Marijuana Tangerine Dream Strain Review

Strain name info: Tangerine Dream Marijuana Strain

Our Overall Rating:  4.5 / Best known for:  2010 Cannabis Cup Winner

Positive Effects Tangerine Dream Strain effects
Origin / ancestry Tangerine Dream Type:  Tangerine Dream is a descendant of the following strains:

  • G13
  • Afghan
  • Neville’s Haze

Tangerine Dream is a powerful, medicinal hybrid, half Indica and half Sativa. It was created by Barney’s Farm Seeds.  Tangerine Dream was created as a medical strain, with high THC levels, to fight chronic pain and inflammation. It was also bred for citrus flavor and a balance of stimulating and relaxing properties.

Aromas, Flavors Tangerine Dream has fragrances and aromas which have been described thusly:

  • Berries
  • Tangerine
  • Citrus
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Sweet
  • Strong
  • Tropical
May Relieve Tangerine Dream is a respected medical variety. It can relieve musculoskeletal pain from conditions like sciatic, other forms of back pain, neck and shoulder pain, muscle cramps, and muscle tension. It can also help with inflammatory pain such as in arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It helps with nausea and improves appetite which can be helpful in cancer and immune deficiency.
THC Content:

23 % to 25 %

Tangerine Dream Strain THC CBD
Indoor/Outdoor  Yield Indoors, you will get a yield of 18 ounces per meter squared of Tangerine Dream medical weed. Grown outside, growers can expect a yield of around 16 ounces per plant.
Flowering time Tangerine Dream medical and recreational marijuana plants will flower or be induced to flower in nine to ten weeks.
Genetic Tangerine Dream Strain genetics
Harvest Outside, growers can expect plants to flower and be ready for harvest in the middle of the month of October.
Disease resistance Tangerine Dream medicinal cannabis plants are hearty and strong against common causes of damage to crops. This may include being resilient against the following causes of damage:

  • viral infection
  • temperature extremes
  • breaking
  • insects
  • mildew
  • mites
  • moldiness
  • spider infestation
  • bacteria
Plant Height Tangerine Dream cannabis plants are of a medium height, between 30 to 80 inches tall.
Type Photo-periodic strain
Adverse effects Tangerine Dream medical cannabis, taken at dosages recommended by a doctor, has far fewer side effects than pain medications of similar efficacy. A fairly common side effect is dry mouth, and sometimes dry eyes. In overdose there can be anxiety, paranoia, and panic attacks.
Growing difficulty Tangerine Dream plants are rated as fairly easy to grow. These plants are strong and resilient, making the best of their environment and thriving easily. Whether grown indoors or outside, in soil or hydroponic, you may need the following gardening skills:

  • air quality control
  • digging
  • screen of green
  • pruning
  • pest control
  • light adjustment
  • inducing flowering indoors
  • hydroponic set-up
  • humidity control
  • sea of green
  • soil examination
  • temperature control
  • tenting
  • trimming
  • watering schedules

Tangerine Dream Strain pot grow

Origins, Genetics, History

Tangerine Dream Type:  Tangerine Dream is a descendant of the following strains:

  • G13
  • Afghan
  • Neville’s Haze

Tangerine Dream is a descendant of G13, Afghan, and Neville’s Haze, bred by Barney’s seeds. The goal was to create a powerful medical strain with a delicious kick of citrus. The result was Tangerine Dream, boasting THC levels up to 25% and a delicious hint of orange and lemon. Tangerine Dream was also created to be 50% Indica and 50% Sativa, giving it a balance of relaxing and stimulating effects. Smaller doses have a stimulating effect which will give you a euphoric but clear-minded rush. Larger doses are more relaxing and can give you couchlock and sleepiness. These properties made this strain a winner in the 2010 High Times Cannabis Cup competition.

Appearance and Smell

The Tangerine Dream plants are medium height, between 30 and 80 inches tall. Tangerine dream plants have green leaves and frosty buds, covered in thick white trichomes, containing high levels of THC, and citrusy orange pistils and stigmas. The flavor is that of tangerine, orange, lemon, and berries. It is perfectly engineered to pack a punch in terms of both taste and cannabinoid content.

