Marijuana White Russian Strain Review

Strain name info: White Russian Marijuana Strain

Our Overall Rating:  4.3 / Best known for:  1996 Best Overall Cannabis Cup

Positive Effects White Russian Strain effects
Origin / ancestry White Russian Type:  White Russian is a descendant of the following strains:

White Russian is a top-notch strain bred by the Dutch growers at Serious Seeds. It is a cross between the hard-hitting AK 47 and the trichome-blanketed White Widow. Serious Seeds intended to deliver the strongest strain in the world in 1996 and did not disappoint. White Russian bagged the ‘Best Overall’ at the 1996 High Times Cannabis Cup. At the time, around 22% of THC was the highest in the world. Since then, THC levels have been going up and White Russian can now have up to 25 percent THC.

Aromas, Flavors White Russian has fragrances and aromas which have been described thusly:

  • Earthiness
  • Skunk
  • Spice
  • Sweet
  • Citrus
  • Sour
  • Oak
  • Pine
May Relieve White Russian medical marijuana is frequently used to deal with stress, anxiety and other mood disorders. Its effect lies heavily in its Indica properties, producing relaxation of the mind and body. White Russian can also handle various types of pain. Neurodegenerative disorders also respond well to treatment. Finally, it has many uses in cancer for pain, anxiety, and as an anti-emetic.
THC Content:

19 % to 25 %

White Russian Strain THC CBD
Indoor/Outdoor Yield Indoors, you will get a yield of 13 ounces per meter squared of White Russian medical weed. Outdoor growers can expect a yield of around 17 ounces per plant.
Flowering time White Russian medical and recreational marijuana plants will flower or be induced to flower in 9 to 10 weeks.
Genetic White Russian Strain genetics
Harvest The outdoor bud grower can expect plants to flower and be ready for harvest in the month of October.
Disease resistance White Russian medicinal cannabis plants are hearty and strong against common causes of damage to crops. This may include being resilient against the following causes of damage:

  • viral infection
  • temperature extremes
  • spider mite infestation
  • moldiness
  • mites
  • mildew
  • insects
  • breaking
  • bacteria
Plant Height White Russian cannabis plants are of a medium height, between 30 and 80 inches tall.
Type Photo-periodic strain
Adverse effects White Russian medical cannabis has fewer side effects than narcotic pain medications of equal potency. Most frequently reported are the mild side effects of dryness of the mouth and eyes due to the anticholinergic effects. Rarely, susceptible users may experience some anxiety and panic, especially with doses above those recommended by doctors.
Growing difficulty White Russian plants are rated as being easy to grow. These plants are strong and resilient. Whether grown indoors or outside, in soil or hydroponic, you may need the following gardening skills:

  • hydroponic set-up
  • inducing flowering indoors
  • light adjustment
  • pest control
  • pruning
  • screen of green
  • watering schedules
  • trimming
  • tenting
  • temperature control
  •  soil examination
  • sea of green
  • humidity control
  • digging
  • air quality control

White Russian Strain cannabis grow

Origins, Genetics, History

White Russian Type:  White Russian is a descendant of the following strains:

  • AK 47
  • White Widow

White Russian is a weed that had a birth that was planned from the very beginning. Breeders at the Dutch-based Serious Seeds definitely got serious when breeding this plant. They were creating the most powerful weed in the world for the time, with THC levels reaching 22% when average THC levels in 1996 were as low as 3%. This powerful weed is a cross between the potent AK 47 weed and the trichome-rich, sticky-icky White Widow. The strain garnered the High Times Cannabis Cup ‘Best Overall’ in 1996. Since then its THC levels have climbed to as much as 25%.

Appearance and Smell

The White Russian plants are of medium height. Like its mother White Widow, it is blanketed in trichomes full of THC. The dried nuggets have light and dark green leaves and flowers with orange hairs flailing amidst a sticky green and white resins. The fragrance and taste have been described as citrus, skunk, spice, and earthy.

