Bedrocan BV: producer of medicinal cannabis

Bedrocan BV: producer of medicinal cannabis

Bedrocan is the only company licensed by the Dutch Ministry of Health to produce cannabis flos. The cannabis varieties Bedrocan®, Bedrobinol®, Bedica®  and Bediol® are legally available for medicinal use on presciption by physicians.

History of Bedrocan

(Inc.) is rooted in the long agricultural and horticultural history of the Northern part of the Netherlands. Seed potato, sugarbeet and winter wheat are important products of the region. Starting from 1984, Bedrocan has specialized in the indoor cultivation of horticultural crops under standardized and controlled conditions. Early 1990 the company started with the cultivation of standardized culinary herbs, such as parsley, for sales through grocery stores. With the knowledge they obtained during this period, the first studies with the cultivation of standardized cannabis were performed in the late 1990’s. Initially growing cannabis for the production of seed, Bedrocan was contracted by the Dutch Ministry of Health in 2003 to produce cannabis for medicinal use. In order to obtain the Government contract, Bedrocan had to grow the same batch of cannabis three times to show the potency and quality was consistent.

AVailable products

Currently, Bedrocan has standardized four cannabis varieties for use by medical patients:

  • Bedrocan ®
  • Bedrobinol ®
  • Bediol ®
  • Bedica ®

These products are not registered as official medicine, but are delivered to pharmacies as a pharmaceutical raw material.

Medicinal cannabis from Bedrocan is delivered in the form of dried and manicured flowers from female plants (buds). The official name for this product is Cannabis flos. The standard packaging form for delivery to patients is a 5 gram plastic container. Wholesale pharmacies can also order the materials in 250-gram laminated foil bags, which are then broken down in smaller portions before delivery to the patient.

Cannabis flos can be delivered as whole flowers (buds), or ground up to a smaller size (granulated). The granulated material is easier to use and dose for patients. The products Bediol and Bedica are delivered this way.

As part of its research and development program, Bedrocan is continuously studying and developing new cannabis varieties that may have useful medicinal properties. Latest developments include the standardization of an ‘Indica’ type cannabis (called ), and the development of a CBD-only strain. New varieties can only be introduced in the Dutch medicinal cannabis program after the plant has been standardized to guarantee consistent potency and quality.

Quality and Safety

Bedrocan BV has all licenses needed to work with cannabis under Dutch and international law. All personnel have undergone mandatory security screening, and the facilities are equipped with proper security measures. The company is ISO-9001 certified, and the entire production procedure is described in Standard Operating Procedures.

Cannabis plants are cultivated indoors under controlled conditions. Because the plant materials are used as a medicine, the guidelines of Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) are followed. The quality and safety of the final products are guaranteed through mandatory testing by certified laboratories. As a result, Bedrocan products are guaranteed to be free of pesticides, agricultural chemicals, and heavy metals. The final products do not contain harmful concentrations of bacteria or molds, as a result of strict enforcement of hygienic measures throughout the entire chain of production and processing. All Bedrocan products are tested for microbiological contamination before as well as after sterilizing.

More detailed information about the specifications for quality of the final products can be found on the website of the Office of Medicinal Cannabis.

Contact Bedrocan BV

Bedrocan BV
Address: P.O. Box 2009, 9640 CA, Veendam, The Netherlands

E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: (+31)-598-623731
Fax:  (+31)-598-635981

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