Marijuana Tropicana Cookies Review

Strain name info: Tropicana Cookies Marijuana Strain

Our Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 / Best known for: Tropical fruit taste

Positive Effects
Origin / ancestry Tropicana Cookies Type: Tropicana Cookies is a hybrid of 30 % cannabis indica and 70 % cannabis sativa. THC levels can be as high as 28 %. Bred by Harry Palms of Bloom Seed Co.
It is descended from:

  1. Girl Scout Cookies
  2. Tangie
Aromas, Flavors Tropicana Cookies has a scent and taste that has been described as:

  • citrus
  • dankness
  • Earth
  • fruit
  • Lemon
  • pine
  • sourness
  • spice
  • Tropicana Cookies Kush
May Relieve Tropicana Cookies may help with migraines for those who don’t get relief from traditional remedies.
THC Content:
21 % to 28 %
CBD: less than 1 %
Indoor/Outdoor Yield Indoor yields can be as much as 16 ounces per square meter. Outdoors, you can get about 18 ounces per plant.
Flowering time Tropicana Cookies weed plants will flower in approximately 9 to 10 weeks.
Harvest Tropicana Cookies weed plants are usually suitable to harvest in the end of September.
Flowering type You are most likely to gain access to a photoperiodic strain of this plant for growing.
Disease resistance Tropicana Cookies boasts an average disease resistance ability.
Plant Height Tropicana Cookies is a tall plant in excess of six feet tall. Have enough space for the plant to grow tall.
Adverse effects Tropicana Cookies can be a source of an anxiety reaction in users who are beginners due to high THC levels. Most side effects are minor and include dry mouth and dry eyes.
Growing Difficulty Growing Tropicana Cookies requires a medium level of familiarity with growing marijuana.

History, Genetics, Origins

Tropicana Cookies plants have genetics which are 30 percent Indica and 70 percent Sativa. THC levels can rise to 28 %. It is descended from Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie. It is a creation of Omni Seed Company.

Appearance and Smell

Tropicana Cookies marijuana plants are tall growing in excess of 6 feet. Marijuana plant heights are similar to human height. The bud is a Sativa clearly with a hairy look rather than a grainy look. You can see dark and light green in the mix, and healthy yellows and orange pistils. It looks like a fruity treat. It smells of fruit, citrus, tropics, pine, spicy, and earthiness.

How to Grow Tropicana Cookies Cannabis Seeds or Cuttings

Growing weed from Tropicana Cookies cannabis seeds or cuttings takes a mid level of knowledge of growing weed. You can find instructions online if you are a novice and just follow them to a T. We will here give a brief overview. All told, your plants will take about 8 months to mature, about the same time as a baby stays in the womb.

In the beginning

Indoors, you can transform a room into a grow room. You can set up a grow tent with reflective lining, either of your own making or buy one pre-made from a seller. You will need to get high discharge lamps to provide light to your plants.

  1. Germinate
  2. Take two paper towels, wet them. Put them on a plate. Put your seeds on the paper towel. Give them a little space to drink the water. Put the other paper towel on top. In 3 to 10 days you’ll have some sprouted seed.

  3. Seeding stage
    You’re gonna put your seeds in the ground now. You can use loam soil, a mix of clay, silt, and sand. Get a good fertilizer from your local gardening center or online. If you like, you can research fancy set ups like hydroponics or sea of green to improve your yields. All you need really is your 5 gallon flower pots. Make a shallow hole in the soil only two stacked seeds deep. Put your seedlings in there with the root down into the soil. In 3 weeks, your plant will sprout up.
  4. Vegetative Stage
    Your plants will vegetate and grow for three to sixteen weeks. During this time, give them 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. The males and females will differentiate and you can identify and remove the males if you don’t want your plants to produce seeds.
  5. Flowering, 9-10 weeks
    Flowering time will be nine to ten weeks. You will now do a schedule of 12 hours light and 12 hours dark. Your buds will bloom and mature. You will harvest, and hang them to dry. You can get 16 ounces indoors per square meter and 18 ounces outside per plant. Store in darkened mason jars in a cool dry place. You can also vacuum seal it to increase shelf life.

Medicinal Marijuana Review, ADHD

Tropicana Cookies are 30 percent Indica and 70 percent Sativa. THC levels can be up to 28 %. Some have reported that stimulating Sativa weed can help with the non-medical symptoms associated with ADHD.

Children and adults with ADHD can have troubling symptoms of anxiety and pain that are not directly explained by having ADHD. Some will even have self harming behaviors like head banging, biting, or scratching. There have been reports of these types of symptoms being relieved by medical marijuana. Seizures have also been found to be relieved in some persons by the use of medical marijuana.

Tropicana Cookies of course is a heavy THC strain suitable only for adult use, and preferably under a doctor’s supervision if being used for medical reasons. Some have found relief from anxiety, depression, and mood instability associated with ADHD

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Tropicana Cookies Weed Price

Vendor: ZION
2331 SW 6th Ave, Portland, ORSend a message
Call 971-255-1758
Visit website

Strain name: Tropicana Cookies Launch Pod
by Dirty Arm FarmSativa
THC 88.0%
$ 46 per gram

Monday 10am-10pm
Tuesday 10am-10pm
Wednesday 10am-10pm
Thursday 10am-10pm
Friday 10am-10pm
Saturday 10am-10pm
Sunday 10am-9:55pm

Vendor: AmeriCannaRx
3607 S Corbett Ave, Portland, OR
Visit website

Strain name: (REC) Tropicana Cookies
by Happy DaddySativa
THC 17.5%
CBD 0.0%
$ 14 per gram

Monday 8am-10pm
Tuesday 8am-10pm
Wednesday 8am-10pm
Thursday 8am-10pm
Friday 8am-10pm
Saturday 8am-10pm
Sunday 8am-10pm


Tropicana Cookies is a heavy hitting, stimulating strain. You may have the giggles or become talkative. High THC varieties are best used recreationally by experienced users. Pace yourself, it will hit fast and hard. You will get waves of euphoria and pain relief.

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