How to Grow White Russian Cannabis Seeds or Cuttings

Growing weed from White Russian cannabis seeds and cuttings is rated as fairly easy. This means it will not take a lot of gardening skills to bring this plant up. It grows easily like a weed as long as it is in a warm environment with plenty of light. The outdoor bud grower can bring this plant up easily in a sunny environment. You can add nutrients, Flower Power fertilizer, and organic soil to your garden to ensure the plant is well fed. The air should be dry and the soil kept moist. These plants will be ready for harvest in the month of October. Just allow them to flower, harvest the buds, and hang them to dry. You should be able to get about 17 ounces per plant of yield.

Indoors, you can set your plants to grow in a well-ventilated grow tent with High Discharge lamps and a fan and exhaust to keep the air dry and circulating. Keep the soil moist with a supplier-recommended watering schedule. After 9 to 10 weeks, you will induce flowering by using the dark/light schedule recommended by your seed or cuttings vendor. After the buds flower, harvest and hang to dry. You can expect a harvest of about 13 ounces per meter squared.

White Russian Strain weed photo

Medicinal Marijuana Review

The Most Common Disorders Treated with White Russian Marijuana in Medical Marijuana States

White Russian medical cannabis can reach THC levels of up to 25 percent. The strong THC levels is the antidote to the pains we suffer from day to day. It can also fight many disease conditions. States have made this miracle herb available to treat many pain conditions including arthritis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, back pain, sciatica, neuropathy, Multiple Sclerosis pain, and much more. Some states make White Russian medical marijuana available for any condition that causes severe, intractable, acute, or chronic pain. Medical weed has less abuse potential and far less physical dependency than opioids of comparable pain relief efficacy. It also tends to not produce rebound pain sensitivity or hyperalgesia that can be produced by opioids. With an opioid epidemic raging in the United States, the availability of medical marijuana has become a priority in many states.

Some viral diseases produce symptoms which can be relieved by medical marijuana. HIV and Hepatitis can produce pain, fatigue, nausea, and lack of appetite which can be treated with medical marijuana such as the White Russian strain. The medical cannabis will not cure the patient of the virus, it merely addresses the symptoms. It can work in combination with antiviral medications to make the patient more comfortable. Many forms of Hepatitis have recently been cured with antiviral medication, so in combination with medical marijuana, many patients can have an optimistic prognosis.

White Russian medical marijuana has been found to have neuroprotective properties. This means it can protect neurons from excitotoxicity, which is when they become so overly excited they can burst and die, causing degeneration of nervous system functions. Conditions which can be improved include Alzheimer’s disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis aka ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, as well as CTE, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy which is suffered by many former football players, professional and amateur. Medical marijuana can also address different kinds of seizures in children and adults. Parkinson’s can be improved in some persons, sometimes very dramatically.

White Russian weed is a mood booster. This weed strain can help people address anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders as well as chronic stress and muscle tension that builds up every day.

White Russian weed is also used for glaucoma, nausea, and insomnia.

White Russian Strain marijuana review

White Russian Weed Price

Vendor: Stone Age Farmacy – Beaverton
Portland, OR, USA
Strain name: White Russian – Medical and Recreational
Gram – $ 7 USD
Eighth – $ 21 USD
Quarter – $ 40 USD
Half – $ 75 USD
Ounce – $ 135 USD
Vendor: Alberta Green House
Portland, OR, USA
Strain name: White Russian
Gram – $ 15 USD
Eighth – $ 45 USD
Quarter – $ 90 USD
Half – $ 180 USD
Ounce – $ 360 USD


White Russian weed is a balanced Sativa and Indica. The Sativa effects are most immediate. From the first tokes, you will feel a gentle energy coming on with your pain relief. Your body will be impervious to pain. Your mind will begin to speed up, seeking out positive and interesting thoughts. You may become more giggly and talkative with your mates.  You can get the munchies so be sure to have healthy food near you.

This is definitely an evening smoke as it is strong and you don’t want to be working or driving while under the influence. However, you will still be able to work on creative tasks and projects. Your mind will be alight with new ideas and motivations. Finally, later into your smoke, the Indica effects will kick in. You will find yourself relaxing and sinking into the couch, being more affectionate with friends, family, or romantic partners. You may eventually find yourself drifting off into sleep.

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