Marijuana Zkittlez Strain Review

Strain name info: Zkittlez Marijuana Strain

Our Overall Rating:  4 out of 5 / Best known for:  Fruity Flavors

Positive Effects Zkittlez effects
Origin / ancestry Zkittlez Type: Zkittlez is a 50/50 Indica/ Sativa mix of the following strains:

Zkittlez is known for being ultra-fruity and delicious, with the essence of grape and sweetness. Its flavor won it the 2015 Best Indica Cannabis Cup. In 2016, it took 1st place at the Emerald Cup.   This strain is said to have had some contribution by 3rd Gen Family and Terp Hogz cannabis breeders. Others say it was engineered by Dying Breed Seeds based in the sunny state of Cali or rather this breeder is the usual source of seeds to grow Zkittlez.

Aromas, Flavors Zkittlez has fragrances and aromas which have been described thusly:

  • Grape
  • Skittles
  • Candy
  • Fruity
  • Tropical
May Relieve Zkittlez weed has a balance of stimulating and relaxing effects and enough but not too much THC. This makes it a great choice for depression, anxiety, and chronic pain in weed naieve sufferers.
THC Content:

9 % to 19 %

Zkittlez THC CBD
Indoor/Outdoor Yield Zkittlez growing indoors can yield 13 ounces per square meter of space. Outside, you can get about 17 ounces for each plant that you grow in a mild, California climate.
Flowering time Flowering of Zkittlez marijuana plants will occur in 7 to 8 weeks.
Genetic Zkittlez weed Strain genetics
Harvest Zkittlez cannabis will be ready for harvest in the early days of October.
Disease resistance Zkittlez marijuana has high disease resistance against pests, fungi, bacteria, and viruses.
Plant Height Zkittlez marijuana trees are of a medium height, between 40 inches tall and about 80 inches tall.
Adverse effects Zkittlez is a balanced hybrid which can have some side effects of dry eyes, dry mouth, and lethargy.
Growing difficulty Growing Zkittlez cannabis plants is said to be simple and easy. To bring out the flavor of this plant, you want a mild and dry climate like that of Northern California.

Zkittlez marijuana review

  Origins, Genetics, History

Zkittlez Type: Zkittlez is a hybrid of the following strains:

  • Grapefruit
  • Grape Ape

Zkittlez is a flavorful blend of Grapefruit weed and Grape Ape. This gives it a mad boost of fruity goodness, like a mouthful of Skittles candy. Zkittlez weed does not have an overdose of THC in it, so it’s a good weed for beginners. It has balanced stimulation and relaxation and is a 50 % Indica and 50 % Sativa. According to one of our sources, this blend was bred by Terp Hogz and 3rd Gen Family. Another source says it was bred by Dying Breed Seeds. If you can clear up this issue, leave a comment below. In any case, this fruity weed did not go unnoticed. It won 1st place Best Indica in the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup. It came back in 2016 and won 1st place at the Emerald Cup. Though THC levels only rise to a maximum of 19 %, this is obviously a majorly enjoyable weed by seasoned tokers.
Zkittlez pot photo

Appearance and Smell

Zkittlez is a cannabis plant of medium height. The buds are said to be hefty and busty like a broad with bosoms out to here. Many breeders like to make this plant as colorful as possible, like its namesake, the sweet, rainbow-colored candies called Skittles. You can spy green leaves and buds tinged with purple and dotted with bright orange hairs and blanketed in reflective white trichomes. The flavor is sour and sweet, just like Skittles candy. How do they make a weed taste just like candy?  Ask the breeders at 3rd Gen Family. We can say for now that it is done naturally, not by means of CRISPR gene editing. This is not a Franken-weed. The mid-range THC levels are actually a good sign. A weed bred for flavor should not also have high THC levels, or you might have a Franken-weed on your hands. You have to trade THC levels for flavor and it’s a good trade-off. You don’t always want to be knocked on your back. Sometimes you need a little stress and pain relief, but you wanna go back to work and be productive, not comatose.

BBB – Big Busty Buds

How to Grow Zkittlez Cannabis Seeds or Cuttings

Growing weed from Zkittlez cannabis seeds is said by growers to be an easy undertaking. Through careful selection created this flavorful weed, it was done naturally and gradually, such that the plant maintained its resilience against stressors. You want a northern Cali, mild and dry climate to grow this weed.

Grown indoors, you want to mimic the northern California sun and mildness. You can use your usual tent set up with high discharge lamps to produce the amount of sun needed for these plants. You can use your five-gallon buckets or a hydroponic set-up if you want to experiment with increasing yields. It will take 8 weeks before it’s ready to flower. You can get as much as 13 ounces of weed for every square inch of growing space.

Outdoors, choose a spot without too much rain or humidity and lots of suns. Exposure to the elements will strengthen the plants and bring out the flavors and hues you want in your candy weed. You can expect plants to flower at the beginning of October and produce a yield of about 17.5 ounces of busty buds for each plant.


Medicinal Marijuana Review

Zkittlez, at up to 19 percent THC, is not an overpowering weed. This makes it great for anxiety and depression, with its unique balance of stimulating and relaxing properties. Sufferers of mood disorders will find their mood uplifted and modulated with a reduction in anxiety and a balanced stimulation that leaves them agreeable, affable, and friendly. This can greatly improve their relationships and quality of life. They will be released from chronic worry and the physical manifestations of that worry in the form of inflammation and illness.

Zkittlez weed is a great choice for stimulating appetite in those with wasting illness from cancer, HIV, and chemotherapy for autoimmune disorders. The fruity taste will be smooth on the inhale and exhale and remind you of grape and grapefruit flavor. Nausea will be dispelled and appetite restored. This will allow medical patients to eat and put on the weight needed to improve their condition and quality of life.

Zkittlez Weed Price

Vendor: Plain Jane
Portland, Oregon, USA
Strain name: Zkittlez
Gram – $ 15 USD
Eighth – $ 40 USD
Quarter – $ 75 USD
Half – $ 150 USD
Ounce – $ 250 USD
Vendor: Cannabliss & Co. – BLVD
Portland, Oregon, USA
Strain name: Zkittlez OG SG – Pistil Point – $ 50 per ounce
Gram – $ 6 USD
Eighth – $ 20 USD
Quarter – $ 40 USD
Ounce – $ 50 USD


Zkittlez is a delicious smoke. It’s not too heavy, not too stimulating, and won’t lock you to the couch. That makes it a great weed for the middle of the day when you are free of responsibilities and have a couple of hours to kill. This is a weed that many people will be able to function on, getting the benefit of relief from anxiety and pain while still being able to perform their jobs. Not a lot of employers are okay with you smoking on the job even in legal marijuana states. Other people can’t function even on a weak weed, so it’s not for everyone. So, find some free time to be on the safe side, not the time you are supposed to be spending with the kids or whatnot, but truly free time. Perhaps have some friends, some snacks, and a movie. This weed will not put you to sleep, so after an hour or two, you can get back to gettin’ that money, however you do it.

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