anyone would give it a try in my place. I were taking some pharmaceutical drugs before but they weren't improving my life to the point where I could say "it's really helping me". Furthermore, it always had many adverse side effects, nobody would like that, right? That's why I started using weed and lucky for me the SC appeared. Even though people smoking medical marijuana mostly advise indicas as the best cure for anxiety, I needed something allowing me function during the day and SC was just perfect for me. It gave me a nice, well measured and clean uplifting high and the sativa in it was responsible for clarity and energy during the day so I could have my work done. Indica provided me with a qualitative relaxing body buzz which started in my head and descended through the shoulders. The high is a little delayed but it's worth waiting for a relaxed, calm and yet clear state of mind. No anxiety or paranoia at all. I like that this strain is rather not strong and well-balanced so it allows you to be social and at the same time forget about your mental issues and NOT suffer from those toxic drugs that are usually even more expensive.

 by Edward

In the reviews where people say they suffer from some mental disorders you can usually find the fear not to alleviate the symptoms they suffer from, but make their state of mind even worse. I have chronic depression, anxiety and PTSD. Sure thing, I use weed for medication so I prefer high CBD strains, but this time I decided to try something new. I was afraid it would cause a severe panic attack, as already happened to me a couple of times, but still decided to give it a shot. No regrets about bad experiences at all, because finally I found THIS. I smoked a little with caution and at some point realised I was already relaxed and not too high at the same time. My body liked it and the head was clear. From now on, this is my go-to sativa. Strongly recommend it to people with depression/anxiety who wants some sativa but who's worried about the consequences, as it will only greatly help you!

 by George

The first time I tried this strain, the moment and the atmosphere were just the best. I think it tasted that good because I was sitting around the campfire in the forest with my friends. As you can see, everything was perfect. Maybe I fell under the gazillion stars’ influence, as the sky was clear and I could see every tiny light out there. Or it could have been the cozy sound of the campfire crackling by my side. Strawberry Cough, just like a filter in Instagram, made it even better. I started slowly, smoked a medium bowl and was rewarded with a sweet berry aftertaste. That already beautiful evening I was looking for some particular effects, but there weren't much chances to bump into the needed weed right away. But Sc gave me exactly what I needed! Before smoking it I was just lying there enjoying the night and then I got up full of motivation and went to attend various chores around our camp... It’s strange that everything was okay. I didn't burn our camp and the forest, didn't spoil the food, haven't got lost while wandering off. I was not too stoned and this blissful high lasted for 2 hours. All this time I were acting like a weirdo, but I could feel the stellar high that kicked in. Amazing experience, a top shelf strain.

 by Melissa

So i smoked, coughed and now i can say that it's very true to its name because i haven't coughed in about 15 strains and that must be a good proof. it made me extremely uplifted, even happy. i've been smoking only Fruity Pebbles and MOB for a week and i need some time to get used to this strawberry miracle, as it makes a huge difference in my mood. last time it even made me slightly giggly. one of its biggest benefits for me is that i haven't been screwed by the munchies so far, hate to leave the fridge completely empty after smoking. its main drawback is the appearance of the buds which is by far not as good as the buzz it gives, so i would prefer to smoke it without looking at it. i enjoyed it on the roof of our garage and completely forgot about my anxiety cause an indica-like body relaxation was the only thing i could feel. oh and eyes are extremely squinty but that's not a big price for being mellowed the fuck up.

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