How to Grow Tangerine Dream Cannabis Seeds or Cuttings

Growing weed from Tangerine Dream cannabis seeds and cuttings is rated as comparatively easy. These plants are strong and disease resistant. They will need a warm, sunny, and dry environment to grow in. You can get specific instructions from your seed vendor about flowering times and lighting schedules to induce flowering.

Indoors, you can use a five-gallon bucket with overflow holes in the bottom, in which to put your soil and Flower Power fertilizer. Next, you will add your seeds and set up High-Density Discharge lighting in a tent with a reflective lining. You can add a fan, exhaust system, and a way to measure humidity levels. Your plants will be ready to flower in nine to ten weeks. You will use a lighting schedule such as 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark to induce flowering. You can expect a yield of eighteen ounces per meter squared of fruity, citrusy weed.

Outdoors, choose an area which is sunny and dry and has good organic soil with your choice of fertilizer or added nutrients. Plants will flower in the last days of October. Expect a yield of around sixteen ounces per plant.
Tangerine Dream Strain weed photo
Medicinal Marijuana Review

Tangerine Dream medical cannabis can reach THC levels of up to 25%. That makes it a delicious, smooth strain that packs a strong pain-relieving punch. It can address musculoskeletal pain such as back, shoulder, neck, leg, and arm pain. It can also address inflammatory pain such as arthritis. Neuropathic pain can also be soothed. Conditions like peripheral neuropathy may respond to treatment with Tangerine Dream medical marijuana.

Tangerine Dream marijuana can provide a mood enhancement and sedation which make it useful in anxiety and depression. It can soothe the psychomotor agitation of ADD and ADHD, as well as providing the stimulation which can help induce focus.

Tangerine Dream medical cannabis can improve appetite in those being treated with chemotherapy for cancer or autoimmune diseases. This improvement in appetite will allow the patient to eat enough to gain weight, improving their chances of survival. This medical cannabis can also treat nausea associated with chemotherapy and radiation treatment protocols.

Tangerine Dream can fight insomnia. After the initial stimulation, a deep sense of relaxation sets in which will allow you to drift off into a refreshing slumber.

Tangerine Dream Strain cannabis review

Tangerine Dream Weed Price

Vendor: Lux Pot Shop – Lake City
Seattle, Washington, USA
Strain name: Tangerine Dream
Gram – $ 10 USD
Eighth – $ 35 USD
Quarter – $ 70 USD
Half – $ 140 USD
Vendor: Lux Pot Shop – Ballard
Seattle, Washington, USA
Strain name: Tangerine Dream
Gram – $ 10 USD
Eighth – $ 35 USD
Quarter – $ 70 USD
Half – $ 140 USD


Tangerine Dream is a great weed for inspiring creativity. It will first give you a light stimulation and euphoria. You will be giggly and sensitive to positive vibes. Your body will be enveloped in warmth and comfort. You will feel waves of pleasure wash over you. The body will be without pain and relaxed but not lazy or locked into the couch. You will be inspired to form creative solutions and to create new things. The balance of stimulation and relaxation will also give you a healthy appetite, so be ready to snack on healthy foods. Finally, Tangerine Dream can be a fun way to drift off into a refreshing night of rest.

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Tangerine Dream Marijuana Strain
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Cheryl

Tangerine Dream strain makes me feel energetic and uplifted. It has a delicious blood orange tangerine taste which brings on a creative head high. The smell is extravagant. It takes care of pain almost instantly. Low dose gives pleasant body high, it’s tingling, relaxing, but workable for daytime. A larger dose may induce sleep. Highly recommended.

 by Josie

Tangerine Dream is a very delicious strain. A not too sticky, dense flower with a pine and pepper fragrance. Perfect after a long and stressful day at work. Well-balanced hybrid. Lots of giggles, good mood, body buzz, and relaxation. Great for medical patients, helps everything. A headache disappeared within 5 minutes of use. Feel like I could smoke this every day

 by Alice

Awesome, tasty and delicious! This is a clear-headed Sativa strain. Not only does it taste good and smell good, but it's also a bud that keeps me energetic throughout the day.
Great when you are doing something creative. This strain gives me so much energy and makes me very productive. Loved it!

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